How to upgrade the PS4 with a SSD - HyperX

This guide will walk you through replacing the hard drive in your PS4 with a faster SSD, allowing for faster loading times. In order to replace the drive you’ll need the following tools:

• An SSD
• Small Screwdriver
• USB Flash Drive to install the OS from
• External hard drive for backup of existing game data (optional)
• A USB SATA enclosure for the hard drive, included with HyperX SSD bundle kits (optional)

Installation steps:

1. If this is not a brand new PS4 and you have saved games on it that you want to keep, back up your data first. You will need an external hard drive that’s big enough to hold all of your data. You can connect it using the USB SATA enclosure included with HyperX SSD bundle kits.
2. Slide open your case, unscrew the hard drive and replace it with the HyperX SSD.
3. On a computer go to #newinstallation and download the PS4 system software under the “Perform a new installation of the system software” heading.
4. Copy the installer PS4UPDATE.PUP to a USB drive. Place it in a folder titled UPDATE which is in a folder called PS4 (PS4\UPDATE\PS4UPDATE.PUP)
5. Eject the USB drive, connect it to your PS4, and install it to the new SSD.
6. Restore all your old games and files from the hard drive in the external enclosure you back up the data to in step 1.
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how put ssd in gameboy color?
Great video guys, you missed out the section where you spend 30 minutes looking for a screwdriver, the 10 seconds in which you accuse your wife of misplacing it and the week you have been sleeping on the couch since you found it in the shed, the first place she told you to look when you embarked on this project. The load times are worth it though.
Theo Higgins
I may be a PC gamer but I am surprised I never thought of this.
A huge console problem is load times and an SSD would help with those greatly.
Hopefully this tutorial will help a lot of console gamers, HyperX.
Alpha Q JoshPrO
*Uses this video to install a Samsung ssd*

HyperX- Am I a joke to you?
Patrick Herbison
One fatal mistake. Not including the link to that awesome external hard drive
Nintendo 64 please
speed comparison please ?
I dont even have ps4 and my pc doesnt even equipped with an ssd yet i watched it
Mr. Filou
LOL When the hard drive cost more than your ps4 😂
Only useful for single player games and reduces the amount of storage (in most cases).
Andrew Summersgill
yall gonna do this when the ps4 pro comes out??
Mr Awesome Clash
Hay say I wanted to use the external hdd as the new hard drive, could I skip the last couple steps
Wesley Van Essen
I love this brend hyper from kingston.
I have the 240 gb sdd also.

I hope to can upgrade my playstation 4 pro with a ssd hyper from kingston but i need more then 1 tb.

If i can get it i love to make also a YouTube reclame video from it.
Jeong Kim
transfer OS to another ssd or harddrive
Tom Jones
everytime intro Loud music DEAF!! ahhh
replace hardware system on the wii u
is it ok to run rebuild database on ssd ? via safe mode
Steven 698
I like that you used your products but didn't name any of them.
The advertizing was obvious but not intrusive if that makes sense.
Did it all thorough my Galaxy note 9 using the Samsung USB connector lol
where do I find your guy's External Hard drive?
Said Khan
Please can you make a video of installing an SSD into the original PS4, not the slim. Thanks.
Calculated Risk
Alternatively, if you have a desktop and 2 sata cables, you can clone the hard drive to the SSD.
Peter Hristov
Cool, now that I know this I just need to buy a PS4 and a SSD.
It's not worth it IMO as we don't benefit from sata 3 6gb/s
This is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen. It was short, to the point and easy to follow. Thanks a bunch and do Xbox one next.
NOT Bill Murry
Do you have Amazon links to the SDD and other tools?
Tom Jones
GREAT INFO HYP. I think I can do this myself, without begging someone to help me, then waiting weeks before they get around to helping me.. LOL.. GREAT VIDEO! Thank You!
Tal Nachshonov
What is the capacity of ps4 storge ? , I would like to know that in both ssd and hdd terms
Whats the best HyperX "2,5" SSD thats under *350€*
Dennis H
do a video on Xbox One/Xbox One S
How to upgrade Xbox one hard drive
Edward Barnes
Everytime i try and re intialise my data it says no update data is on the usb
Steven 698
Why didn't you do a speed comparison?
siv neerz
Please make guide video for ps4 Slim
I just can't hold this one in... It's impossible man! Forgive me!

Console peasants..

Exhales... Feeling better now.

Awaiting hate :)
i have a question, I have my dad's ps4 account activated on my ps4 so will I need to deactivate his account off my ps4 first then install my ssd or I can go ahead and install the ssd no problem? Thanks
I Want to put HyperX SSD in my Macintosh please help
Make another video on what you could do with the hard drive you just took out...
Who else knew you need to buy at least a 160GB drive? Not me, as of writing right now I'm taking out a 120GB kingston SSD.
/AwesomeAW/ Sause
If I have bought games digitally and are in the library will the back up save those also?
I did exactly what this video said and my ps now has a functional ssd!! Thanks so much!!😁😁
Gabriel Ch
Excellent guide, thank you very much.
You can install windows instead of a new ps4 software btw
Stupid Gamr
I don't think you would really see much performance gain since the PS4 only uses SATA2, Plus a 2TB SSD would cost you the price of an additional PS4 pro.
M. M
Playstation 4 Pro please make a ssd replacment video
é mexendo que se aprende com Eduardo Tenório
0:52 no more pic,.kljy k vcyic4r67rckv
Jay Poe
what kind of hdd did u use?
Branden's Outdoor Channel
Just pop the drives into an external drive cloner and install the ssd into the ps4.
ratface ,
Ps4 slim
does the 2.5" enclosure & the savage ssd work with the xbox one s? also the enclosure supports uasp?
do Xb1
Rigo Alonso
it wont read the usb with the system update. i tried many time
*Laughs in usb 3.0*
Place an ssd in a gen 2 ps3
xbox juan pls
Thiago Sanchez
Do I have to do the computer part if its a completely new ps4? Also can I get link to a hyperx ps4 ssd
Gabo TV
Can't you guys make an ssd for cellphones?..
What if you want to do this on a never used os4
Master Toru
how do u replace a hard drive in a wii?
Tom Jones
AHHH forgot about the warranty.. Hmmm External Hard drive better idea then??
Could use use this to get older software?
Leo Naren
Ps4 pro please???
mr. gamer
I would never though that this is sinple like this
На русском видос сделай к
Marc Solé Santacana
Guide for Atari 2600 please :)
Dustin Jones
Would like to see an upgrade on an Xbox one X...
Sander Hoogendijk
R.I.P. warranty
Ben B
NES please
Jamal Nasir
ps3 guide please
I am Lost
My ps4 lags alot when i play overwatch, will this help the lag?
Also, it's not my internet.
Ruurd Moelker
Download link mentioned in the video does not allow for full system restore. You'll get some unfriendly error message when trying to install. Instead try scrolling down to the part that says: "Agree and download now > Click to start the download." (You should click the image saying "Agree and download now >"...
Buy a ps4 --> upgrade it, why not just buy a PC?
Anton Morris
So would you be able to use that external enclosure with a 6TB in to save games and apps etc
Ok listen plz someone answer me

Am gonna buy a new PS4 if I install an SSD I don't need to do anything right no back up no nothing
Albert Elizondo
What will this do in-game?
ping vinas
or buy a pc
Matiss Lasmanis
Do you know how i can recover files from a hard-drive that i have converted to ps4, lost alot of family photos becouse it wont let me use the hard-drive with the laptop
You know what would be good? If the Cloud II worked via USB with full function of the volume controls. Love the headphones but they don't even work with my Sony Xperia Z3 phone.
Synyster Goose
Does the thumb drive need to empty?
how to upgrade your ps4 throw it away and buy an pc
Ingmatus S
Where can I get that screwdriver?The one with the PS4 logo on it?
Prasad Kamat
PS4 Pro please
How to put and ssd in a
Xbox one s
Richard Li
well ok
Works on PS4 Pro?
Max Perkinson
so can i also do this with a normal 2.5" HDD and not a SSD?
Imaan Gill
If I have ps plus can I backup all my data to online storage instead of a external drive?
How do I replace the hard drive in my Gameboy Color? It's pretty slow these days with all my Pokemanz - To say the least, I caught them all but I dont have enough RAM for it
Anonymous 6
I want to upgrade my ps1 to a 2TB SSD but idk how
Xbox One and the S variant
nekeisha robinson
ok, so faster system but now only able to download 4 to 5 games before system is full.
Nicolas Bertola
i will do it, when i have one :(
H GAZ1201
Do i have to restore my data through a external hard drive? or can i just back it up into the SSD and then install the system software?
Damir Maatar
Is it better with a SSD ?
I mean, do the ssd speeds up loading time ? And is the ssd recognized by the ps4 as a ssd, not a basic hdd ?
Ankur Gogoi
xbox one x hard drive upgrade
Why you reading that?
ok i have 998gb used how many days i need to wait?