Yakuza Kiwami 2 - is this the craziest one yet?!

Hollie is a big Yakuza fan but since this is the only one she hasn't played it's time to find out if this is going to be the craziest and most intense Yakuza game yet!
Worried about spoilers? We will do our best to avoid all main story spoilers on the stream, just like always!

Stream FAQ:
- When is it out? August 28th

- Do I need to play the others? Yes and No; Unlike other games, such as Final Fantasy, all Yakuza games are linked and there is an over arching story that runs across all seven games. You can jump in at any point (previously I went straight from yakuza Kiwami to Yakuza 3) but I'd recommend at the very least playing Yakuza 0

- What order should I play them in? In numerical order (not the order they were released in) which means Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3, 4, 5 and then 6.

- Which Yakzua games are on PS4? Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and 6 are all on PS4. Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are on PS3

- I thought they announced Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 for PS4? They did but only in Japan, no news of a western release at the moment!

- Is there a demo? Yes, there is a demo of Yakuza Kiwami 2 on the PlayStation Store

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Frank Keskic
One of the most underrated franchise is finally getting the love it deserves. God I can't wait for Yakuza Kiwami 2.
Adam Shalashaska
I love Hollie. I dont think anyone appreciates Yakuza as much as I do except for Hollie
FF8 Lover
Hollie is the reason I tried my first Yakuza game. I'm very glad I did! Thank you Hollie!
Serious people doing stupid things - confirmed. Another great stream, Hollie!
Pink Shark Gamer
LOVE LOVE LOVE YAKUZA and Hollie is the Yakuza Queen lol 😎😎😎😎
Sunlight Prince
Man, I am so sad that the YAKUZA (or Ryu ga Gotoku) has officially ended. Looking forward to the Shin YAKUZA Saga though
matthew pace
This is the best one out of all the Yakuza games
el duderino
Almost a day late but Hollie I love your hair that way!

EDIT: I wrote this comment the second the stream-vid started and I saw Hollies hair. I had no idea it was gonna be a little bit of a "thing" later.

Also My hair is almost that exact shade of blond (I'm a dude and I don't dye it) and I style it nearly the same when I have it down - except mine is a couple inches shorter (or I'm ridiculously taller than you)

Anyways always happy to see you Hollie, love your let's plays and miss you when you're not in the Tuesday "show" ! :-)
The only thing I dislike about the game is the forced movement speed. Which is like a .1 if I were to give this game a score. 9.9/10

Love everything else!
I'm glad I found out about this game. It has been one of my favourite game series of all time.
*hugs Hollie* great to see you so excited again playing the series! Haven’t been able to catch the twitch streams as of late, due to I’ve been getting, looking after my nephew after he’s out from school. :(
Always great to watch after, but there’s always something lost when you can’t catch live.>.<
Onion Head Guy Guy
Getting it day 1! I havent finished kiwami yet though!😓 gotta hurry
Koala Bare
Holly I want to marry you. Yakuza changed my life
Perry Barnes
Yakuza 2 is the best in the series. I remember playing the original years ago as a kid and was like "Wow" when the credits rolled.
Yakuza is one of my favorite franchises i love it
Kinoshita Yuuko
it's not out yet. you scared me. I haven't pre-ordered.
Love ya Hollie and great stream 👍🏻
asylum fox
Getting all remakes and played all Yakuza except Yakuza 5 cause it was never released in Australia but hopefully they remake Yakuza dead souls.
A is for Annihilation
I love yakuza minus the escort (or whatever those chicks r called) missions & karaoke. Story, fights & majority of the activities r awesome.
D'Andre D. Haynes
Wait when this is drop?! I'm still on yakuza 6!
Sebastian Nixon
I swear I have seen one of you in Scarborough at a water park I work at, or am going crazy witch I probably correct 😂
Dj Chesed
I'm worried about the frame drops and jaggies :/
Ivan Ocsars
Ah nice I just finished kiwami 1 like an hour ago
Jack Bauer
Already pre-ordered the game (and also Fist of North Star), taking a shot and playing Yakuza 0 last year was the best goddamn choice I've made in years. :)
Ashley Cording
Anyone know if we are going to get a remaster of 3,4,5 here In the uk?
Alz Dee
YES!! We need more yakuza!!!!!!
Annette O.
I love the thumbnail. I really want to get into Yakuza but was confused. Thanks!
Vishnu Mistry
I can fight knifey spoony 😂 😂 😂
😫Can't you just be quiet, so we can understand the freak**g game 💩
Hall Monitor
They should have given us option to change Kiriyu San's apparels In Kiwami remakes. There are 100s of things to do in Kamurocho, true! But still...
I want more yakuza in this engine i just beat Zero and Kiwami and I can’t wait for this one. Sadly only this game, 6, and fist of the north star will use the dragon engine
wow i didnt know that you played really all yakuzas omg i love you more and i did to and ps3 of course dead souls too XD lel and i make videos with Yakuzas because this game is so underratet and i kinda feel sad that most of people dont know why we love this game so much and the story bring us everytime tears and i want more :D
i see the order you recommended someone should play these in, but what if someone does not care too much about following the story??

does a game like Yakuza 6 have significantly more content than the Yakuza 1 remake? or are the mechanics evolved so that they feel much better in 6 compared to 1?
Shahzar Khan
Pre ordered ! Can't wait.
Virtual On!!!
trev tyler70
Ouch I felt that 😲😨😭
wait is this out!?!?
I hope this goes cross platform
The Yakuza game series and the vocaloids (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO & KAITO) really make me want to go to Japan but that's one life experience i'll never have because of how expensive it is, its a real shame because i'm a huge fan of Japanese culture and its been the place i've mostly wanted to go on holiday but i'll never be able to visit Japan (but i can dream, sayonara Japan holiday, i'll keep dreaming, hoping it happens eventually) 😊
I’m so jealous i wish we didn’t have to wait
Nathan Williamson
I love the video description, anyone who follows this channel knows how much Hollie *Loves* Yakuza. B) She also got a few people into it. *points at self*
So is this game set in both Osaka and Kamarucho?
Modest Mind25
Comnent section be thirsty
suhail virani
How am i here? Its not a friday feature
Rajiv Jak
guys i want to play these games but i don't want to play all of them cause i wont have the time, im liking this one and maybe yakuza 6 ? let me know guys.
Shortbread Head
what headset is that Hollie? It has great sound from the mic and I'm looking for a new one that's actually decent, also will it work on ps4 or was this through obs/xsplit?
34:09 spicyyy
I've been playing Yakuza since the PS2, but to be honest on the crazy scale, when we're talking Japanese games, it's barely a 5 out of 10.
sephiroth galarza
Interesting this game has two things I like one fight two special mini games for entertainment
Ryu ga Gotoku -pt- BRASIL
Quem tiver interesse em ver esse game em PORTUGUÊS só procurar YAKUZA KIWAMI 2 LEGENDADO no youtube.
Anyone know which headset Hollie is using? Really clear mic.
Mary Shelton
Question, in metal gear series which of the following characters is related by blood to the boss?
A) naked snake
B) otacon
C) solidus snake
D) revoler ocelot

Doing a quiz and I'm stuck and asking the master for help!
It would be so perfect if Yakuza was a Nintendo game, since Nintendo use to be partners with the yakuza back in the days.
Jaymosis Jones
Hollie, you are a Dream Goddess! Keep up the great work!
U gothic girl
Game Reviews Old Skool Gamer
Gotta say I love how you have a real passion for gaming. Most people just play them for the job, but you have a deep passion for the games you play. I am the same, been playing games since the Snes days. Grew up all my friends were out in nightclubs wasting money for nothing. My money went on games and at the age of 31 I'm not going to stop. Keep up the amazing stuff love your videos. 😊
alexey osipov
Is this 100% PS4 exclusive or not? I want to buy only PS4 exclusives and I don't want to be like Yakuza 0 & Kiwami which were relesed on PC
Alex's beer
Stabbing is not killing
Abdullah Sabir
Hollie looks like a lion here
Really like your hairstyle. Super hot as always.
I always wanted to try these games out but I hate Japanese culture.
gta5 much better