[4K] Metro Exodus: PS4/Pro/Xbox One/X Graphics Comparison - 4A Games' Tech Returns On Console

A complete breakdown of the ins and outs of console performance in Metro Exodus. It's a beautifully crafted first-person shooter in many respects, but also one that pushes PS4 and Xbox One systems hard - with a surprise victor in the frame-rate stakes.

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TheSurge '
RDR2 and Metro Exodus running at a NATIVE 4K on XB1X is a helluva accomplishment.
Wilkins Capano
16 fps ps4 wtf
This game destroys gpus
The whole "Xbox has crushed black levels" was a thing since the Xbox One first released, go back and check comparison videos you guys uploaded way back in 2013. It seems to have gone away for a few years, but I guess it's now back? Strange. This is almost guaranteed to be a conscious choice, possibly not by the devs themselves because it's present in so many other games - I guess someone on the Xbox team likes the look of the higher contrast image.
Tobias Günther
Xbox one x 😍
Nick Motsarsky
You guys are my #1 channel!
Jonny Appleseed
Very very nice video there sir! I appreciate the work you guys all put in to make this video.
X WIN!!!
I urge people to try out the two earlier games of this franchise, they're really good.
Damion Tummons
Native 4k vs PlayStation 1440pro
MR. Jelatine
Xbox One X
PS4 pro
Xbox One

Xbox One
Xbox One X
PS4 pro
bum fluff
1080p 60fps would of been a nice option for the xbox one x
Xbox X Native 4k and kick ass Dolby Atmos!
its hard for me to even want to get the ps4 pro version.
Sound just isn't the same for ps4.
Sony needs to give us Atmos already :(
Tempest Sun
Holy crap.... I'm literally purchasing this on the xbox app right now
Micheal Odargan
Amazing game so far, 9 hours in and it def looks amazing on my xb1x
Screen tearing looks really bad on base ps4.
Raios Rogue
I'm trying to finish Last Light before I try exodus.
Xbox one x won
JohnxGamer Reviews
great review man, unlike the other guys you truly go full Analysis. keep it up. i already got metro exodus on my xbox one x. i am goin to try it when i get home later. cant wait.
Miran Ertemiz
I hope that the ps5 and the new xbox will deliver us a smooth 60 fps no matter what kind of game...
Next gen Consoles better be 60fps on consoles in all titles
Drawing with Tedahwooga
I'll be playing this one on the base ps4 for that cinematic 16 fps look
Terry David
Native 4k on Xbox. Fangirls will be triggered 😮
One X looks actually good.
Whistling Willie
Have both ps4 pro and the x and im definitely getting it on the x
YouTube compression is crazy on this video
I'm an Xbox One S user, i feel happy when i see games that actually run better or at least comparable to other consoles, it usually feels like we get the short end of the stick on most other games. in the end it's all about optimization, btw great video as always!
base xbox one beats base ps4 LOL
Silviu Iulian
16 fps lol
Damn, same shit again. When you have job, family, and not as nearly free time as before, 30 vs 60 fps is so non-important. The important thing is to find time and enjoy these great games. Some people will understand this.
And 4K30fps on premium 4K tv with HDR is not that bad :)

All I have to say is, for those people that play on basic PS4 and Xbox, you have to consider upgrading to X and Pro. These new games are super demanding and those consoles are 6 years old hardware.
Mike G.
This game looks absolutely beautiful on the Xbox One X.
Better visuals, performance, and audio. Xbox wins all for console
Arkham Knight
and once again best image on x as usual
Looks awesome on One X, will be playing on PC though for that 60fps🙉

Edit: Runs smooth at 1440p/60fps on my gtx 1080ti, ultra settings with everything else turned on. Loving it so far, looks amazing 👍🏼
The flame effects are so bad though.
carl yearwood
What happened to Digital Foundry making 4k HDR video's? Resolution is a big factor in these comparisons.
Eli Hentai
A perfect video in the middle of the night
Geert Matthys
These vids really relax the bowels on the toilet
Damion Tummons
Xbox Won X
Im having 3 issues ( and one annoyance ) on ps4 pro...
so iv had to put the game down for now as i dont want these issues to ruin it

1. Controller lag..< also giving me abit of motion sickness 🤢

2. Gamma slider at full with hdr on im still unable to see last triangle... ??! 🤔 to it up and its to bright, turn it down and its to dark
using a sony x930e ( xe93, x9300e ) < i prefer graphics mode over game mode as its not quite as bright

3. Footstep sound bug... when you walk you hear a loud shuffling sound like your walking fast out of sync < really annoying that one 😬

my annoyance kind of relates to 2..
start to notice right at the start when you make it into what looks like a train room
Does not matter if its pitch dark or bright as day its the well i assume... huge white mark of breath that takes up a third of the bottom of the screen every few secs ITS SO ANNOYING.. ii understand ( if not a bug ) its ment to ad atmosphere but when you ment to be hiding in dark and a huge white blob pops every few seconds on your screen its really in your face and annoying as all hell, plus gamma seems to have no effect on it at all... there needs to be a option to turn this off, seriously the others i can wait to be fixed but this def needs something done
Hero Games
proud of my X best console
Icon of Sin
Ps4 drops to 16 fps??
Where is mymantitshurts??
Steven McKelvie
Buying a One X a couple of months ago really opened my eyes to how disappointing the pro is by comparison, bought the pro for Spiderman and sure it looked great but playing Red Dead 2 on both machines and the one X by far outshines the pro, and honestly this game looks and sounds like another case. Day one purchase on the X for this game, Sony really need to step their hardware up for next gen because slapping “4K” on their box is blatantly misleading considering most games run at 1440p or a checkerboard rendering 4K and honestly the games are kind of a blurry mess. Good show Microsoft and credit where it is due! Can’t wait to check this out.
I have both X and Pro, I get the best 4k games on the X, better graphics, runs smoother, and the Pro is so damn loud I have to turn the volume up, the X is extremely quiet.
man, after upgrading to 4k last year, 1080p now looks like shit, lol.
this game needs a 60 fps mode
Am i weird for kinda liking the Gamma issues?
And once again, Xbox one X wins.
Xbox is the best box.
Keyser Söze
I actually prefer the "Gamma problem" on the xbone to the "non broken" ps4 version. Am i weird?
why not 1080p 60fps option for the 1X?!
Raul Gonzalez
Df sois unos comemierdas y no teneis ningun tipo de credibilidad
Xbox one X Native 4K goodness
It's pretty amazing this game runs at all on console.
There are a lot of petty people in the comments, be warned.
Moni Zahariev
Sony betrayed me again whit 20 fps in a FPS game ehhh
i love how people mention games like these that are "stressful" on the system when in fact it's just unoptimized piece of garbage. Take a look at the latest Battlefield games. Those look way better than this and run great on low end hardware.
John Merced
This is proof of a developer wants to take the time and build a beautiful game it can be done across the board on consoles! No matter what u play on the main thing is to play this game! I’m playing on XboxOne X on a 50in 4K HDR10 LED tv & at least for me it’s amazing!
Shows 4K comparison of both consoles... uploads this video only in 1080p. 10/10 bravo gents. 👏
So 4k game well, on the X.
but at DF 1080p resoulution video?
It looks amazing on my PC 1440p RTX and DLSS at 60fps. hot damn.
i like the darker xbox one image
I seems that I got my X1X just in time!
Stokes Wait
Native 4k on one x! Very impressed! Maybe 4k 30, but it's running on old jaguar core's! I'd say that's damn good for a console! Give the X1X some credit, stop bashing it!
Captain SJW
The pro's graphics look like blurred soup, that's why I bought an Xbox One X
Looks like I’ll be waiting for the remastered version 🤦‍♂️
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
Just another reason I love my X.

I'll take quality gameplay over gimmicky exclusives.
We Play Games!
Looks stunning on Xbox one x :)
ian parry
OneX native 4K rocky performance
PS4 Pro 1440p rocky performance
PS4 1080p with rocky performance
Base Xbox one (around 900p) with great performance.
Pick your poison ☠️
Ik its not as good as native 60fps. But thus would work great the motion interpolation on Samsung new TV's with only a small increase in input lag. Plus freesyc option as well.
Metro Exodus is also well optimized
It still runs at 30fps nativity across all console platforms.🤦‍♂️
Game is terrible on consoles, horrible input lag, terrible 2:1 sensitivity ratio X to Y axis, horrible deadzones, something reviewers should mention! I want to enjoy the game but I can't, it plays like ass. Do NOT buy it until these control related problems are fixed...
16 fps on the ps4 LOL
Vane | Let's Play
Couldnt they include a 1080/60 setting for the X? This always bothers me....
Mr Realms
Would not dare own a ps in 2019😂. Y'all need to grow up
Xbox one x best console pspro mistake
I really wish you'd upload these at 4k. YouTube compression is makes comparisons awful at 1080p.
no 1080p mode on PS4 pro? anyway who cares, 30fps is unplayable
Imran Jaan
Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this, superb work from the Digital Foundry team as usual
If I'm being honest, I prefer the "crushed black levels" on Xbox.
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
Ah Xbox one x? Yeah... thought so.

Glad I own ONE.
Lee Wilson
16? ouch
SJ Sounds
The best way to play Metro Exodus is on PC hands down.
Richard :I prefer the Xbox one X over the ps4 in this one"
Make a video based on Jump Force. i want to see this trash being wrecked by you guys
Eliezer Barreto
They Xbox x was the lead plataform, the pro could has Been better like 1800p
Cant wait for the Ps5 Redux edition 4k60 😁
Player One
Does anyone know if the base PS4 have received an optimization patch yet? I know the game just came out.
Xbox One X: 4k y 30 fps sólidos
Xbox One S: 900p y 30fps sólidos
Ps4 Pro: Checkerboard y 30 fps muy inestables
PS4: 1080p y 25fps inestables
Definitive Gaming
The crushed black makes the game look better in my opinion
A new question have been born after years... BUT IT CAN RUN METRO... METRO EXODUS?
Lord Strohstrumpf
PS4 Pro Performance in forced 1080p without Supersampling enabled?
Odin's Playground
Why didn't they implement dynamic resolution on all consoles for a rock solid 30 FPS? Makes no sense.
Caterina Sforza
Ps4 pro may not have a native 4k resolution, But it will have better performance gains running on lower resoloution.But still as always the pc masterace wins again :P.
AH! Been waiting for this!! Thank You!!
Martín Williams
Nice try the other video of pc it's on 4K and this on 1080p, how can you make a comparison by the resolution of the PS4, ridiculous !!!!!
Xbox X if you have a 4K screen.
PS4pro if you have 1440p
PS4 if you have an FHD screen.
Xbox OG for those who just have a screen... but no doubt that it is pretty impressive the 4K modern gaming experience you can achieve for sub 500USD on the X.
Remy Leyting
Good analysis tom. A beautifull game. Great job. Can't wait for the PC Analysis.