How to Increase PS4 Slim Storage using External Hard Drive

Hi, this video shows you how to use an external hard drive on your PS4 Slim (it will also work on PS4 and PS4 Pro). It shows you how to set it up and will hopefully answer any questions you may have. I also show it working on another PS4 (PS4 Pro) which is useful if you want to bring your external hard drive to your friends house and do not want to spend hours loading up a 40GB game over the internet.
Many thanks Vince
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Anyone here after the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2's size of 105GB?
Very clean how-to video. Thank you.
I like how everyone is looking for a hard drive after the reveal of red dead redemption 2's size of 105 gb 😂
Matthew A. Kemp
Excellent straight up video without unwanted commentary bro. It’s thorough and we need more people like you.
Jesus Bucio
The best video for those who are scares to get a external hard drive. Thank You
Kaiden Filmore 3rd
I’m buying one of these

They just announced that rdr 2 will be 105 gb big
Wheresmybeer Adam
Excellent video mate, you covered everything & explained it all very well... Thumbs up... 👍🏼
DIMUTHU Fernando
I bought a 500gb ps4 slim first then I bought a external 2tb Hard drive. Your vedio helped me a lot.thanks for uploading this vedio
Simon S
Excellent video mate, just what I was looking for - need to prep for RDR2, looks to be massive! Cheers!
Sincere Presence
I have that very hard with about 2T storage. It does NOT open my doc files. Do you know anything about that which can help?
Thank you so much! It was very helpful that you explained anything in detail.
Jordan Haynes
if i go work and leave my ps4 on sleep mode as i always do can the hard drive stay in? or do i safely disconnect it then take it out?
Very informative video. I just got the exact same hard drive as you and ran into some problems. Even when plugged in the PS4(original model) either a: not recognized it or b: gave an error and refusing to format it despite it fitting the qualifications. I really don’t know how to fix it, but after dis/reconnecting it a few times it began working. It finally allowed me to use it despite giving me the same error again during the reformat process. Very strange. Just putting it out there for anyone who ran into the same thing.
Leaf EdGy
This video was extremely helpful thank you
Thomas Leifseth
Nice video, very Clear and it worked just as you said :-)
shr3d3d games
USB 3.0 or higher that was my first question answered!
s-k 105
Thanks for helping me out.
Is the game still there if you turn off your PS4?
Jordan Haynes
i pressume the usb leads come with the device
paul productions
About the best informative video on PS4 storage, thanks, happy gaming!
Paul Graves
Exactly what I needed to know thank you! Top banana
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT VIDEO. Highly informative, answered ALL of my questions about external drives and currently i use a Seagate 1 TB drive which holds almost all of my games. Thanks alot!
I see so you can make the internal storage or the cloud your game saved data while the external storage can be for the game. Reminds me of a memory card but in this case it's reversed. I like to have some internal storage as there's never enough. Nice and easy explanation. Thank You.
Your instructions and he way you talk is perfect! Good job
Kayleigh Lee
Thank you so much I was worried I wouldn't get to play new games without deleting my favourites
zakaria _nayif786
You legend this helped me alot
Next time yu should link the storage device in the description
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This video was really helpful thanks man!
Clean video buddy! Loved it thanks very helpful , love from India ♥️😍👍.
Get a Life Gaming
Saw that RDR2 is 100gb and so is Black Ops 4. Thought about an internal HDD replacement but CBA downloading the firmware, resigning into all my accounts and licence transferring etc. This seems like a much easier option. Sweet.
Glenn De Jesus
hi mate 😁
i've been watching almost all of ur tutorials for the ps4 and i really find it helpful. thanks and keep it up 👌
Legit, best how to vid for this subject, now i just gotta find a place to store my videos and shit 🤦🏻‍♂️
Buddy Modz
do the games remain when the external hard disk has been formatted?
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Best video for this kind of topic, very helpful :)
Thank you for this video. It’s a big help.
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Absolutely flawless my friend, great stuff
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excellent video!! explained well and fluently..... nice job!!
If I safely turn off the console and then unplug the external drive will the data still possibly become corrupted? Must i always "safely disconnect" the drive before i turn off the console?
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Amazing demonstrating bro.... 😇 😇
great video. very well explained and very helpful, thank you! just liked and subbed
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Good video very helpful thanks.👍
Larry Ozaeta
Save data as in for example you played a game and got to level 2...that wont be saved onto that drive?only the game itself?
Thank you my kind sir. I just bought a PS4 pro 1Tb isn’t enough now a days now a good 4tb should be enough
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Thank you for a very well informed video 👍🏽
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Thank u so much that really helped 🙏🏼👌🏼
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Very helpful, Thanks man. You earned another like
Bro you are amazing and I love your vids I cannot believe you’re not on 1 mil subs yet
So... Basically, I Don't Have To Pay A Few More Hundred Bucks For More Memory, Only Around 40$
Firby V
A very clean how to video great job
Jc’s Nation
Are we able to take off the hard drive after?
Edit: with all the games still able to play ?
Midnight Lucifer
Classmates told me how much Red Dead storage is. So good i already have a harddrive
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Yes, I agree. A very clean and informative how to. Ty.
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Nice one mate tidy bit of gear and works as you said good job
Wow. What a coincidence I was looking at that exact hard drive a minute ago and I was wondering how it would work on ps4. Very good job. Thanks
nice tutorial man 👍🏻
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Crystal clear explanation, sir!
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A well organized video good job bro !
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You sound like my head teacher
Great vid man!! Really informative and put together well
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Thank you for posting this video very helpful.
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Super helpful, and well explained!
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Thanks homie! Well done
Well Done Mate Great Video !!!
Are you still using the Seagate Harddrive and if not how long will it last?
Chris Stewart
What a great how-to video. No big lead in. Straight forward, easy to follow and very informative. Great job and thank you!
Thank you for your video,it was helpful,it answered all my questions.
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Thanks so much for this great and awesome tutorial. Didn’t know that we could use ext drive on ps4 till now. God bless youtube and you too.
Very informative and helpful thanks for the vid!
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Thanks this is very helpful :)
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Great video, easy to follow and very informative!👍
Hi. My main storage drive on the ps4 is corrupt/broken.. and i need to replace it. Can i do it with an external hard drive? (to clarify; it boots up fine, but doesn't want to update and install anything on it)
Roel Aguillon
This was very helpful thanks alot man!
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Thank you! Very informative video and answered all of my questions
Michael Lorimer George
What brand-maker do you recommend for the external hardrive?

Thank you.
Shane Fowler
I thought the first Red Dead is only on ps3?
Gail Flores
it answer all my questions and doubts. i was considering buying an external hard drive but i was not really sure if it will work or safe but this video explain it all..THANK YOU SO MUCH! : )
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Thanks for the video vince.
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thanks man ur one of the best ppl to describe this hard shit
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Thank you. Very helpful vidéo. Just what i needed. Nos i have plenty Room for my game
Afi Abdi
this hard drive cost more than 100dollars, anything cheaper recommended?
voGGio voGGio
Thanks friend. If I didn't know it had to be usb 3.0, I would've bought the wrong thing today.
Chris Brown
Is 8tb Seagate hard drive for the PS4 worth getting because I've seen that it is 8.01 GB will it be to much or will it be fine to use once formatted?
Vinay Kumar
Is it required any software or jail break to PS4 to play these games...pls tell buddy
Virgil Jacobs
Also um drive club is 30 odd gb right. Is that the game with updates or just game and no updates? 🤔
Very detailed explanation.
Thumbs up.
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Thank u so much man I needed this👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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actully i am searching for this answer from long time .....that we can play games directly from external hdd....very helpful :)
I have that same external hard drive! Perfect video thanks : D
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The best tutorial I’ve seen on this
There’s tons of games I want
Thank you boss!👌🏿
That's a very informative video, thank you very much !
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Thanks for the video. Very helpful to me as my drive is getting full.
My nigga!

Thanks for going into great detail
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Idk why
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You've covered everything I needed to know, you're a legend mate thank you
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bought enternal m was just about to send bak till found this vid! cheers saved postage m stress lol
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Excellent video mate
Really detailed stuff
Cleared alot of confusions
You help me. Thank you for this❤❤
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Great explanation and video. Subbed!
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Rip my final fantasy xv because I bought RDR 2
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You are a brilliant man. Cheers MymateVince
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