PS4 (5.05) UPDATE & Debug_Settings w/Tutorial (EASY)

Hello #PurifedGang Members, Its DexPurifedCFW PRESENTING YOU GUYS with the Firmware 5.05 Jailbreak on PS4 Tutorial! First off I'm Showing you how to Update your PS4 directly To 5.05 Without the hassle! I Hope This Tutorial Did help Almost all of you And if you still have any questions Please feel free to let me know down in the Comment Section Below!

PS4 Firmware 5.05 Download✔


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Really Quick I wanted to thank Everyone for Helping Answer Each Others Questions when I’m not Around!❤️ It’s been very hard Gettin Back To everyone!😘 Still much Love Everyone! #PurifedGang
?My have ps4 pro 5.55 i can go back to verison 5.05
Sohel Shaikh
What about ofw 5.53-01 is there anything jailbreak
Lionel Messi
What does webkit exploit offers ? Is it necessary before a Kernel exploit or optional ?
The Feisty Cat
After opening the link and pressing download I get two choices, upgrade file or re-installation file.. which one do I choose...?
Hazard eden
Can u give me the website u download pkg game files from cuz allot of websites when I download games from them they have a padlock on
Aaron WRX
Any way to mod bo3 on 5.05? I'm on 5.05 and I can't get the mods to work... I connect but nothing works
Gammer Tag
dude, im newbie, can u tell me..... thats video u use local hotspot via pc/laptop or just use wifi/lan cable connection internet(just connection internet) ???
Aye bro I got a question ma PS4 on a low firmware (3.55) but the USB I'm trynna use to update giving me an error u got any idea war kind of USB I need ?
Hamad Mustafa
It worked for me in the right side usb..
Click “Enable Updates” Lol! What’s Up Everyone!!❤️
Dougie Modz
Bet you won't pin this you sexy🔥
Unamed sword
Do you have any idea how to dump dlc content from games to be used on back up games
When is ps4 going online for to mod on fornite lol and gta v?
Taha AN
Please 5.50 ??
foX ebay Development
I Just successfully completed all steps and get jailbreak but after restart my ps4 my Debug Setting menu disappear automatically from the menu please help me ?
Dragon ball Warior
Can we run it on any PS4?? Pls reply fast
Should I reinstall all the PS4 games (I mean fake .pkgs) if I update from 4.05 to 5.05? And what about saves?
now i’m just waiting on a gta v mod loader for 5.05
Fortbeast live
I think i known when next kexploit comes out
Sir DunKa
Bro, can you help to jailbreak my ps4
TheUrich Visuals
It sucks that my ps4 is in 5.53, well more waiting for me.
Nasreddine Zeche
I can't update 5.05 hacked to 5.55
Help plz
How to jailbreak ps4 6.20?
Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x
Kiran Kumar
i have the done the jail break but my media player asking for internet.
i am not getting media player any body can help me.
212 Football
Dude! Thankyouu so much! It worked!!
Suliman Aldharrat
hello... my friend i have a ps4 on 4.55 and when i played i enter to guideline and select HEN to play now i want to update to 5.05 I watched but I want to ask u is it working with HEN firmware.? ... I mean as it showed in video after u update u selected mira...
Bear HuggleMuffin
i was wondering if it were possible to jailbreak the ps4 but still be able to go online
P o t a t o
thank you so much <3
Kaone Ramahosi
how do i update fifa 18 offline
PSN- ghostz2013
What's bro....Am on official firmware 5.05. Will this trick work for me?
Revaneswaran Muniandy
please do a jailbreak video for 5.55
How do you download the games???
jack srt
can I downgrade like the jailbrake ps3 or for my ps4 ?? dexpurifedcfw
Adib Ahmed
can I play fortnite after jailbreak???
wahab khadraoui
ERROR (CE-36244-9) PLS TELL ME WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...??????????????????????????
Θεοφανης Κορίνθιος
I am totaly new to whole this with ps4 so i will make a noobish question. Can i download VR packages games and have the experiance of VR with motion camera & move controllers on jailbreak 5.05 ???
Thank you for all the work you have done with your tutorials.
Chara Dreemurr
i have 6.20 PS4 how do i make it 5.05 again?????
with 5,05 he dont have apptousb because i wont to transfer directly games to play on my external hard drive directly
Jonty Tenniswood
guys my ps4 is on 5.01 but its downloaded the updates but not installed i have pendrive with 5.05 on it but when i got to update its picking up on the 5.50 .... how can i get 5.05 on my ps4 please ?
any weather channel
Bro can u still play online games?
any idea why I I bring up the white screen after putting in the codes it takes me to the actual PS4 user guide?
Ozzie Rodriguez
I’m on 5.55
Sohel Shaikh
Plz let me know
lunatic leo
m just watiing for 5.55
Sandino Meow
reported your ip to FBi enjoy
Linden SD
PS4 jailbreak is dead. There never has been one and probably never will. Sony made it nearly impossible to jailbreak the PS4. I don’t care about offline features and what not. I need online modding with modded applications like psn patch etc. None of that exits. PS5 is already in the corner within the next 2 years. The PS3 was the only console who just had a perfect jailbreak. This videos are usless to say the least.