Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review! Finally a PERFECT Yakuza? (PS4)

Sega's weirdest and wildest series is finally back, but is it any good? Let's dive into my full review of Yakuza Kiwami 2!

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Sega. It is a remake of the 2006 video game Yakuza 2, and is the series' second remake title following 2016's Yakuza Kiwami. It was developed using the Dragon game engine from Yakuza 6. The game was released for PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2017 in Japan, and will release worldwide on August 28, 2018. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a remake of Yakuza 2, and is an action-adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. Similar to the previous remake title, Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2 follows the same plot structure of Yakuza 2 while adding new gameplay features and enhancements from later titles, as well as new story elements to resolve confusing plot points in the original release and tie the game more closely to other titles in the series. The player control series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu as they explore the fictional Japanese districts of Kamurocho, Tokyo and Sotenbori, Osaka. Combat is based on that previously seen in Yakuza 6. A new story scenario, "The Truth of Goro Majima", features recurring series anti-hero Goro Majima as a playable character. The Clan Creator from Yakuza 6 also returns, bringing in New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Keiji Mutoh, Masahiro Chono, Riki Choshu, Genichiro Tenryu, and Tatsumi Fujinami.
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This series never seems to get the love it deserves so I want to genuinely thank you for watching this video and listening to how great it is!! :D
Mahogany Black
That cabaret club was an awesome mini game from 0! I’m glad they brought this back 👍
Maury J.
Yakuza is an amazing franchise, so underrated.
Dilan Lahiru
Yakuza 0 was the perfect Yakuza. Yakuza 2 is a close second!
Adam Velazquez
I love this series!! Its one of the most underrated and over the top video game franchise of all time!!
Chris White
The cabaret game is entertaining as hell! Played it on Yakuza Zero. Now you are acting like the american you are. Hostess clubs is embedded in The Japanese culture. So i don't agree with you at all here..
Spider-man? Tomb Raider? Who cares when Yakuza is in town!
This has easily become one of my favorite franchises, it’s just so damn fun to play.
Frank Keskic
SEGA has done one hell of a job with the Yakuza series and I love this franchise more than ever, and thanks to 0 for the franchises boom here in the west. With Kiwami 2 approaching next Tuesday im excited as hell to play the second entry of the Yakuza franchise but in remake fashion.
Player Parker
Loved zero. Looking forward to play through 1 and 2 after I’m done with Shenmue.
J Kemp
Dude, I got so addicted to the cabaret game in Zero! Trying to get more fans in certain areas, leveling up girls or just earning tons of Yen. I actually thought it fit just as well as all the other weird mini games in the Yakuza franchise.
It's honestly such a good time to be a Yakuza fan. Seeing how far this series has gone since its beginning is truly amazing. Thanks for the review!
Matt W
Did you never play Yakuza 0? Cabaret was a main in that...or yakuza 6? Where the clan mode was present? Sometimes I wonder about reviewers
You convinced me. I am totally going to get this game.
Dude, Cabaret Club stuff is awesome, one of the best side things in the whole Yakuza series.
Glenn Paul Anduyan
Great review man. All Yakuza games are fantastic, can't wait to play Yakuza Kiwami 2. But for now, Shenmue 1 and 2 on the weekend, :D
I loved the cabaret club from Yakuza 0, I spent around 100 hours on it, and so glad they improved it for Kiwami 2. I also don't understand how you can say those mini-games don't fit the rest of the tone of the game when the tone in the Yakuza franchise tone is all encompassing. If you don't think so, then you clearly haven't fully played the games or paid attention.

I would agree on being able to jump into the series at any game since they all have their own self contained storylines and never a direct sequel to each other. They just retain the history and characters of previous games so starting at the beginning to get all that development is also good.
Isaac Rodriguez
I cannot believe that people would never appreciate this game series in general.
Will Laterveer
I’m in the same space as you with these games, tried it with 0 and loved everyone since, although 0 has still held the top spot. After your review I have a good feeling this will take the top spot! I love your work man!
Best game in the series easily!
You really didn't like the cabaret club minigame? Thay's pretty strange, everybody who played Yakuza 0 loved it.
Great Review. So are you stuck with just one fighting style and that item inventory where you can use a weapon? You technically can start playing which ever Yakuza game in the series, but playing starting at zero and working your way to 6 will bring you a greater sense of familiarity with all the characters. I can’t imagine starting with 6, especially since it’s the last game with Kiryu.
Mr. Boppin
Getting that sweet steel book edition right now
The story, cinematography, humour and overall depth of Yakuza are honestly unmatched imo.
One of the Best series ever.... I'm looking forward to the fist of the north star series, developed by these guys.
Diomyle Cubero
Can't wait for Goromi-chan to be in my club :)
I need to get into this series!
T Jones
I remember playing the first Yakuza on my ps2 it was my favorite Yakuza game back then still is. I can't wait to play kiwami 2
Sharif Sourour
Fist of the North Star in this engine looks really good.
Nicholas Bumgardner
I really have to thank SEGA for showing so much love to the Yakuza series in the West this gen. I started my fandom with Zero and I can't get enough. This series probably saved me as a gamer when so many of the other projects I was interested in, turned out to be mediocre junk. My favorite franchise now, can't wait for the 3, 4, and 5 remasters.
Emirhan 1453
Should i buy kiwami 2 or Yakuza 6 only played Kiwami 1
Michael Coffey
Very in depth review and nicely done. Just added this to my Amazon list to dig into after the Nov and Xmas Sales. I Will be busy in a week plus with Dragon Quest 11 finally on US soil :). However with this game and then 6 and ) so well reviewed this will be a series I sink many many hours in. Thank you for the time these quality videos take and shining a spotlight on a great game.
i started with 6 (fighting got quite repetetive), now playing zero and my head exploded.
after that kiwami 1.....so maybe next summer i arrive at kiwami 2.
So I went from kiwami to 0 then I'm playing the rest from kiwami 2 and onward in order
Bob Blanton
I’m glad it’s your favorite, it’s my favorite too! 😁 Are you going to review Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise?
Rawley Fear
Just bought Yakuza 0 in anticipation of this. First experience with Yakuza. A few hours and loving it! Story is great!
Gianna Games
The cabaret mini game in Yakuza 0 is honestly fun and addicting! 😊
But can you play Virtual-On 2 players?
You should *NOT* start at any game in the Yakuza series. Either play the old games in release order or play yakuza 0, then kiwami, kiwami 2 and the soon to be released hd releases of the 3, 4 and 5. The games may be great games alone, but they become WAAAAAY better when you have played them all in order as there are returning characters and call backs to older games in the series that will go over your head if you've not played the older games!
The Fourth Chairman
I like playing hostess club
it's the money machine
you'll gain more much money than fighting the goons on the street
jotaro kuju
BE MY BABY is the one of the best substories in Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2
its been trending in fb way back when Yakuza Kiwami 2 got release in Japan way back
Sotenbori is not new, and the club management game was in Yakuza 4 and 0 one of which I am certain you played.
Currently playing 0. Still need to play Kiwami lol
Fuad Habjouqa
Pre-ordered cannot wait, and thanks for the wonderful review...... :)
Foufou Stv
Kansai is not the city it s the region where you can find the second city. Osaka
Matt Wheaton
Speaking of awesome arcade games in Yakuza Kiwami 2, I heard you could play Virtual On. In other words it's an instant buy for me.
dank lord 69
"Giant infants"
-dreamcastguy 2018
Paul Stevens
Shenmue now yakuza this is awsome sega i love u again
Can't wait to start playing 2 finally. Plus the best starting point for story is definitely zero. Since each game after payoffs for each character as the games goes on
Lol really pound a bunch of dudes lol.
Ali Hadid
I beat the 4 and 5,really underrated game and need more appreciation
Joe North
the cabaret club was my fav thing from zero! it was way more fleshed than anything else i thought and was pretty customizable.
Turner D Century
Now that you spoke about Shenmue, we can move on to Sega’s preferred Series.
Dale Stoddard
It's strange that you call Goro Majima just "some guy". He's freaking Majima! The cabaret club mini game was a cool throwback to Yakuza 0, but I liked it much more when Majima ran the club. After all, he's the lord of the night.
I was waiting for this review!!
If I 'keep dreaming' how do this benefit you?
Daakkuu Sama
I want to get it because I loved Yakuza 4, 0 and 6. The problem is... I'm not that hungry for another Yakuza game. I finished 6 only 3 months ago, so yeah. I also prefer to play Kiwami 1 before this one.
ohhhh yea 1 more week cant wait im getting my steelbook so hyped played all the others such a Great series
The best video game series ever made.
John Doe
Sadly,you will have to complete the Cabaret Club and Clan Creator missions to unlock all skills
Sir_ Mattimus
I have Yakuza Kiwami 1. Still haven't played it....now I'm going to have actually play the thing
4:40-4:49 Kiru vs SJW's
I see Yakuza, I click
Sharif Sourour
Considering that Yakuza 3 is really when the series hit its stride, these remakes of 1 & 2 really keep every instalment in the series top notch.
I'm gonna have to break the bank and pick up all 3
So Many Haystacks
I can't wait to play this in a few days! Glad it was a step up from 6.
I played the absolute hell out of the cabaret mini game in Yakuza 0, can't wait to do it again!
Paul Howard
Playing through Yakuza 0! I am a big fan of these games, very happy that sega is releasing the entire series on PS4!
Heavy Electric
Absolutely love the review man. I know some people get upset about the spoilers but it does not bother me.
Just for the information both the mini games you mention are just minigames from older Yakuza put into the new game for some side fun. The Clan one being from Yakuza 6 and the Cabaret club one being from zero.
Who's hyped for Yakuza 7??
Unforgiven Pain
Finished yakuza 0 and kawami 1 now cant wait to play this after work tonight!
The Cabaret mini game is like one of the most awesome things they could have included in this remake. It was fun in Yakuza 0 and it is fun now. By the way, did you really played Yakuza 0?
crazy that THIS is how i remember Yakuza 2 but if i pop it in my PS2 right now, i'll see pixelated shit. sweet review
kpac F
Completely disagree about the cabaret club game like most I can see. This series is awesome though !
I hated the level up system from 6.
leonel gutierre
On zero it was cool cus you could get more territory lol
ビムカナン EX
I like the mini games in Yakuza series
Joel Monserrate
This is really my most favorite Sega series! Yakuza for life! I can't wait for part 3, 4 and 5 to make it Stateside remastered!
danny ingersoll
tiger thats all im gonna say
Sharif Sourour
I'm definitely curious as to how the Yakuza 6 engine compares to that of Yakuza 0 which I adore... maybe eventually...
Danny Richie
Gab Gallard
Since I don't own a PS4 I hope they release the PC version soon. The original Yakuza 2 is in my personal top ten of best PS2 games of all time. Such an unforgettable gem.
I don't know the context for its return, but running a cabaret club was a big part of Majima's story in Yakuza 0. I really enjoyed it. Not just as a break from fighting, but in 0, you needed to spend money to upgrade your skills instead of XP., so Kiryu had his real estate mini-game and Majima ran a club.
Tord L
Looking forward to this, getting it this year and if is anything like 0 or kiwami witch i think is far better then what the critcs seems to think i will be happy , i keep hearing that yakuza 2 the original was considered by many as the best with 0 or 5 close behind so ,if the remake is the best of 0 and kiwami well it might very well hit my top 5 games or.
Normal Person
Where is the spoiler alert!!
Player Parker
Giant baby story so good lol 😂
Definitely have to get this now. Thanks for the review Dreamcast Guy!!!
I loved your review, and agree with a lot of the things you said having played the game myself, but a few things you mentioned really confused me? You talked like youve been a big fan of the series for years but when it came to the cabaret and clan creator you hadnt ever heard of them, despite them both being major game modes in Yakuzas 0 and 6, and you being forced to play them at least once. Other than those odd inconsistencies, great review! :)
I just had to pound a bunch of dudes wearing diapers
Zero is the pinicale of yakuza.
Lawrence Latrell Jackson McKnight
Gonna buy this game soon! I have Yakuza 0, kiwami and 6. I will also buy Yakuza 3,4, and 5 when they come out.
Anjel Status
Your journalism on this game is somehow my favourite to date! It keeps getting better and better! Literally I want to buy this game because you made it sound so convincing! Thanks for the videos! Keep it up!
DDub 64
Good review
I know we were talking the other day and I know you beat all of your games b4 doing the video wether it takes 10,26,53 or 78 hours to beat. But I feel like for the kind of style review you do you don't have the kind of detail that would make it seems as though you beat the game. So I dunno if beating a game like this is really warranted when you show some early on footage, you don't spoil anything. You go over mechanics and fighting. But aside from the giant babies,which may have been 10 or 40 hours into the story, itd be easy for one to think like "yea this is a solid review I wonder if that guy beat the game thoroughly"
Its just food for thought cuz u said u played 14 hrs straight to finish it for this review. And taking no days off sucks. U said you didn't think you'd have the style to do a semi review/1st impressions/review without finishing the game but I think you could. Where it could be "thoughts on ____"
Instead of a full review.
You need days off. You should start taking Sundays off to start n thinking about yourself for a minute.time is precious you know that. Maybe you can re-up your schedule to be like Sunday off. Mon tues you play your big game for review.with prob tue n wed going into top 10 as well. Thurs your tying up loose ends. just making a silly video or whatever. Friday and the weekend going toward more gameplay and scripting for next weeks review. Obviously random gameplay sprinkled throughout and random videos of current news/leaks/ plagerism allegationslol. And doing s pawncast Saturday with Sunday completely off. Giving us one full review/ maybe a live stream or two for an hour or two each. Which could even be live 1st impressions of smaller indie games n whatnots. U definitely will benefit from live streams n donations. U mentioned asking oj or jon about setting up streamline n all the live streaming mumbo jumbo that's involved. You can't get burned out. We need you. And you cant neglect yourself and you relationships. That's why I'm reaching out to ya to help in anyway possible. At the end of the day YouTube is your job but it goes home with you becuz...you are home. But you shouldn't have that constant burden of "I need to edit more n stay up later playing and waking up earlier tommo so I can get back to scripting playing and filming so I can maybe enjoy a few hours of my life in a cpl days". fuck that. There is a way to have balance. There is a way to forgoe some work hours for personal enjoyment. If you did a live 2 hr q n a / "I'm playing this new indie game" you'd have plenty of donations to supplement so you can enjoy a few more random hours even if that means beating a game later and having a video pushed back a few hours or whatever. Just thoughts anyway. If there's anyway I can help lemme kno
Michael Froese
Nice review as usual!
Captain Future
Played the original version, Yakuza 2 years ago. It was very expensive back then but I just had to play it. Can't wait to play the remake. One of the best stories in Yakuza franchise. Yakuza forever for me!
Raul Rojas
is really difficult to take you seriusly on anything now dude, you always come with ¨this is my favorite x game ever¨ every so often that it has loss his meaning. BTW yakuza 6 was your favorite? You realise the combat system became more simplier and monotonus right? and Yes I know i Platinum Yakuza 6 (The only Yakuza i have ever platinum because it has the less bullshit activities) but anyway......You realise this mini games were in Yakuza 6 too right? Tone?? new fighting?? da fuck man
Courage Ekhaguere
Just started playing Yakuza kiwami 2 and it's now officially my favorite Yakuza game in the series. First off this game looks mind blowing on the Dragon engine the city is full of life I feel like I'm really in Japan every shop has so much detail graphics are just stunning. I also love the combat it's so fluid every punch and kick just feels amazing. Really liking the story so far kiryu is still a Badass even more so now. Then you got hilarious side quest the arcade games there's so much to do it's insane. Can't wait to play more they nailed it with this one.
Gaming With Spoons
Want to fond of the Cabernet club in the 0. So I won't spend too.much time on that.