Fixing PS4 System Error CE-30002-5

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Jose ramirez
I know ho to fix it go to the notifications and delete it click on PlayStation network again and it will download
Keonte Anderson
I'm still confused on why mines wont update it's still saying error when I did all the steps
Jose ramirez
I was crying because i came from school wanting to play and it was 2 hours until I figured it out
Austin Belue
Tried this on the newest update still getting a error
Thanks it really helped on 1st trit worked a little differrntly but i logged in and it downloaded the update
fonz blyat
i love yA bRoHtER
bruut 04
Dont re install your ps4 go to notification en delete The update go to settings go to system update en thats it
Thank u Bro... It really worked for me... And now I can update the system software..
splitz 2854
thanks dude u really helped me out
Moghen Apoi
Downloading update files. Thanks mate.
Original Badsport
I can't believe this worked! THANK YOU
Jason Rondon
Thanks Jose it fixed the update ur the man now an play the division 2 😂😂
k0reyxKenshin Clementine
Disconnect from internet
thanks for help
jessica Tellez
arturo martinez
Funcionó perfectamente amigo gracias por tu vídeo. Saludos desde México
Nijum Ahamed
Thank you bro you are a lifesaver keep it up
You, you should be recognized as a national hero.
You have saved me from *smiting* my ps4 lol
young treydaking
Thank you so much I'm going to play fortnite
Clearing update history solved my problem thx mate
Dogugan MC
thanks buddy this helped me so much thank you!!!!!!
Pingu King neb
Omg thank you soo much for that👍👍👍👍
Thanks a lot bro!
I was going crazy!!!
Me and my son were like wth lol
Good stuff
hassan tarek
I Love you
Benjie Seekey
Great vid man this helped me out a lot ❗️
Thank you, this helped a lot :)
uganda 5
Thx it really helps
David Cardona
It worked 😉
Gαʍer Girl YT
I’m a YouTuber I’m So Sa I can’t play right now
Nicholas Rahming
That work good your the best
Christian server
It says update with wifi but it kicked me from the wifi so I can't update with wifi what do I do
Assy Army! Tim
Nice video it works👌😊
Carl srt
Thanks for the help really worked
Aronche YT
Thx for the help💛
Heriel Rivera
Aamir Hussain
This type of update game is remove yes / no say plese
Simply Ben
Life saver 😅👌🏽
Zaid Al-Walid
Delete everything in notify that all
Hadi Abedalrazeq
Thx very helpful
YARA Borji
Thanks for your help
kirito onl1ne
I did the same thing and I still won't work help
Kris Garay
Thanks man worked
monica paulsen
Thanks for the help
Erwin Mehacevic
It really Works!!!
Maria Demirjian
Wich usb will put to update?
Lluvia Velazquez
Thank you so much
Thank you so much bro👍👍👍🔥
Choco _melon
Every time I press the on button there’s a beep then I wait a couple seconds I try to press it again but it automatically takes me to where you choose the user so I’m pissed right now
The Backyard Biscuits
I just got one. I don’t have a network account, so I don’t know what to do
Leo Alex
I Kiss your eyes
David Cheriyan
Thanks bro it worked so good for me
matthew mcroberts
My PlayStation did the same thing every time I tried playing a game other than fortnite and it would say error occurred so I called Sony and I have the the code that popped on my screen and they said that my trophy system file corrupted so i dont know what to do
Poodeepi Ggg
I’m trying to re downloaded a game on my ps4 and have plenty of storage but it’s showing an x on the down load what do I do
Joey Bourg
EP Official
Thanks you
Kieran Jewell
My PS4 controller won't turn on when I'm pressing the ps button. Any reasons why?
Ethaneal Feagin
I Can’t get it to safe mode
Tyrah Edwards
Thank yhu so much !
killer bros_Cn
Why tf you using fake comments smh
Jesus Garcia
This shouldn’t even be a thing. You pay good money for a new system only for it to be trash. I’m a big Sony fan and well... they gotta get their sh*t together man.
Christian Evans
thanks!! this worked!! i appreciate you