Yakuza 6 - Before You Buy

Yakuza 6: Song of Life (PS4) is the end of Kiryu's long tale, and the third modern Yakuza game to hit the West. Is it worth checking out? Let's talk.
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Also: I didn't mention it, but the gang warfare side stuff is awesome and surprisingly deep.
Yoakam Soupen
Yakuza 6 *After you buy*
Rico Suave
I think the Yakuza series is up there with Uncharted, God Of War and Ratchet & Clank as the best PlayStation Franchises who agrees?
Arthur's Little World
What I love about japanese games is that when they do some effort into their story with love, you end up liking their game forever.
Yakuza is the most underrated series, glad it's FINALLY getting some recognition
Project Gamer
If you haven't played any of the games before, start with Yakuza 0, you can buy it pretty cheap now. Fantastic series, don't ignore it!
McRille Deluxe
KFC - Before you eat
It's hard to believe we had to write letters and petition Sony to even release Yakuza games to the west. They kept saying no it cost to much money to translate the entire game in English. They said they wouldn't release Yakuza 2 then they finally came around. They said a definite no for 3&4 then they finally came around. Yakuza 5 was the first Yakuza game released in the west that didn't require petitioning Sony. The rest is history. Thanks to everyone that purchased the game over the years. Sony kept looking for an excuse to not release them here but the sales convinced them there was a market here.
Too late, this game is already bought
Radical Rage
Yakuza series are so underrated it breaks my heart! I've been there from the start and I definitely recommend trying at least Yakuza Zero to know where it all began. Also, Kiwami 2 is getting a western release in August, so I recommend trying that as well!
Pratham Rathore
Tomorrow : *God* *of* *war* before you buy
Once again, uncle Baldino strikes again and helps me with my very empty wallet :D
Michael Breen
For a long time, Kazuma Kiryu has been the Japanese equivalent of Michael Corleone from the Godfather films.
Robert Colón
Gamming since ‘87 and The Yakuza series is my fav game all time. The rich story, I care alot about the characters and their background. The humor stuff and just a mix of many things that give Me enjoyment. Since the release in 2006 I been hooked since.
This is what saints row should have evolved into, silly elements without going over the top
Deedric Kee
My favorite game is Sleeping Dogs, and this is so familiar to the fighting,so Yakuza 6 is a must have for me
Venoso The Producer
Too late. Pre ordered Yakuza 6: The song of life "after hours premium edition" back in September of 2017...now it is mine. Just came to comment since i want to experience it with my eyes.
Divine Root
I really hope Square Enix makes a sequel of sleeping dogs too, I loved that game, the story was great & also the combat was similar to Yakuza (without the super Saiyan stuff ofc) & the street of HK was mesmerising especially nightlife.
Sunny Pandey
Forget about the reviews, these videos are well produced.
Shin's Hangout
I remember playing the first 2 Yakuza games on PS2. It was fun (even if the first game was dubbed, and every title after was just subtitled). I'm just sad I didn't have a PS3, skipping that whole generation. Hopefully they bring back 3-5 somehow. Recently bought Zero and Kiwami, and looking forward to Kiwami 2.
One of my favorite game series. I've been playing them since the Ps2 era. Now excuse me as I get to back to playing this game as I drink some Glenmorangie from my glass I got from the special edition.
Monstaham _
Nice job I'm gonna buy it
Perennial Long
Is it odd that I find the mini-games in these series very fun lol. E.g claw machine, arcade ones, base ball, etc. lols
The thumbnail on this "Before You Buy" makes perfect sense because Kazuma wears the exact same suit at one point in the story in Yakuza 6.
Jason Le
I prefer Kiwami 2 over this one but it's still good to play
I just want the rainmaker Okada in my game.
Zach M
Welcome to Before You Buy YAWKUHZUH 6
Maury J.
Dragonball fighter Z, nino kuni, yakuza 6, God of war, Detroit, Spider-Man, red dead 2, Dreams, kingdom hearts, soul calibur 6.....my wallet is starting to hurt at this point.
seriously considering getting this once the price drops a bit!
Jose Martinez
Simple answer: Yes buy it.
Yakuza is the best JRPG. Semi-random encounters, skill tree, fetch quests and a boat load of side quests. Like Final Fantasy 15, but good.
hung nguyen
"It just works" - Jake Baldino
Your not crazy I've played since ps 2 and I loved it. It's going for 20 bucks rn and I'm grabbing it now! Thank You for your great insight as always. 💯👍🏽💪🏾
Ain't touched the yakuza series, but I might now.
Marc-André B
Jake?! All these years I've been calling you Crandle!
I played yakuza zero kiwami 1 and 2 AND then 6 never had trouble around the story after that
Pao Chongloi
I played the Demo..
The game is find...
But exploring & arcade mode is very fun....
I played Yakuza Kiwami first due to that one being a remake of the very first game. After I realized that the remake included some more activities and references.
I then played Yakuza 0 only now I appreciated Kiwami because I played 0 and vice versa.
There are a couple references in this game from 0 So I would recommend playing
0 and kiwami
Ultimate Alex
Kiryu´s face is probably the most fitting for this thumbnail xD
"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!"
I wish it was on PC, imagine the graphics!
Jeremy Volsche
Played most of them bro, HAD to pre-order 6. Annnnnnnd, I won't have it till Saturday because Target doesn't understand how pre-orders are supposed to work and sent it the slowest way possible to me.

Press f for respect, please.
sam Talal
I recommend that you play zero and Kiwami first.
Todd McGee
I played Yakuza zero , Yakuza Kiwami , & Yakuza Kiwami 2 so it will be to dive back in Kazuma Kiryu world
that ragdoll from the final fight, 10/10 AMAZING
Yakuza is pretty easy- if you played Shenmue and liked it, then you'll also like every Yakuza game.
Just don't think about Dead Souls.
Ozarudin Azman
I'm too lazy to play 0 first before this one. Tried the demo for 6 and i was hooked! Definitely a must buy for me.
Jordan Robiller
Loved 0 and Kiwami, so stoked for this one. But I think I might wait to play it after I kiwami 2 comes out
Hunter Hunter
ive been pronouncing yakuza wrong my whole life
Gotta play 0 first but looking forward to pick this up
Ramen Reiko
I love Yakuza so much Ive platinumed this game in 9 days XD
mo mighty
I miss the fight club in yakuza 6 :(
Kesenai _
If your getting into series for the first time here is play order for current gen.

Yakuza 0
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza Kiwami 2 (release this August)
Yakuza 6
been playing since Yakuza 1 and have only missed playing 5 so far. Even played the Japanese only ones like Ishin and Kenzan, great game series.
Games & titties
Yakuza is such a good game os4 got two triple A titkes coming out this month and both are really good
I'll be picking this up later on sale since I'm still working through 0 and still have kawami to play.
Sheena Moore
I played Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and had to bust out the PS3 to play 3-5. I just bought 6 and look forward to playing it. Love this series.
It's a graphical powerhouse I'd actually say, gives me final fantasy 15 vibes.

Anyway I've played since Yakuza 2 on the ps2. I've played through 2-5 (not dead souls, ishin, or kenzen, the latter two didn't come in the us)
I've also played 0 and Kiwami, now currently in Yakuza 6 playthrough on hard (as I always start on)

It's amazing, like once you improve your combat speed to the top 2 speeds it becomes amazing in combat. I'd say 5 had better combat than 0 and Kiwami, each of the 5 characters (4 combatants) fought different. Akiyama had air juggles that no one else had, Saejima was heavily throw based and had some cool aoe with it and also had loaded up triangle attacks that had some soft super armor, shinada had tackles, etc.

I recall 4 being similar but it was farther back with the police officer being my favorite with his aikido counters being super cool and powerful once you get them down.

So far I'd say:

5 > 0 > 2 (for story) > 4 > 3 > kiwami

5 however had the benefit of having the other games to make me grow attached to characters so when a character has a happy moment and character devleopment, it makes me genuinely happy and glad irl.

Kiwami 2 has the potential to surpass 5 and 6 is looking to potentially be my favorite or better than 0 depending on how the rest of the game goes. The combat feels super great now that it's full speed and I enjoy the physics and blocking mechanic added, also it has a lot of fresh stuff to do. (plus you don't need 100% completion to get plat, so none of that trash mahjong)
Kiwami 2 will have the story of 2 but have better combat than 6, I can't wait.
6 and 5 have the best combat in my opinion so far.
Ricky B
Yakuza is up there with metal gear solid and shin tensei for me
I love <3 yakuza series since in ps2
L Nordin
Wow, you guys have 4 mil subs now.
Luis Medina
Love these games!!!
Been a fan since 2007!!!
GTA5 needs to learn how to make a good story mode like Yakuza!!!
I played all of them except Yakuza 5. I freaking love these games. Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 0 are my favorites. Bought Yakuza 6 but I really want to finish 5 before I move on.
game is set in japan..

thats a yes for me
Tommy Dahl
Hey Jake, can I get this game if I haven't played the others?
Blank Omega64
One of the most unique series out there. Also criminally underrated. Developers can learn a lot from it
It's weird you call the protagonist Kiryu. I knew him as Kazuma.
tan tanh
well,overall i enjoyed Y6 storywise,good as usual but it one of weaker for the series in term of contents and gameplay
yakuza series is best...
Prior to this played zero kiwami 4 and 5 probably buying kiwami 2 as well
Callen dose gaming
Nagumo is my favorite character now
Jab 661
Sooooooo worth the money.
Charles Green
If the story is good then I'm ok with that. P. S. Thanks for Spoiler 😂
PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE!!! not saying you guys make too few, but it would be nice to have of many more games :) this is my most favourite series.
Nelson isBrosif
I love the new remakes of these games I have Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 to finish but I did buy this at release cuz these games are amazing!
John Doe
If you dig Yakuza 6,you'll love Kiwami 2 as it improved on the dragon engine,the combat is enhanced, and Ryūji Gōda still proves to be the best Yakuza/Like a Dragon antagonist.
Dimas Eriyanto
I used to play the PS2 era games both Yakuza 1 & 2 but I haven't managed to play the newer one after that since I'm broke af to even buy a PS3 let alone a PS4. But I love this series, it never feels old.
Arian Dito
"let me know what you think in the comments, I really want to know."

yea right
I've been a fan since yakuza 1 on ps2 and it is easily my favorite game series
Sub zero
1St viewer
Always awesome
Corey Wilson
It's not pronounced yah-cu-zah 🤮
pablo sanchez
Now I know Shun Akiyama is a boss fight

Pretty douchebag move mate
Avi Sunil
I have been there since the summer of last year, played yakuza 5 first cause it was free on psplus, but I started loving it and then stoped playing 5, bought kiwami, finished it, bought 0 and finished that and then finished all the game in normal order!! been in love with the series and seriously one of my fav series of all time!!! I am loving yakuza 6 so far and I am at chapter 5 right now! Still would recommend both the series and 6 to you guys!! it's a gem this series! best place to start is 0 or kiwami!! have fun
Yakuza 3 4 and 5 were also released in the west 3 even getting a physical release
I just finished Yakuza Kiwami about a month ago and i really wanna try and play the series in order to a degree. So I wanna try to get Yakuza 0 next then maybe Kiwami 2 and save 6 for when i wanna close out the series
Abu 635
I never played yakuza, i don't know if i am gunna buy it but thanks for the vid
That one fighter style thing, Yeah it's like that in 5.

0 having it makes it closer to 1 being that it is a prequel and all.
Danillo Theodoro
This game is amazing, im a newcomer to the series, and im asking myself why i didnt play this games earlier
The After Dance Party
As a new player to the series in what order should I play in? Are there going to be more remakes after Kiwami 2?
Indie Gamer
Yakuza 3 is my fav <3
「Loru Apollo」
7:23 Perfect way to end the video, with Nagumo eating the street lmao
Music is my euphoria
I would love to play it! Gotta get a ps4 first 😂
John Snider
I feel like the combat in this game is kind of a let down, and feels less satisfying- especially when you kick someone's ass with a bike. But it's growing on me. I miss Beast style.
*before you buy*
Im already buying this
More like Yakuza 6: Go out and buy.
Ng June Lam
It's a good game and I am bloody hyped for the remake sequel.
Kris Holt
The Godfather 3 but much better?!?! Look I know this is a good game but you watch your damn mouth
Christian Alonzo
Yakuza 6 has the Memories thingy so you can recap all the stuff from other Yakuza games if you aren't able to get them~
hip luigi
Can my favorite YouTube channel show me some love!
Shadow Moon
Was holding off from getting this since I heard its coming to pc, but double dipping is good to lol