Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review (PS4 Pro) - The Best Yakuza Game Ever Made?

I adore the Yakuza series but Yakuza Kiwami 2 may be the first in the series that I've been truly addicted to...
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Yakuza 2 has always been praised as one of the best in the series and now I can see why. The enhancements and additions in Kiwami 2 easily make this my favourite entry in the series so far.

The game was played on a PS4 Pro and captured using an Elgato HD60 Pro.
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Andreas Becker

Disclaimer: A download code for Yakuza Kiwami 2 was provided by Five Star Games for purposes of Preview, Review, and other coverage.
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I love the game, but I still kinda miss the fighting styles from 0. The forced walking annoys me a bit too. I’d give this game a 9.8 out of 10.
Yo Proxxy
I am absolutely loving this game, what does everyone else think?
Oblivion 88
Yakuza is so good
sasuke aro
Yakuza my third favorite series of all time behind persona series in 2nd and hatsune miku project diva series as number one, love orignal yakuza 2 and really enjoying the remake
Drake Selafino
Such a great game! Enjoyed the review man.
Doing a lets play of this game right now. Addicted to the series
melv fasttrack
yakuza 2 was the best in the series in my opinion so standard and yes i just got this its awesome
I'm only just getting into Yakuza ( just bought Y0 ). While I'd love to play through them all I just don't have time with work ECT.

Is this one ok to play through as a stand alone game ?
anthony sweat
Cabaret management ...I would play that as a stand-alone game lol.
Young United
Good video like always Jay. Long time Yakuza fan here since the PS2 era. Very happy to see the series finally getting the attention it deserves. Also kinda sucks to see the tiger fight in the video as to me it is one of the coolest moments in Yakuza 2. I dont mind it as much but it kind of ruins the moment for new fans

Also Jay, have you tried Yakuza 5? It's an amazing game and to me has a lot more content than 2 with many different playable characters and side jobs. Check it out! Keep up the good work, cheers!
Mark Phillips
Great review. I'm going to be all over this!
Crow’s Eye
Kiwami was good but was a pretty big downgrade. But only cause 0 was such a masterpiece. Can’t wait for this one
The Renegade Gamer
Got this day one got addicted to the main story but i still think 0 is better overall
PC release on May 9th xD
Kenny Nai
I missed the combat system where u can change ur fighting style
Alien Moth Probe
Yazuka 2 is the best so far of the remakes because I believe the devs actually listen to the fans opinions.
I still prefer the original for cinematic, pacing, and mechanical reasons but it’s hard to argue with the amount of effort put into this remake.
Uchenna Obi
I wanted to get yakuza kiwami 2 but i already preordered dragon quest 11 and valkyria chronicles 4. and my wallet is screaming
Tipik Kipik
Thx for the review !
melv fasttrack
played since the first one was out my brother got me addicted from the off when he got it on ps2 played yakuza 2 loved it 3 4 and 5 were pretty good 0 was amazing to go back in time kiwami 1 was mind blowing all the extra stuff loved it got number 6 couldn't get used new engine so put to one side just got kiwami 2 love it
Vishan Silva
I’m right know playing this game it’s amazing I’m loving this this game I’ve been hooked since 0 I hope we get 3,4,5 and story was amazing I personally prefer 1 story over 2 but man I love 2 story it’s Tight I just wish we got more of Ruji goda cause he was standing highlight for me as a character.
anthony sweat
I am new as well. Played kiwami 1 then 0 so I could experience 0 as a prequel, now am on 2 and will not do anything else til it's done then I'll move on to dq11
Hammad Wasti
So you are saying that this one is better than Zero?
I see the game is sold out at all the best buys around me but really want the game but don't really wanna pay full price for it at other places cuz I had the Gamers club subscription. Don't know when it'll b back on the shelves. Should I wait for a sale or just get it right now!??
Discorded Spectrum
Wish I had a PS4 right now.
Played the first 2 chapters so far, schedule and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate stopping me from proceeding. Man oh man so far things got more intense starts than 0 and Kiwami. I think im gonna love Ryouji Goda
anthony sweat
My brother thinks these games are stupid notice me senpai anime games..he played 5 hours of kiwami 1 and is opening a case for a refund with sony..he's a weirdo
ミク Deviluke
Never played Yakuza since there mostly on Sony system , I prefer Shenmue playing has a good guy rather than a bad guy