Let's Play Apex Legends on PS4 - PUTTING THE ENDS IN LEGENDS!

Team Eurogamer are heading back to the Arena for another Apex Legends gameplay live stream but this time they're sticking to the PS4 Pro! Will Ian, Johnny and Aoife perform any better with controllers in their sweaty mitts? Find out, live and interactive, right here!

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Apex Legends PS4 Apex Legends PS4 gameplay
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Lindsay Langdon
I absolutely love the Fire Demon voice. It makes me laugh every time. It's down right hilarious and make me happyyy!(Yes I was doing the voice there). It might be becoming a problem in my every day life.
Matthew Frfly
why can johnny never escape the wild wild wild wild wild wild west?
I really wish it had some kind of single player mode
Lore Voltaire
@Kenny Stoneman I can indeed confirm that Eureka's Castle was a glorious, colourful, positive show from my childhood in America. I know this because I wanted to move there and tried to on several occasions to the amusement of my family.
Could we PLEASE have Ian and Andy of OXBOX do a wild wild west rap off!
I wish I could have watched this live and been in the chat, but I didn't know that it was going to happen so I went to sleep, oh well maybe next stream whenever that is 🙂.
nummy nummers
Is Aoife thinking of The Riddlers? Those things were frickin terrifying
Sexy teens get off my lawn
I can't believe I miss this live, specially with all the chat about what's best to drink 🙁
Tee TwoTimes
Damn the video! Why TF is your mug $12?!? It better be a secret pack of beer in there somewhere 😂
That running animation tho
Brock Sisson
Now that Johnny and Aoife are swapping the controller, how about some H1Z1? I prefer it to apex as far as a streaming game goes.
Ulf Hazelcreek
Scary kids tv? A generation of swedes were ruined by ”vilse i pannkakan” (lost in the pancake) google image that shit, alongside Staffan Westerberg (star and creator). Still makes me pale. And I am proper old.
rachael story
* pokeified *
Xach E3r
Rashad Montgomery
I'm not trying to be mean, but for your level, you play super slow lol. And I was hurt when you picked up a havoc over a tripletake, then traded the havoc for a prowler even though you had a ton of energy ammo already. 🥺 But it's cool seeing some average skill level players in action
Daniel Osborne
What a totally pointless game.