Yakuza: Kiwami - All Cutscenes/Full Story | 1080p HD - PS4 Pro

Hello everyone!
Today we'll take a stroll around Tenkaichi street in Yakuza: Kiwami!

What to expect in the Video:
*All Cutscenes


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Kiryu: No way... You were the one who shot Kazama-san!?

Nishkiyama: Nah.
that's how Yakuza work
Watching these out of context of the game makes it looks like Kiryu has the power to kick an enemy's ass instantly with the power of his determined stare
3rd Street AVolitionite
I always tried to do the stabbing heat action or go for a gun when fighting Lau Ka Long's grunts. I was furious when they took Haruka and how they tried to kill Kiryu at the door. I wanted to feel like I was not only beating them up, but ripping them to pieces. That was probably the most bloodiest moment I remember in the game for me.
Gabedalf the White
I dunno what it is, but Majima really is my favourite guy besides Kiryu, guy is awesome
i watch this cuz the game always crash on cutsceen
Fud Duck

They should change that guy to hobo Akiyama instead.


I'm wordless ... lol
Tavish DeGroot
25:43 OMG, THAT WAS DATE!!!!!!!!! I didn't realise at first!
Lord Blue Balls EX
Imported the Yakuza HD collection for the PS3 and I gotta say this has been a great help in both translating and improving the story, Nishikiyama was super underdeveloped in the original release
The hell happened to Majima?
Tim Dinh
3:02:04 not Shinji man he from Yakuza 0
The Last Shady Walking Marvel
4 hours and i was not bored .. just finished yakuza 0 and wanted to know more :D thank you for this
Nathan Gabriel
Thanks heaps for posting this, and doing it so well. Really helped! :)
Iván Melkovich
Quite amusing how they can make us count each pore in Kiryu's face but they can't force Nishiki's hair to obey gravity
lino lino
this is great should definitely do this for the other games in the series if u can
Little Luna
aaaaah im soo happy with the ending, im not crying, you are.
Grimmjow Xinzo
I have watched every Yakuza series
I've spent so much time reading subtitles that now that I can revisit this after finishing the game, I can really tell how amazing all the facial expressions are. Like a real movie.
Little Jack
so the latest game is yakuza kiwami 2 , or should i say yakuza 2 remake.
this is all yakuza games before yakuza 6?
vg gd
Esteban Tedesco
Can someone explain to me how Majima in Yakuza 0 was a very quiet and kind guy and in this game he´s so crazy, scary and violent?? Maybe I will know it when I finish Yakuza 0?
Angry Barbarian -Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
Came here after finishing Y0 (only Yakuza I played). Wtf happened to Majima? His actions were something he wouldn't do in zero (beating the hell out of his member with a bat, almost killing someone with an umbrella and his lust to fight or even kill Kiryu). Read about it on some forums saying that it's because of what he'd been through in zero. I don't buy that theory completely because it's not only his personality that changed, but also his philosophy. Y0 Majima wouldn't do wrong things especially beating a family member for just laughing. I am lost. Or am I just bias since Majima was a protagonist in y0? Hope there will be some flashbacks to explain what happened.
Youssef A.
This was amazing. <3
Maria Luke
aha, aha, ahahahahaha!!
I can’t get past the part where you gotta shoot people in the car with date-San. It’s too difficult lol. I always end up dying lol’
The game is pretty repetitive and boring. Too many annoying dialogues and stupid story line cutscene. Very bad written. Most of the time, I was screaming "get to the point" or "what was the purpose of all of that?" Dunni why people like this game so much, it kind of sucks.