PS4 Error CE-34878-0 FIX ANY SYSTEM | PS4 Original - PS4 Pro - PS4 Slim

How to fix ps4 error codes without safemode PS4 Error CE-34878-0 can happen to PS4 Slim error, PS4 Pro Error PS4 original, Ps4 Pro error code ce- 34878-0 error common that it may happen in all of the games you try to run. Turn off Supersample, Turn off PS4 Boost Mode, Delete PS4 game app, update the lastest ps4 software, Restart PS4. You may also see it as error code like CE-36329-3 or you may get a notification like“An error has occurred in the following application (ce-34878-0)”. PS4 Cheap GAMES:
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Splash God
Still having this in 2019😡
The Goat
Happens on my ps4 pro, a lot on fortnite.
ChocoThe Churro
Bo4 problems anyone?
mathe vincent
Dude, you didn't really help.
Gabr!eL Torres
I’ve updated everything and delete/downloaded the game like 3 times and it’s still happening
Dovahkiin Yol
Ima gonna smash my ps4 if this keeps doing it
renan renan
Im having this error with rdr2.i bought the game and i can play 5 minutes only.nothing, absolutly nothing Works..waiting for a update..
Zayin Frye
This is only happening to Fallout 4...

....meaning that one of the mods I have are corrupting the game. Uh oh.
To be perfectly honest with you all. All these videos on YouTube I've seen on how to fix this error code never fixed the problem for me. Some of the things they point out are true. But, I will tell you this... Your internet and Nat type is not the problem! I will also like to add that your game isn't crashing because it's not fully updated. I played my games without patches for long periods of time without an internet connection when I went out for vacation where there was no Wi-Fi or internet.

Trust me, I had this error code since I first plugged in my ps4. 2 years and I was almost about to give up. I did not wanna buy another ps4. But I recently tried out an original idea of mine to fix the problem for good. And it WORKED!

I was planning on uploading a video about it. But I wanna leave a comment on here and see if it works for other people too before I do upload a video about it.

So here's how to fix it... DELETE ALL YOUR CORRUPTED DATA. Now.. Data can be corrupted even if it doesn't say it is. Like if your game is saving and the ps4 crashes or freezes during your game while it's autosaving or saving.. It becomes corrupted. Like for example, a game such as a dark souls 3, a game that always auto saves... If that crashes or your ps4 shuts down/freezes/you quit the game while in gameplay and not in the main start up menu.. Your game save will become corrupted.

What I did, is I deleted all save data from my ps4 from every user on my system. And I mean ALL OF IT. I had to start over on all my games, but hey, would you rather play a game without having to worry about it crashing and actually have fun like you want to or keep your progress and continue to deal with your ps4 crashing problem?

If you want to not lose progress. Back up your game saves in a regular basis either on the cloud or a usb drive so if your ps4 freezes you can copy your game saves from there back to your system.

Like for dark souls 3, I regularly quit to the main menu so my game saves. Then I close the application, copy my save game to my flash drive. NEVER CLOSE YOUR APPLICATION during an autosave. To be safe, always quit to the main menu within the main game of it's a constant auto save too.

Two more things I thought I should mention....

1. Do not leave your usb flash drive plugged in while gaming because if it crashes or your ps4 freezes/shuts down by itself. That will corrupt your data on your flash drive. I learned that the hard way

2. If the error continues to occur and you made sure there's no corrupted data. Then it's your application that's corrupted. THAT'S WHEN YOU HAVE TO DELETE IT THEN REINSTALL IT. But however, my applications on my get corrupted if my ps4 shuts down by itself giving me the system software error code after I boot it back up. But that has to happen to be about 3-5 times when I'm playing a game for my application to get corrupted. Do not stress over re updating games as I've said before, your game doesn't have to be updated to avoid this error. Unless of course the game developers of those games aren't doing what they should do before releasing their game into the market.

If you all have any questions... Feel free to reply to this comment, if this solution worked for you, please let me know as soon as possible. I want to help as many people as possible because this error has been occurring too long for so many people.
This constantly happens to me in Fortnite, Fallout 4, and the Sims 4. I'm really tired of this...
Tetrad Dyad
It freezes then screen turns black then goes to error screen then goes to menu
Then freezes again
Marcus Chong
I having this prob on jc3
Gavin R
So I have to delete GTA V..... and redownload it..... great
I swear, this is literally the red ring of death for ps4 games
This is making me want to sell my PS4 pro and buy a Xbox lmao
Dragonball FighterZ anyone???
ZGray 07
On Destiny 2 this happens
Phillip Dean Thomas
Was getting error code deleting
Black Ops 4 folder and reinstalling phone Sony meant to have email nothing bk hope this workd
Breezy Cloud
Yea that happened to me for a week only for one game it was dbz fighterZ I never uninstalled I just restarted my ps4 pro that error code would happen every now and then last month
Jesus Gonzalez
I literally just got 4 error codes in a row in less than 10 min ima try this cuz this happens to any online game I can’t even play the game it gmt I get an error everyday more than one
Happening on Fifa 19 anyone know how to fix it???
Joe Demko
Red Dead redemption 2 online mode keeps giving me this error now, it was fine all 8 days prior
Angel Aguilar
Thank u soo much bro i been having this problem for 2 weeks im gonna sub and like
When I click on a game, my screen glitches and pixelates and then closes and gives me the error code. HELPPPP!?!?
PsychoBomb100 0
Am I the only one who has their playstion like completely freeze when this error comes up?
Richard Lyon
I'm not happy today!
Beacause I deleted my Fortnite and i redownload it, but it didn't work!
what up MonkeyFlop
i get man i see Error CE on my ps4 and love your videos o ya did u play h1z1 lol ok game
Manu 13
I played just cause 3 and every time when i want to start the second mission it goes to blue screen error
Blieutenant fo trey
I did every step 4 my ps4 2k19 n its still happening.
Carter V
Naruto road to boruto shinobi striker anyone?
Mousa Habibeh
I fixed mine, you have to change the resolution to 720 if you have 720 tv, you are welcome 🤗
Thank you so much! Deleting it actually worked😀
Imani Raya
I'm tryna play world war z anyone know how to fix
QBC King
This helped me with skyrim
Mosses Derhagopian
I just baught mortal kombat and this is happening
Vitaddict Dad
Good to know .
didn't know you played tf2
Ah Ahmed
You are the best I subbed
Problem solved. Take it to the shooting range, then get a new one. ☝️
The Playstation Guru
I dont get it on apps mine is system software
Ra Om
I have ps4 pro and it happens every time I play battlefield V
It only happens on video games on YouTube and Netflix it’s fine
Ark survival evolved
Letter One
So I've initialized it and reinstalled my games and still crashed. Put it into safe mode and it still crashed..few man I dunno what to do. I just bought the thing
risan_ YT
I couldn’t play my game
Marcos Perez
I tried everything even initialized the ps4 n its still happening
Adam Jehanzeb
Thanks bro I checked my settings and it worked
My PS4 pro Crashs Alot in bo4
Aden 2007
This keeps happwning to my nba2k19
Games Only Gaming GOG
It happens alot in f13
Greg Pavlakis
could be a virus from a psn account hack from oh 5 yrs ago
Keven Escamilla
Bro thanks but its still not working
I deleted everything on my ps4 like if it was new and the games still crash 😓
Ghetto Station
Man this happens to me on Warface all the time it's so anoying
You've Help 🎉 It was an Update 👍😁
GalacticNinja 12
I get the same code but I can’t move like you guys I move a tad and it freezes then boom black screen
Tristan B
I really dont wanna have to redownload RDR2 so I hope these other methods work...
RaShaan Carroll
This happened to me on WWE 2K19 and I was so angry😡
It only happens to Fortnite and 2k🤦🏽‍♂️
Rivanne Alnashi
Thanks so much I turned on boost mode
And it worked
Sheri D
on cod3 i get a disconnect error,always happens on new update
erik cadenhead
mine did after there software update they tried to say it was not the update
god of war
Jaaron Davis
It took me to my homepage, during a cutscene on WWE 2k19. But there's nothing wrong with MK XL, and Tekken 7.
BloodCherryX Neon
Yeah :)

But what if it's not updated >:C
Grant Dowhaniuk
I'm getting this problem now EVERYTIME I play Fortnight now, didn't happen once before season 5. it happens at the exact same time, in the menu where I have to choose between STW and Battle Royale (happens like 5 seconds after I click BR) is this happening to anyone else? I've deleted the game completely, everything is up to date. any suggestions?
lmSIeep 24
I cant play carrer mode on UFC 2
Fortnite has been crashing for me all day 😔
Francisco Cañas
At all it keeps doing the same
Wolf named death
Dude I get blue screened like 20 times just trying to load up for Honor
Private Name
Thx i had an update your the best
On Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker
This keeps on happening only
on rdr online
Kaden Pascua
Will this be patched i cant play any games and i can only play shitnte but its a error code NPXS20001
Mati Blaster
Burnout Paradise Remastered. Begin happen to me in Wendensday 4th. It happened second time in a row today. I have the game since March which is insane
Feels -
So if none of these work i have to uninstall?
Ahmed Mohmed
ما في عربي يفهمني الطريقة رجاء
Fifa 19 😤 when going to FIFA settings sometimes
Joseph Tatar
I ain’t dare deleting my nba 2k19 game😂
Cat Plays
Minecraft too its been happing for a WEEK NOW
All my games are getting CE errors!
Zachary Crane
I redownloaded the game but it says saved data is corrupted then error screen ive clicked cancel amd ok no difference in the outcome.
Mini_Fox Gaming
Thanks you're a life saver
Just got black ops 4, it took two days to install and download, and just generally get everything finished, I had the game for one day, now I have to reinstall it already cus I can’t even open it without this error code. Kill me.
Ariana McGuire
Because i was olayi g fortnite and got blue screened
This is false. I just downloaded a game and it still crashes.
Keeps happening with FighterZ smh
Doesn't help anything plus the ps4 is doing nothing can't return to anything looking at a blue screen that's probably gonna stay forever
ok stop
Rdr2 problems
Greg Pavlakis
wipe console then get console update then rebuild database in safe mode the option where you can have it fix corrupted files ,if this doesnt work get a new hd drive
Richard Lyon
I'm really really sad bro!🙁
Cookie Evan5468
To fix this you need to wait a couple of months
Fallout 76 is what’s crashing for me
NeVr Semi
DMC 5 problem anyone?
Michael Hart
This has gotta be the PS4 overheating and overclocking the CPU/GPU processor beyond s it limits
this error happened when i download a game why do i need to redownload it if i just downloaded today makes no sense but i guess it works for some people. (not me) solution would be for sony to fix it.
mu fc
God of war 3 remastered ps4 pro
Life Of Daniel
I had this problem but now none of my games is crashing , this dude didn't help me
I just updated everything , and it works fine✌🤘
AkaMint OTF
i did all of them and i intilize the ps4 and its still happening