Yakuza Kiwami 2 PS4 PRO Vs PS2 Graphics Comparison, One of the Best Remakes of All Time?

Yakuza Kiwami 2 joins Shadow of the Colossus as one of the leading remakes of this generation. And given how the development team has been consistently making improvements to the Dragon Engine tech, we cannot wait for the upcoming new entry in this amazing series.


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Varun Gandhi
*barely show any ps2 footage
danny ingersoll
one the main reason to own a ps4 this series is soo good
Talks about sotenbori while showing footage of kamurocho
In ps2 kiryu look so much like keenu reeves
This "comparison" video was unfortunately just a cutscene spoiler for Kiwami 2. Glad I'm already on chpt 5 because a first timer like myself would have hated seeing so much too early.

*I've beaten 0, 1, 3-6, and watched the Y2 recap. But I still want the actual game to feel new to me so all this footage was a no no for those who haven't played Y2.
The best game in the series easily, i recommend playing the ps2 version too
When I come onto a comparison video. I expect it to show me, not tell me about it.
Man I hope sega change their mind and continue remaking the rest of the games like kiwami 1 and 2.
Jeff Benzos
Yukooza kuh-wah-mee too
Xenon Games
Love this game series since 2005.KIRYU-CHAN!....sorry
Adam Velazquez
Glad I never played the original because this game feels like its completely new to me, love the Yakuza series!
When you're shocked at Kiryu just entering a shop, then you know it's gonna be good
Ace boogie
Now imagine shenmue 3 with this engine and graphics...SICK!!
Sho Brown
Definitely and excellent game! Can’t wait to see what they do next with this engine.
Expert Gaming HD
I fell in love with shadow of the colossus remake it is such a great game and one of the best looking this gen
Anton Andales
Now we just need a mass effect trilogy remake.
Ferdinand Andre
6:30 wow i didn't know that can happen
good rewiew
Nathan Chalmers
Looking at the ps2 to ps4 comparison, I've gotta say I think the original still looks pretty damn great.
John Blake
Im playing Kiwami now..gonna get Kiwami 2 and then im gonna play yakuza O.
goro majima
Why Cut Club Adam?
lazy video tbh , you only googled yakuza 2 ps2 all cutscenes and didn't even bother finding or recording ps2 gameplay
Gabriel Phoenix
6:30 LMAO wtf??
Nathan Chalmers
I know 3 was on PS3 but I'd still appreciate a Kiwami remake a lot.
Gale Arcenal
Every time you said Sotenbori, the visual was Kamurocho SMH
Captain Cartman
Discovered this series on PC when they ported Yakuza Zero. Now here I am having played through Zero, Kiwami and now in the middle of Kiwami 2 and these games are instantly my #2 favorite of all time just right behind Uncharted....who knows perhaps Ill continue on with Yakuza 3, 4, 5, and 6 and perhaps this will be my most favorite of all time.
Stephen The Average Gamer
Soon we will have the whole Yakuza series 0-6 on one console!
You went full SJW, man. NEVER go full SJW.
I thought it was weird that when I put on Kiwami (the first one) and Yakuza 6 on my Pro, Kiwami has better graphics. Yet they used a new, supposedly better engine on 6.
It wasn't bad in 6. Just not as good.
I wanna start Yakuza but do i have to play from the beginning or can i start from a certain game
Gear Sy
I dunno man, the first Kiwami did a good job at remaking the first game too imo
Hayashi AXELL
BAD NEWS,There are no Kiwami 3, 4, 5...Only HD version.
Ash The Duke
How do i heal myself without meds
Jake Muller
so proud to be fan of this saga since day 1.
PS2 looks slightly like Markymoo.
always want to try these games out. just never got around them.
nice presentation but definitely wasnt a comparison
Raphael Christman
Instant copped I will buy this right after zero xD
i hope they make a remake of yakuza dead souls because that game really fell short not like the other games
Mikhail Gorovoy
why Japanese fighting games physics aren't improved since Virtua Fighter, that was released 25 years ago?
Carpet Chan
Playing through this now after playing 0 and Kiwami and it is truly a sight to behold. It's one the best looking games I have ever seen and honestly the 30fps is no big deal. The gameplay is so damn smooth.
metal gear solid 3 remaster please... i will shill money back to konami just to see a game with less squares
Leu the
What you want to see starts at 3:15
I really hope this comes out on pc if not I’ll just get it on ps4.
im actually curious if they will bring out 3, 4 and 5 again using this new engine, the third game was the first time we ever fully got to appreciate the amount of detail in the Yakuza series and it be great to experience them again with the new engine. Heck id even play Yakuza dead souls again aswell with a revamped graphics and control style.
crapgamer reviews G
They should have use temporal anti aliasing it always work on console on ps4 especialy on ps4 pro... If the dragon engine does not support the famous temporal solution..it means on the next gen console the aliasing will still exist...
Expert Gaming HD
What is the resolution of this game on ps4 pro
The best in the series
Tom Cruise
One thing i noticed is that if you zoom into first person right before entering a street battle it will zoom you out and the framerate goes berserk smooth in an uncomfortable manner lmao. It stays even after the fight until you zoom back in and reset it.
A big difference here. I'd say great job
I just got Yakuza Kiwami for $14 and that's Australian dollars that's like $4 American lol
Very nice how more and more japanese devs are porting games to PC, hoping to see one day the whole Yakuza series on Steam, but by the look of things, it's very likely
7:07 - 7:10 🤢
kam shaft
best game ever maybe shenmue 3 kiryu has a camo the new character for 7 isnt kiryu or ichiban its totally a new guy kiryu will have a camo
You guys should do some pixel counting. Kind of curious to see what rez the game runs at
fumomo fumosarum
I actually prefer Yakuza Kiwami 1...
This is why dark souls remastered was lazy.
They either should have made him look younger in Kiwami 2 or older in 6. He looks exactly the same. For 0, it was super obvious that he was younger.
Élisson Michael
Awesome Game.
No, the best game in the series is Yakuza 0, and that's not debatable.
Jay Cruz
Ps2 look better
Fedee Dainotta
Poor comparasison, where is the comparison?
xBlizzard Gaming
Black Man
Is there even a difference between the pro and regular ps4 with this game? I have the regular ps4 and it looks the same. If anything it looks worse, but I suspect that's a result of youtube compression.
No Name
The only things i see wrong r using the same character as Yakuza 6 even though they're atleast 10 years apart and not being able to switch fighting styles.
I found the boss fights to be underwhelming except for the Final final fight with Daigo. Compared to 0 with the Lieutenants/Nishitani or Nishikiyama/Shiwano from Kiwami 1 going fist for fist was amazing. I honestly thought Kid Daigo was Harder to fight than Dragon of Kansai Daigo from his size and presence I expected to get my shit kicked with overwhelming strength I had a glimpse of in 0 (I had fought him post story Majima btw). But overall yeah the characters were great, I found Sawara Kaoru and the others introduced to be a good complement to fill the story with the loss of the SERENA family though sometimes the some scenes were abit frustrating lacking common sense but that’s so Yakuza lol. The fighting style was enjoyable I had a tough time fighting with Kiryu in 0 and it was refreshing to see Kiwami make a style comeback though I did miss my brawler style lol. But thank god for the multiple cutscenes making it feel like a cinematic especially with sub stories which felt natural. It’s still a great game and it felt like a good transition from Kiwami 1 which makes sense that the Kiwami name ending here in the remasters yo come.
Jose Albino
I hope they patch all this games when the PS5 comes out so they can run at 60fps
Hey man how about PS4 vs PS4 Pro? Is the difference as bad as Yakuza 6?
Resident Evil 2 looks to be the best remake :)
I comment based on the title without watching
5:32 That's not Sotenbori, that's Kamurocho
I thought Kiwami was good but holy shit Kiwami 2 graphics kick the crap out if it. Not only does the city look more alive and the feel and texture more shiny and realistic. But no more loading screens when you enter a building that was a nice touch. Just wish they would have kept the voice dialogue in substories like they did with 6
Jeffrey Desormeaux
But ragdoll physics can be realistic
pyongyang gang666
If Konami have any sense they'd schedule a MGS remake and have some of the best studios on Earth handle their franchises. It would be interesting to see the Ubisoft studio that created Splinter Cell Chaos Theory make a MGS game, From Software make a series of Castlevania games or have Cave and G-Rev make Gradius and Salamander games.
Wow, it looks awesome. Hope MGS3 gets a treatment like this 😃
Smart guy
Wagelaseh 1st
No PS2 better bruh
The Devil’s Advocate
The best Yakuza is 0 guys,not this one.
Genxtasy 99
sponsored by the PS4 PRO
Tres 2019
Talk about a great remake didn’t know why sega can’t do this with shenmue 1 and 2
Yusuf Stone
I prefer ps2 version
Fuck Microtransactions
Outstanding work
Anas Mohammad
obscured mirage
When is this coming to steam so I can play it at 60 FPS and in 4K
Jeff Benzos
Wahid Ahmad
is this ora ora simulator?
Maximillion Roivas
Looks good. However...I prefer the original PS2 version. I like the graphics better on PS2. Weird, I know. But whatever.
Henry Rahardja
this is exactly why i'm disappointed that Ryu Ga Gotoko Studios won't kiwamied the rest of the series. I downloaded the demo of Ryu Ga Gotoko 3 Remastered and it looks really dated, plus it doesn't work even as good as Yakuza 0 on PS4 Pro. If they are too busy with Fist of The North Star and Shin Yakuza, they should just give it to BluePoint. Only then i won't feel bad spending $30 for each game.
racher ces
Trash haha 🚮🚮🚮