PS4 on an iPhone... Dream Come True? (PlayStation 4 Remote Play Gameplay)

New free iPhone remote play App. PS4 exclusive games on smartphone. iPhone XS Max gameplay at 300Mbps connection via PS4 Pro. God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Devil May Cry 5, Spider-Man, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Ghosts.
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Favourite PS4 exclusive game?
Your phone has better graphics then my monitor
This boy got 350mbps and im sitting here in germany with only 580kbps😭😭
The anger Bro gamer
I wonder what relaxing does with all of the reviewed items
Monorom Krich
Now I can finally take my ps4 to school

If it works well enough
Karuban Xyooj
350MBPS while I’m over here waiting for this video to stop buffering..
Hello there, my dear random comment scroller.

I wish you a very pleasant evening,
and a tingly night.
Danial Zakaria
*but can you defeat valkyries using remote play app?*
Artsiom Yesis
Without connecting a gamepad, this is ridiculous in most.
PS VITA had this option so many years ago..
jorge Usumaki
Bruh this is a dream come true I can stay up playing my PlayStation without having my tv turned on
"too slow"
kaRms Ferrer
@1:32 i can hear Mr. Bean's voice while he was shaking his phone. 😂
Noa Plays
Now I can scream BOY whenever in public places so ppl think im a psycopath
Younes Brovi
There's no one is better than MrRelaxing.
Cause I'm relaxed Now
Dante Flaws
Everytime i'm stressed, I Come to watch your unboxing videos. I love your content and every single video you make. Anyone else?
TS Games
To play efficently without frame drops, you need a compatible wifi with 5ghz output. Playing at 2.4ghz may cause frame drops due to lower fidelity.
70.000k likes can we reach for relaxing end
Mustapha Sabba
The heck! 380mb/s is too slow! I have 2mb/s !
Naruto Uzumaki
I love your videos it helped me relax
Monster Zeppelin
We need an Android port
Soki Moh
Your internet connection is too slow
I would rage too.
B92R Productions
and this is the reason because the iPhone is better than an Android Smartphone hahaha
Relaxing has like 9 of the best phones I swear
Epic Victory Royale
i dont find the ps4 remote in app store ;(
Wow, that is actually amazing!
Idiot_ gAmeR
Wtf it has high quality of the game and graphics is great
Skyrim Marvel
Feel like playing much memories..i still have my psp..make psp unbox review please
Rain Krane
Молюсь, чтобы добавили эту фишку на андроид
Linterna Verde
I love therelaxingEnd💕
hosh the mosh
I can't find the app on the play store
Someone help
whne i try to use my controller, my connection is being disconnected...😫
Connect your ps4 controller to your iphone for a better gameplay..
Benji Ton Production
DAYS GONE Collectors Edition ???
Sad Love Story
I love this but for in train not home lol
Potato Rick
surprised the iphone battery didn't die while filming this
nasiya beegum
You can do this
Just download youtube
And watch the gameplay
Speka 73
Hold on bois,this is just the beginning. Next thing you know,we can be inside the phone and play the game.
Mr. X
PlayStation: you traitor!
Zickeerz Damn
all i know is ASMR 😂😂
AxelFabian zombistain121
Your Dualshock is Off?!!!! REALLY!?
Relaxingend you should play more zombies I miss those videos but still keep up the great work
Brian Joseph Jackson
Thank you TheRelaxingEnd well you are awesome
Bleeding Edge Prime
This dude literally just buy an iPhone XS Max just to play god of war on it.👌🏻
Clorox Bleach
What!? I made the like count of your video from 2.9k to 3k WOW.
Randhir Mukhiya
Plz someone explain me, how can i play in mob without switching on ps4?
Yes Relaxing! This is a dream come true!
General Jojo
LOL that was hilarious,
"internet speed too long"
"i got 380mbps! shut up!"
Roderick Luna Dare
How did you connect the dualshock?
Patrick Star
playing games while lying in bed, undisturbed

Yes, please. Thank you.
Mateus Lira
I have already done this in my Motorola moto g5 rooted
Viki Irnawan
All news iam so jealous🤤
Zany Lightning
Shhh.. don't tell my parents!
When I see relaxing end I flip my couch over
_SanchezZ_ ✔️
I wait this programme for the Android Devicec
Oh my God is official Remote Play on PS4!😍
Oh yeah yeah
Who thinks relaxing end should be the surgeon at gekyumes circumsision
Good Sir
didn't people do this back in 2016
380 mbps and it says internet too slow lol
I got 50 mbps but the service is not good servers go down unexpectedly
Brian Gracia
Nice vid dude and are you still going to make some vids about Bo4?
Gamers Rifqy
i like detroit become human god of war and last of us
Neon Leon23
Ily relaxing end ❤️💙💚
gameplays :P
Xbox tem esse mecanismo a MT tempo, Sony só fazendo cópia cagada como sempre
Shroud 747
This the secret in all fake youtuber make a content GTA V android i thought that was real... but the real they use the phone for controller
thats racist you can't say the n word
And of course it's ios exclusive

*yet hopefully*
Uriel Adame Abarca
Did you do a Virtual Boy unboxing please?
Got a xbox ad... Crazy
Juan Barrera
Can you really play with the dual shock 4???
Don Montana
350mbps? Damn man.. I got 47mbps
La Cocina De Luchin
Buen video. Saludos desde Perú
Did u change the remote play settings . .? Cuz there’s 1080p and 30fps
Iffat Imran
Ayyy TheRelaxingEnd please make videos of bo3 and bo2 and speed run
Hoang Doge
Dream came true on android for long time ago
Kaneki Ken
Y yo aquí con mi alcatel que ni el busca minas me corre :,'v
You god man nice work man
Random Shit
I thought I clicked on how to basic video🤣🤣
D-Evil Plays
With earphones you get the best experience,It’s good but a little lag in some parts
Filip Nicander
Somebody help! When i try this it says that second screen isnt available right now...
i only get 4 arrows that i can swipe to controll my home screen
TehCincySpartan // Mr. Floydster.2
The new Sony Xperia play, but without the controller.
Yogo Cipher
Man! I love that controller, Nice video! :D
Hi relaxing I want to ask smth.Wont you do any zombies video again beacause you have so much time to do
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Alex Diaz
Experience isn't as good as I expected... even with your speed. Here in Mexico for 50usd the speed reach 30mb
Bryce Du Preez
This has been out on android for ages..cracked apk meant for sony phones and boom remote play sorted
Michael Kraus
The virtual thumbsticks make every game impossible. Until you add Bluetooth support for controller, it's pretty much only good as a remote.
Kurt Jenner
You should do a video and unbox fan mail?
Except it’s not portable, at least for me. It’ll turn on my PS4 and I have to be near it so it’s like 🤔
Boulits pap
Hmm how do you play with a controller?
Holy Knight
Isn't it hard to touch the screen with your gloves on? Like wtf?
Nihilist. Inc
Remote play has been on mobile for years now
J Mac
No hate but your kinda late had remote play on Xperia products in like I even tested my old Z2 with 4k display on a smart phone back then. Love your videos bro 🕶
iPhone: Remote Play for any device
Android: buy Sony Xperia to download Remote Play
Jhon So
Yeah my fav games devil may cry 5 and God of war 4!
Ryan Cooke
How do u use remote play with a controller
Die MotherFucker
Yes Yes it Is Ive Waited so much 🤠
King Sancada
Give Your Extra iphone or s10's plz.
All things world
Guys really 380mbps is nothing because NASA has 1000000kbps internet speed 😱
You can use a controller with Remote Play, as long as you have a second account on the ps4 and are at home.
General Zubbis
0-hit run playing bloodborne on the iPhone. Who dares to face this challenge?