Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | E3 2017 Extended Gameplay | PS4

Watch extended gameplay for UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy—a new adventure from acclaimed developer Naughty Dog coming August 22 to the PlayStation 4. In order to find an ancient Indian artifact, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross must venture deep into the Western Ghats mountains, discover the lost cities of the Hoysala Empire, and face a ruthless warmonger, Asav.

Uncharted: The lost Legacy comes exclusively to PS4 on 23rd August. Preorder now: #!/cid=EP9000-CUSA07875_00-UNCHTLLPREORDPSN

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Fell Man
Meanwhile Nates at home playing Crash Bandicoot and telling his daughter about his adventures.
dang, the graphic of grass, water and booty looks so beautiful
Cameron Adamowicz
I feel bad for the people going into this that have no idea who Chloe is.
9:05 - that is some fine acting right there!
motaro OO
This will be one of the best games in 2017.
This is basically the same as Uncharted 4 but I'm not spreading hate I'm still getting this game and I am still hyped for it
Drew Casy-Snow
Was that sexual tension there at the beginning?
Christopher Ogungbe
I miss Drake Already
GG Boss
11 Xbox users came to dislike xD
FinalPrime HD
I swear the enemy drivers in uncharted must be very mental the way they pursue you.
Ohh Yeah i am ready!!!
Nathaniel Berry
Release it already yall
wow, when a game like this comes to x box, I will buy one, until then they can go and cry in corner, and wish they could play it
Shoreliners disliked
Francisco Barbosa
already pre-order it, just confirming my purchase.
J- Arts
New Tomb Raider looks great.
Mike Paz
OMG so excited!!

"Uncharted: The Lost Legacy :DDDD"
GTR Rohit
The villain is amazing, he looks really good and that Indian accent gives for some reason a more evil side.
love how the lasso auto fixes itself after swingin from somethin
CM Dell
I'm playing all the Uncharted games through in hype for this!
Dylan the Villain
I feel like Naughty Dog could make a really good Jason Bourne/James Bond type of game with there gameplay, the way they combine melee and shooting, and their great stories
la chica Palace
When is it coming out I need to know so I could have my game please
Octavian Johnson
Yeeeep. That's Uncharted alright. I hope there's something new they're adding that they're not showing.
Mr Adnan
Xbox fans now : this game run at 4K upscale 🤓
Jessica Scaccia
I can't wait for this Naughty Dog masterpiece! ♥.♥
cubic world
reminds me of lara croft tomb raider legend the first mission after you climb the mountain
Taylor Jones
I love Chloe she was my favorite character from uncharted 2
Illiptical TM
RaviKumar Dayalan
Amazing Villain character animation, Naughty Dog you nailed it.
I suspect fan art of some kind on the internet real soon.
Christian Scholte
2:00 “Right, I take left, you take right.“ Someone didn't understand the plan...
Chrissi Whalley
Seen some very negative feedback on this, but I'm really looking forward to it! The Uncharted series was great fun for me. And Naughty Dog know what they're doing. It doesn't matter that it started life as DLC, I'll be getting a copy for sure.
Wow while watching the video I'm thinking of Tomb Raider ^^ Don't screw the game pliiiz I'm fun of the serie .
Luke Foord
So hyped for this, final uncharted!
Vinnicius Rosa
It is amazing! The game calculates de distance between the leaves and everything without lag! 60 fps! :D
Wka W
I'm going to get the game I just hope they have something different from uncharted 4
the cut-scene being the actual game made me sooooo happy.
Léon H.
other people: wow such good graphics!!!
me: who the F is playing this has the most shittiest aim in the world!!!
Vinnicius Rosa
8:38 Luciano Amaral's job :D
Cris Vilela
im gonna miss Drake but i love having Two women as protagonists 😍
Shariff Plays
I'm sure most of them including me will buy this only for that BUTT
Zak O.
The 16 dislikes are from Xbox fanboys😂
That's one hell of a date to send them on.

Also btw if either of them die I will never forgive you, ND
Just to clarify, this takes place before the events of Uncharted 4?
Finally! uncharted was sooo good .. hope this delivers
Jordan Rafferty
I'm upset that its so like Uncharted 4 but i'm still hyped for this
Taylor Jones
I can not wait for this game to come out 🤗
Crazy Neighbor
The chick in this game is so hot 🔥🔥
Vinnicius Rosa
1:27 I like the colors. The ambientLight function works very well. And I am really impressed by the trees modeling. So real in terms of modeling!
Nunya Biznezz
ok, ive been playing breath of the wild for four days straight now and I absolutely love the game, but this trumps it 100%.
the one febo10
and after this the last of us 2 xbox is screwed without halo
Ricky El Diablo
Naughty dog realising that they can take the Ellie/Riley love life to the next level
Chloe was one of the best things about Uncharted 2. I was a bit upset when she was missing for the entire second half of Uncharted 3. I'm going to buy this simply because I think the franchise can use more Chloe.
Purushangam Gaming
1:51 That Indian accent. Thank you, Naughty Dog.
Abyys Watchers
This game is played on Xbox one x 4k! :D
3:12 Ah...AH ..muh..KUHHERRPHH
who are you
I always wanna play female characters ;)
Emmanuel Martindale
Just love these guys for making this
Mohammed Sheffin
I'm a PC gamer and I'm managing with the PS4 youtube gameplays :( .. But it's never the same
Walter Bergmann
Looks nice, but I'm more curious about The Last of Us 2 :)
Best Bass Musics
Love this gameplay, but I have no PS4 :(
Yitzhak Malul
that so great,i was in india 5 months ago for 3 months. and now that amazing game gonna comeout! yes!
Conner Lee 03
for me this game is gonna beat uncharted
Classic Uncharted trope, the really powerful gun vehicle that can inexplicably just follow you anywhere.
DR. Gaming
Tomb Raider:Again Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Illiptical TM
Michał Hunicz
We need a new tetralogy in Uncharted with a new hero!
This looks great. I hope this will turn into a trilogy
Jason Snow
Am I the olny one whom the main villain reminds Steve Jobs
Notorious 1
Im so hyped for this
Conor Doyle
Where the new stuff that makes it different to uncharted 4? I'm getting it just disappointed that it looks the same
I can't wait till this game comes out
Popeyes Biscuits
Hopefully we see a moment like the one Ellie and Riley shared in the Left Behind DLC for TLOU.
oh ok. 6-12 months after A Thiefs End👌
First Name and Last Name ples
Gave me chills:)
Călin H
Yeah yeah! I saw Joel too in the thumbnail
Tucker Price
Dude this looks great! so excited
RIP xbox again!!! 😂😂
Julio Perez
this is like uncharted 2 mixed with uncharted 4 which makes a great combinations
Ritwick Dave
I wish it released on PC
Raku Channel
uncharted : lara croft edition :D
Anyone else hoping they would kiss 😘?? I was 😇
Δημήτρης Πετρόπουλος
Uncharted The Lost Legacy is my favourite game realy.
Leslie Miranda
When does it come out?
Armand Nortje
feminism taking over the world, first in CoD WWII, now in one of my favorite game franchises... We all are going to miss Nathan Drake. He was the best part of the series...
I love the Uncharted seris, but i can't get into this..
osman emral
İt's gonna be a perfect game for sure but it will never be able to catch up with Rise of Tomb Raider
Robert Henrique
The last of us 2 vai vim nesse nip top demais
Dark Uchiha YT
Yeah kinda uncharted 4, its gonna be good
So pumped for this!
Tvrtko Kotromanić
amazing game , I love it
Otaku girl
I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!! I love this series so much. Wish there was a book series and movie series
Sushi Milk
3:01 that CAR AGAIN!!!!
Is this a standalone game or a DLC???
Becuz i bought the uc4 deluxe edition and I want this
Muhammed Haji
The problem with Naughty Dog is that they just make amazing games, soo amazing, its hard for any developer to complete them.

If PC has Crysis then PS has Uncharted !
Was that the type 95?! Because the aiming thing got me off a little😂
Maik Köhler
its same like uncharted 4 But its the best 😙... *happy* to survive with nadine and chloe!