Yakuza Kiwami Review

Yakuza Kiwami reviewed on PlayStation 4 by Heidi Kemps.

15 Minutes of Yakuza 6 Gameplay - E3 2017

Yakuza 0 Review

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Yeaaaaaa im here for PS Plus too :/
Whos here cause this game is free for PS Plus November 2018?
PG Tips
A full remake of the first game after playing the excellent Yakuza 0? For a cheap as chips price? Sign me up
The Conquistador
Anything less than a 8 and im rioting

Edit: Im rioting
Great game. Garbage review
Fuad Habjouqa
unfortunately ign, you would not understand what good story is, unless it is cod or battlefield
Daniel Maguire
Love the Yakuza franchise, will be buying this one
7.9 just give it an 8 also $30 is a steal
Sounds like Yazkua just isn't for this reviewer.
Remember that this *is* IGN people.
jairo flores
I love yakuza games 100% recomended buy
So a game that actually creates a living breathing Tokyo with open shops plus everybody talks deserves 7.9/10 after you list 2 missions you don't like but 20+ COD games are masterpieces? I knew it was a reason why I don't come here often, garbage reviews that make no sense after 3 mins of praise! Let me tell you how to do a review, list the good stuff, list the bad and please overexplain why it's so bad that you can't give it a perfect score that way you'll be doing the community at large a service but don't praise it all the way and list 2 problems(missions) at the very end to change the score in under 45 secs cause then you confuse and waste all of our time
PS plus November I'm from future
7.9 "it's not on Xbox one" - ign
SpaceShark Frausto
Not buying. "Bizarre female wrestling game" . Instant buy.
Me: 4 times 2?
IGN: 7.9
Justin Depina
Ill never understand why reviewers who usually do the 1 to 10 scale end up do this .1 or whatever stuff. Like whats next 7.9345464654545?
Relatively short length? Light on content? Because the main story is a third as long as yakuza zero, I tried to platinum that game and threw in the towel at 90 hours.

20 hour story is not short anyway otherwise so many games need to be knocked down in score.

I'm not saying length matters but in the context of this review it's seems to be viewed as a negative for not being 70 hours long.

Worth mentioning as it's not the norm for this series recently but to me it reads like it's a factor in the review.
John Blake
Who is here for the november ps plus?
Q Bone
Still gonna pick this up and play this game.Yakuza is an awesome series.
yea the more I listen to this review...the more confused he becomes....did he not play the original ps2 game???
i remember playing the ps2 version when it came out lol
Jalal Curmally
Played Yakuza 0 and fell in love immediately. Buying this.
sergio garcia c.
why not an 8?
Brain Blue
Who is here cuz of PS plus
This is definitely one of the best video games I’ve ever played for a remake. Open world Kamurocho is VERY lively and vibrant, plenty of interactions and humorous, creepily intriguing, and heart-warming substories, actually fun and challenging minigames, and the story itself is just as intriguing as anything else. Majima is probably one of my favorite characters in the game; So irritating but you can’t help but love to interact with him due to his VERY random pop ups. The gameplay is decent and the combat gets better as you upgrade abilities.

The only annoying and repetitive thing I found about the game is how often you encounter random fights on the streets from thugs, yakuza and gangsters that literally chase you down when you’re trying to get somewhere. Luckily you can avoid them and run away until they leave you alone but that’s pretty tedious sometimes.

Overall this game deserves at least an 8.5 to a solid 9. A 7.9 is WAY too low for what this game is actually worth—but it’s IGN after all, lol.
Tony Barnes
7.9 really me personally I'll give it a 9 this game is badass I love this and Yukuza 0 I can't wait to get my hands on 6 .
Revolver Fox
Im gonna buy every game of this series for ps4 😍
Your Friendly Yandere
I wish all publishers are this confident in their games, send out review copies almost 2 weeks before release
Kimmania Filipino Gamer
This is a great game! Played it back in the Ps2. Cant wait to play this again.
Red Dusk
Short? I spent over 30 hours without trying. For this type of game thats a good lenght... wtf
More ps4 goodness
Dom Donelly
Amazing game! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! Thanks Sega!
Just three weeks for pc release
First it was TLL at 7.5, now it's Kiwami at 7.9. IGN's review for another PS4 exclusive is once again among the lowest on Metacritic.

The games are still great no matter what. TLL and Kiwami stand at a 86 and 82 respectively. Two more wins for the PS4.
joel carlos
I can never understand the reviews of IGN can not think of anything like this.
Who came here coz this game is free on ps+?
Christian Joel Cabrera
This dude sounds like the narrator from gametrailers.
Totto Land
PS+ Squad, where u at?
Gonzalo Portada
Action Entertainment Now
*Lemme get that beat tho ign!!!*
I'm so glad Yakuza is getting much recognition now. Maybe now Sega will release Jp and Eng ver together instead of waiting years to release the Eng ver
DJ Jay
Looking forward to playing this as it’s coming out on ps+!
That Weird Guy From Work
"the game doesn't hold my hand through the story and tell me what to look at so it's bad"
7.9 instead of 8 because.. Why? On the other hand, just wait for Angryjoeshow to review this game for a decent impression
Doll Face
Heidi sounds very masculine.
Lucky Strike
For those that are new to the series and want to play the series in chronological order:
1) Yakuza 0 (ps4)
2) Yakuza Kiwami 1 (ps2/ps4)
Remake of part 1
3) Yakuza Kiwami 2 (ps2/ps4)
Remake of part 2
4) Yakuza 3 (ps3)
5) Yakuza 4 (ps3)
6) Yakuza 5 (only released in Japan) (ps3/ ps4)
7) Yakuza 6 (ps4)
Sachi Kiriyama
This takes me back to when I first played the first Yakuza on the PS2. Those were good times.
Alpha_ ITA
Fantastic game. IGN why this bad rating? It should have been a 9! Why the hell did you give to Yakuza a rating lower than Cod?
Tony Knight
This is going to be my first time playing a yakuza game. Hope I like
I give this a 10 out of 10. Vast improvement over the original. Plus, I was just playing the original on PS2 right around the time Sega announced the remaster and holy crap it blew my mind at the thought of it. When I got it everything about it looked and felt better immediately when playing. The load times were a huge problem on the original PS2 version, but not anymore as they're non existent. Smooth 60 fps too. Great story and improved combat etc etc. Buy this game it's worth every penny.
Peter Jørgensen
bad review
malcolm garrett
I love yakuza. I would by them all if they released 5 on ps4
Ps plus ?
Stephen Nguyen
Did IGN just hire Gametrailers' narrator?
Lenkun Aybb
IGN is a scam company
10ofSpadesBigC (BM)
I've thought the flashbacks are suppose to flush out Niskiyama's back story which wasn't explained much in the original Yakuza game
Wondering if I should buy Yakuza Kiwami or Yakuza zero. I know that zero is a prequel but it's still so expensive (EU). Second hand its going for about €40-50.
Has anyone played both games?
Mister Puma
Preordered a long time ago! Can't wait!
Clayton Bugeja
82 on metacritic another great ps4 exclusive
Jordan Power
Yakuza 0 is amazing, not my favorite game of all time but certainly had the best story, it makes everything else I play look pathetic in comparison and I can't wait to play this. At $30 I would happily buy it.
Akemi Homura
i've seen and heard of this series before but...still....the graphics and areas you visit are beautiful....

nice review
Laser Mayonnaiser
I've always wanted to get into the Yakuza series but I always wanted to play them in order. Looks like I'll be buying this which is 30% off on the playstation store
Jorge Rdgz
joshua campbell
I've never played the Yakuza Games, I been wanting to get into them for awhile Im gonna pick this up.
Rayed Hamayun
Sorry, yakooza?
YAKOOZA?!? It's similar to how you said it, but the oo is less prominent.
Rabi Abrar
Yakuza is one of the worst game series
The Uniform
6 more hours!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Clinton Peacock
whip back out those pocket tissues.... yakuza is back!
Turan X
What's that background beat??
You guys are way too focused on console wars rather than worrying about what games are awesome and fun to play.
Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man
lol "Trade CP"
this guys voice is familar, didnt he used to work for game trailers
nonbeliever101 siege
I love this game since 2005 . The gameplay are great some people might find ut boring.. But the stories are great..
Willie Wyman
Ps plus i beat original version but playing this to
Hashirama Senju
I actually enjoyed Zero a little more. What do you guys think?
Zakwan Hadzim
It's weird that on my subscriptions, your review's always next to Gamespot review of the same game
Ryu ga Gotoku -pt- BRASIL
Estamos com um CANAL SÓ SOBRA YAKUZA, Estamos LEGENDANDO TODA franquia! Quem tiver interesse faça-nos uma visita! Ótimo trabalho amigo, parabéns !
This game is free until Dec 4th if you have a PS Plus account! Get it before it cost again!
too many 7.9 from ign reviewers now sigh
this looks like 70% similar to Yakuza 0. which i dont mind.
Just played Yakuza 0 on PC so this is absolutely perfect
The first couple of hours were amazing. What is this guy talking about?
I may purchase this game
"Fetch quest?" Not excited. "Stealth mission?" Ugh.
"Bug-themed female wrestling?" Intriguing.
Helder Pinto
This game was amazing.
Also, "Short length"? I'm clocking in at 30 hours and still haven't finished the game, this crazy game length expectations by reviewers really need to end. Less is more. I''d rather play a slighty shorter game than a really long game that has me grind for hours.
Alex Kim
Story in yakuza series are like just ok to follow. But real fun comes from all of the side activities that you can do in game. They can be oddball in the beginning but it grows in you.
Dr. B
Ps plus squad where you at
Is this the same reviewer voice at the guy from Gametrailers? I recognise it!
David Nguyen
I trust amazon rating than ign rating
Yakuza Ultimate
This reviewer thinks they should have cut and reworked the story? They are obviously missing the point of this remaster. It is meant for people who missed it the first time around, to get to experience the ORIGINAL game. Updated graphics, extra cutscenes, and fixing mechanics are one thing, but actually changing the story would be unacceptable.

If they had done that, I would just play the PS2 version. Actually, I was about to do that. I had been planning to play through this series for a long time and finally decided to do so. I was going online to score a copy of the original when I saw there was a remaster. Perfect timing.

The funny thing is that I saw the Steel book version of this game in the store the other day and thought it was another game in the series lol. I had no clue it was a remaster of the original. I would have bought it on the spot lol. Now I have to run out today to pick it up.
Falcon Scoop
whos here from new ps plus games this month?
I don't care about a low score from some white westerner! If it says YAKUZA, I'm buying!
Yakuza 2 has the greatest battles. The final showdown is amazing
M.D Records
Look what i've found
. Im actually looking for a very old scripture...witha samename
Martin B
beat name Please