How to Transfer Data from a PlayStation 4 to a PS4 PRO

Hi, this video shows you the full step by step of transferring all the data from your existing PS4 to another PS4. In the video I am transferring all the data from a PS4 Slim and putting it onto a brand new PS4 Pro but it will work between any version of PlayStation 4. In the video it shows the first time setup of the PS4 Pro followed by the transfer. It does take a long time to complete but it is very simple to do and then you can continue to play your games from where you left off on the previous PS4, you do not need to start over from the beginning.
Once you are complete if you wish to sell your older PS4 then I have also done an in depth video in my YouTube channel on how to fully wipe the data from it.
Many thanks Vince
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Felix Alfonso
Wow this is just the best and better explained video of all. After I watched this I did not have a single question or doubt about the whole process, amazing job!!
Thank you. Seems all the gaming sites skip showing the actual process and only showed it after they already hooked everything up. This was all very useful.
Cliff Hudson
Great video Vince. I followed your instructions and it worked a treat. No loud thumping music, no in your face presentation and nicely paced. Many thanks for your help, Cheers buddy.
King Dave
Over a year after you posted this video and I just brought my PS4 Pro today, got it home and out of the box, put your video on and sat back and had a completely stress free set-up and transfer. Thank you so so much.
George Raptis
Fantastic video. For anyone that might get confused as I did regarding the lan cable being connected from console directly to new console, in order for that to work you need to start off having both PS4 connected wirelessly to the same WiFi network and not on a ethernet cable to the router. This way it will then prompt you to connect one PS4 to the other via an ethernet cable. If you don't start this way it will prompt you to have both ps4s to the same router and then the transfer will happen via the router. The difference basically is in time. If you connect the ps4s to each other you will easily shave 4 to 5 hours as opposed to doing the whole process by each PS4 connected to your router directly. Hope this makes sense and I didn't confuse anyone.
The Hungry Troll
131 people couldn't figure it out. Loved this, just bought my new ps4 pro today and this guide was perfect.
Ross Dixon
like an idiot i didnt check if the network cable i was using had all 8 wires in each end (mine only had 4), long story short it was 7-8 hrs vs less than 1 hr for around 320gb of data, epic waste of 2hrs + but got there in the end, thanks for tutorial
Brandon Bolden
Thank you sir. Just got my 500million limited edition PS4 pro. This is going to make it way easier than backing up then restoring. Saving me time😁😁. Getting ready for Spider-Man tmrw
Just got my new ps4 today and all I had to do was watch this vid one time! Huge thanks👍
Saahil Nawalkha
hey, just wanted to ask, does the transfer of data takes places over the internet, or the internet is just needed to connect the new device to the psn? because many people don't have 100s of g.b of internet cap.
black neo the one
Magnificent video he showed you play by play everything you needed to do step-by-step love the video it was very helpful and did everything I needed to do to transfer my data from one PlayStation to another no external hard drive crap it did what I needed to do thanks mate 👍
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When I both connect the PlayStations with the LAN cable, it says: "LAN cable not connected."
Gods, I have tried two cables.
Mike Jenkins
Thanks, Vince. Just bought a ps4 pro, and this video helped a lot. Cheers.
Speed _Herozzz
My dude, this video helped so much thank you!
Um, what if the old PS4 power button broken? What do I do now??
Thanks for the guide! I was sort of worried to do this but you made it easy.
For some reason, after the ps4 resets and then does the last preperation stage, at 90%, it says "Lan Cable not Connected" and idk why
Jeremy Faires
Thank you, worked perfectly.
nurul afsar
Best video on this subject by far, thank for showing us step by step
John M
Excellent video, Vince. You just got another subscriber.
Paul Horsley
Thanks for this, big help 👍
Thank you sir. Made the transfer very simple and did it confidently thanks to this video. You kick ass bro
Thanks for this easy-to-follow, instructional video. It's greatly appreciated, friend!
sami Albrahim
واو 😍 روعة الشرح رائع جدا بالتفاصيل الدقيقة. أعتقد لما نحصل على الجهاز الجديد بعمل نفس الطريقة.
شكرا لك على مجهودك 👏👏👏
Thank you soo much that helps like crazy I subbed and liked btw lol
Thank you so much for a most excellent and helpful video. It helped my transfer process from my ps4 to my ps4 flawless. Like LiK said below so many sites skip and don't show the actual process of hooking the lan cables, etc. Keep up the great videos!
Fujiyama Mt
Just got my ps4 pro today for the limited edition kingdom hearts 3 and your video really helped me out! Thank you so much! :D
Bailey Finnegan
Great step by step tutorial on transferring data between PS4s. Was the first video that came on the search and most deservingly so. Thank you again!
Every time i try to sign in on ps4 pro is gives me error codes. Ive tried everything like dns, resets, all devices disconnected but still error codes. Thats as far as i can get!
Just did the same (slim to Pro). Very painless. Great video!
Wow. Thank you, best explation that could be done!
Meeka Wheeler
Wow this gave me all the info i needed and he explained everything step by step great job bro👊😞
Tristen Babin
Thanks a lot man. I just got my Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro and this was a life saver. Easy to follow tutorial. No headaches. Thanks again.
Simon H
Just upgraded to a Pro yesterday so this was super helpful. Thanks 🙂
Sercan17 Tan
Very helpfull video thankyou mate
THANK YOU so much for this. All the other how to's miss out so many of the steps. You've done step by step on every prompt and made it so easy to follow. Why other youtubers have neglected to include them I have no idea. Your how to is by far the best one, thanks again !
Bought the Pro an hour ago, already started the data transfer. Thanks for the video 👍🏼
Pepe Gringo
Good vid great help thanks 👍
It works. You Can Play Saved Data Under Other user. But only on that persons profile.
Ron Ramirez
Awesome video vince, very detailed, very helpful. Thank you so much
Thanks mate, this was very well explained. saved me a lot of hassle.
The Vipor
Legend, thank you👊🏼
Brilliantly done, my friend. Top marks!!
MAurice Sk8s
Thanks but I don't want to transfer all of it it's just certain games that don't have the same progress

Do you think you can help me?
mom mommy
Vince you are the best
Awesomely useful, thank you +1like
Hamish Frake
Great video. This really helped and there isn’t much YouTube’s out there that get straight to the point. 👍🏼
Kylo Ren
Hey, after 50%, the timer keep going up, any fix?
Chubby Squirrel
Thnx for this i must admit your really good at explaining things vince! Ur videos helped me take apart my 3ds for a service
But can i transfer P.T. To my ps4 pro? Is the real question?
omar abu ellil
Bro you and your video helped me a lot thanks
FoFo- Fawan
Wow you have a PS4 pro and I have a PlayStation 2

Mines is better than yours
Does it transfer purchases in library
Cheers Vince!
Direct Corner
I'm going to buy a other ps4 and dont transfer but using has backup data
Thank u bro u save my life
Extremely helpful, you literally answered all the questions I had as if I were talking to you! Thank you so much!!!
Outstanding video! Loved the explanations and directions. I was able to follow along almost exactly as you demonstrated. Thanks for the huge assistance.
Paladins is my city
Thx this helped so much
Justin Allen Capalad
Great video mate! 👍 You explained it well.
Nur Sulaiman Akhlaken
Thnks for tutorial you the best
Bless you my dear fellow you tuber. As everyone has mentioned before me, you have made this process so incredibly easy for us, considering how daunting it initially seems. I’m sharing your page & videos as a thank you on my social media!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
santoy 76
what if you have most of your games on a external hard drive
Queslee Danner
Thank you for the tutorial. It helped me a lot
Günther Jacobsen
Thanks for all the extra info as well, this was really helpful man :)
Nawaf Saleh
I came here for the power button 🤦🏻‍♂️ “though for 20 min it’s the one on the controls”
Simple, consise, easy to follow. Big thumbs up. Vince, you are now my mate. 👍👍
Son Of Sparda
When can you unplug the LAN cable?
Rogue Wasteland
Thank you VERY MUCH
I’ve had a pro for months but I’ve been worrying about my clips that I’ve collected over the years..
Hey vince thx for video. İ need to ask u one question

What i need to do if i have two more psn accounts on my old ps4?
Daniel Peraza
Your the best you helped me a lot 🤙🏽
Can we do it without connecting both ps4?
If we know gmail and password.
Plz reply
Perfect video. Others on this topic were trash. Thanks much!
Harold Patterson
is that your mothers wallpaper and did you get her permission to drill holes in her wall to install that flat screen tv
keith ovenden
Absolutely spot on,you know your stuff!!!!!
Nathan Jackson
Man U are such a big help thank you so much
Carlos Eduardo Mejia
Thank you. This was very simple to follow.
1,65 TB takes 7 hours!!!
Great explanation. Thank you!
Ryan Willis
Thx super helpful and great guide to show how to do everything
Thanks for these guides, great help!
Chris Walles
Great video mate very thorough very helpful cheers mate
that schnoze guy
Awesome guide man! Thank you so much!
Kishan Chavda
Pan cable 1.0.5 80 haters though the network
And War
Hi can I do this back up by not pressing the older ps4 power button. The reason I ask is I had to tape the inside power button
And you just gained a subscribe and a shoutout mate 👍🏻
Tony Sanchez
What if my power button on my ps4 is jammed
Neil Bertram
Very helpful... thank you!
Anthony Henderson
Will DLC transfer? For example I have Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition and I had downloaded the free DLC from the store. Will this go from my old PS4 to my new PS4 Pro?
Thank you. I just ordered a PS4 pro from Amazon on Sunday and it will be here on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to that. I appreciate you have a video actually detailing the steps in real time besides after the fact, where most just summarize and don't show you anything.
Fear My Peekz
Thx! Simple and easy!
Nick nj
Thank you for this video but, can we do it without lan cable?
Eugene Anderson
Thanks man.... clear instructions and easy to follow ....
I'm triggered my Lan goes in my ps4 but not my pro
Francis Igaya
Can my ps plus membership transfer too??
I really appreciate this video! It made the process so much easier!
Larry Creech
This was very helpful.
Ysg sauce panda
Thanks Man! This helped alot.
Thanks so much , worked without a hitch .
it says cannot sign in using another players sign-in ID, i cant sign in