Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Walkthrough Part 6 - Verdun, France

PS4 Walkthrough of Valiant Hearts The Great War
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That stupid canon mission was the only thing in this game that i couldn't figure out on my own, had no idea what the hell I was suppose to hit. Thanks!
"precision cannon firing"

Yeah, it only took him two dozen shots...
Noctis Spectra
This is so painful to watch...

Remember the target is to the east of the windmill and north of the trees
Johannes Möller
That cannon got me stucked for like 10 minutes xD figured it out before this guy did, yey. ''Walkthrough'' lol
DINGO - Matěj Kroužil
They give him ink for SOCK ?
jesse chilton
I cant decide if I like this game or not.