Judgment Review

Judgment review by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Hammad Wasti
Sega deserves all the love and support, their games are not high budget and grand like Ubisoft and EA but whatever they create, they create with love and car. Hardly any glitches, hardly any frame rate drops, no loot boxes and patches.
Despite being small, there world is much alive and appealing than big maps like Odyssey and Fall Out
Charles Brown
Definitely supporting this so that Sega releases a sequel that goes more in depth with detective work.
Todd C
5:11, Praise the Sun!
Dr. Loomis
This dev studio is so under appreciated here in America. They make great games with compelling stories and characters. Yakuza 0 is a great place to start if you haven't tried one of their games before.
ilovepork and chicken
3:44 he got r*ped in broad daylight 😨
Stale Sprite
3:47 i feel uncomfortable and this game is too realistic 4/10
Raccoon Gaming Department
Just finished the game with 28.9% Completion Rate and damn, what a ride! Amazing story, action and full of content with maybe a little bit repetitive gameplay still deserves a solid 9/10 or 4.5/5 stars.
Frankie Pollock
Easy answer. You like yakuza? BUY it
Fozzy 777
Ign rules:Never give a 9 to a game which is not hyped
M.A.B 95
I never thought a game would brought me to tears 10/10
This is one of the best game of 2019. Already finished it, the storyline is incredible!
Mr. Otaku200
I'm getting this game because it is an spinoff to Yakuza and it is cool to play it.
Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man
Sou so oretachi ga JUDGEMENT!!

That song predicts this game tbh. It even has a line that says "I'm a detective stray dog"
This reviewer contradicts almost most his complaints with this game, it’s almost too annoying to watch.
man I just wish we can get Sleeping Dogs 2
Lion aka Burnt Custard
I'm happy they used Takuya Kimura as the main character as he also played a prosecutor in a very popular Japanese TV drama "Hero". Great TV series. I will just think of this game as a extension of that character in the TV series
Meme Iselfaneye
Kamurocho in English just feels dirty.
Farhan Zia
This game looks perfect for me. I loved sleeping dogs, and played some yakuza games (although it was ages ago and don’t remember it entirely) this looks better, with a linear story (I am a simple man who likes linear games and is a fan of naughty dog games) plus the combat looks exciting. I recommend for myself and others we should wait till a sale then buy this. 👍
Nishant Sengar
Another amazing game from Sega, I'm buying it without a second thought
Shivathayalan Thamlarason
Cracking cases and smashing faces... This Australian guy is my favorite IGN reviewer ever since that Forza Horizon review
Patchwork Productions
The one thing that's selling me on this the most is that Swing Beatdown. That was the smoothest, most ridiculous nonsense I've seen in a long time
rionaldo sebastian
Yagami in kof : iori yagami aka kyo rival
Yagami in death note : light yagami aka kira
Yakazua made me absolutly love games like this so im getting it!
The Gaming Effect
I really love the game so far.
I’m getting a Sleeping Dogs vibe.. AMAZING!
NOT UR Average gamer!!
3:47 YouTube demonetized.
mahdi salah
3:47 That what she .......did ?
Stefan Radebach
The game is kinda reminicint of the Jackie Chan films with the fighting, parkour chase sequenses. I might give this game a go.
Jacob Peneku
Was never interested in the Yakuza series, til this review.
Gonna check this out and past games.
Fooooo shhhooooo
I love that ex action in the end
The main character looks like he could be a Kamen Rider
The only game I've ever pre ordered. Essentially one of the safest purchases possible. Can't wait to play it :).
I know but we have been playing yakuza in sub so long it feels kinda weird now In dub and besides I watch korean and Chinese movies you get used to subs after a while
Does anyone know if the Japanese bought version could be upgraded to have the English now that the western version is out ?
awww no karaoke! oh well, as long as the main game is still great, i don't mind (but i will miss karaoke when i'm playing)
Mehrad 19
Another highly quality PS4 exclusive 💪🏼
Tanner B
It's too realistic I'll have to start practicing jujitsu too feel safe
Im one of the few that thinks IGN is always fairly close in their reviews and scores. 8 is still a great score and I'll deff be picking this up when it drops down in price.
"Voice dubbing is excellent" Lol
salar shahid
Yagami's design reminds me of Kyo Kusanagi from KOF XIII
3:45 I see someone's getting laid
3:45 wtf?! ballbreaker?😆
Pichkalu Pappita
3:48 the most brutal fighting move ever witnessed by a mortal
Chris Jeppesen
I'd really wish people would stop naming GTA every time yakuza franchise is, because they are so different
Genaro Andrade
What happen 2 the magic spells the jap
Version has them
Miyuru Eranda
I've already pre ordered the game. :3
World Events Judgement
This game is perfect 10
danny ingersoll
another amazing exclusive for the ps4
Another game Xbox isn’t getting.
It's a shame Max Scoville couldn't review this, he loves the Yakuza games
Stuart Cooper
Main character is cosplaying as Jessica Jones
Myles Winright
The way he says yakuza bothers me so much
Marciano Muller
He was talking about the game as if he was going to give it a 9.5. They need to stop using scores if they are going to be this incosistent with them.
warren byrne
8.2 (Great) if want to know.
Onlyda Dopest
I’m glad I preordered this game.
Playstation psycho
"Makes better then yakuza 6". Mmmm I don't think so
Karén Ruk
“Its yagami...dark yagami”
I'm glad that even though there's English dub it still gives you the option to switch it to Japanese.I will admit the English in this game sounds better than the dub they use in the original Yakuza but I still prefer the Japanese voices
The protagonist sounds similar to Wei Shen from sleeping dogs
Ben W
Ok, is there hilarious rag doll physics during the fights?
Ori Trabelsi
Story is a 9/10
Play it out
You can play this all day....
There's an "e" in judgement guys
Muhammad Umer Junaid (Class 2016)
But does it make you *feel* like a Japanese boy band singer/detective?
Marlon Bravo
I enjoyed the review! 👍
This game seems different from Yakuza for me to tey it.
Ben Nyamogo
3:47 Japan
Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman
I bet half of the people bashing this review are just mindless sheep who simply follow the trend of "IGN bad". Hey I'm not a huge fan of them either, but this review was not that bad. Give the dude a break jeez.
Dr. Deb Sutradhar
great........ now I can't wait for the UHD Remastered version to hit PC in 2 years.....
I’ll play this on my channel when it comes out
2:19 It appears the game's first original english title was Judge Eyes, not Judgment, as we can see in various game box cover images, so this point doesn't... quite hold up?
I know the main voice actor
I'd rather have had a yakuza 7
2:01 Imagination is the essence of discovery
Love the amount of plot twist in the games story
Kevin Hernandez
8.2/10 there just saving you guys time
Karuban Xyooj
I just want a Sleeping Dogs 2..
Can 152
It looks great 👍🏻 love it ❤️
Deedric Kee
Definitely getting it. I've been waiting for a while.
Teshigi Smith
3:49....bro what? Lol
Yakuza 6 should had gotten a 9 and it seems that Judgement should get a higher score. Can't wait to play it
3:44 tf was that?
Many Act
I'm just suprised that IGN didn't label this as "Violence Simulator". That the violence are too real. . .
Sheldon Cooper81
duing your 35 hour Playthrough ? Okay you rushed trough the Game.
It's stuff like that swing attack 5:10 that adore Yakuza titles 😆. Buying this game ASAP!
William Rivera
Score: 8.2 Great
Finally, a dubbed Yakuza game for the modern era.
Great review Tristan!
RSCraner Secsituya
No Karaoke breaks my heart especially with how great the Judgement karaoke song in Yakuza 0 was. What a miss.
Max Sweater
I am playing it anyways. Just bought it so don't have an option.
Pierce Lawless
Grabbed it today on Amazon Black Friday for £20.
Kade Colegrove
Gonna save you the time and say the game got an 8.2
*"sEgA iS a DeAd cOmPaNy!"*
they say...
judge eyes got wei shen vibe :)
Deon Spates
Mortal wounds shall be HEALED!!!!
Onlyda Dopest
8.2 come on at least give it a 8.5. IGN seriously need to change there rating system.
“Breaking the law...”
I think they didn’t do karaoke in this one because of the dual audio. Imagine the English VA’s trying to sing in Japanese