Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Karak sits down to talk about Yakuza Kiwami 2 and review it for PS4.
Yakuza Kiwami 2 is out August 28th
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ps4 Yakuza Kiwami 2 ps4 review
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English dub would just ruin the game.
Not gonna lie this is my most anticipated game of this year.

Yakuza 0 was my personal GOTY of 2017
FierceViper 82
Big Yakuza fan I don't want English dubbing would ruin the immersion it's fine as it is.
xtacoxfacex on PS
I already bought the game, but I love watching the reviews anyway.
YO KIRYU CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a plot reason for why random people mess with you, in one of the spin offs its mentioned that its a hazing ritual to get new gang members to fight a guy in grey suit with a red shirt.
Another solid review Karak. Will pick this up definitely down the line. Thanks a ton!
The Major League Ginger
I hope the remasters of 3 - 5 comes soon to the west, I dont wanna play 6 until I play everything before it
It just feels wrong to have an English dub when the cast is Japanese and it takes place in Japan. Mark Hamill did play an excellent Majima in Yakuza 1 though.
Nicholas Bumgardner
This series probably saved me as gamer this gen. Love Yakuza!
This is a steal at 40$. And you even get it in a gorgeous steel case. Ordering it right now.
Tha Pume
"questionable search on pornhub" is there another kind of search?
El Zorro
If I want to start with the Yakuza frenchise should I start with Yakuza 0?
Zizi Flor
i'm glad there's no dub. I love the original japanese voices. I can't wait to buy it. i'm a huge fan of the series
Emil Cesarovic
Already have steelbook edition, great game, in these times when games are getting repetitive, except some exceptions, Yakuza series emerged my favorite series. I will buy Yakuza 6 after I finish Yakuza Kiwami 2.
The voice acting is excellent I don't understand a word of Japanese yet the emotion and intensity still come through i'd never touch an english dub.
Seth Rios
I'm a huge Yakuza fan, but I never got to play '2'. I'm so glad to see the remake was well received by you. Definitely going to pick it up.
Eiad Tarabulsi
I wished that I had gotten into the Yakuza series a long time ago. I just recently finished Yakuza 6 the Song of Life and the game was amazing. The characters, story, setting, combat, visuals, voice acting and mini games are all well done. Having said that, I really look forward to playing Yakuza Kiwami, which I just ordered from Amazon. I also plan on ordering Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 not too far down the road. Yakuza is one of the most underrated games out there. Kazuma Kiryu is one of the most underappreciated characters in gaming. With that aside, thanks Karak for another stellar review. I really appreciate it!
Will be buying ASAP
Rizz CS
Just been confirmed for PC :D!
The BigZapfer
"That's Rad" ;]

Is it coming to PC? Yakuza 0 was excellent!
Ferdinand der Guetige
Have been looking forward to this game since it was announced. The best main story in any Yakuza title remade, with a hopefully fixed combat system from 6. The hype is real.
Faust Scalpel
This was already an immediate buy along with 6 for me.
Yakuza games are purely Japanese voice for the immersion alone. English dub ruins that.
I mean go look up the ps2 Yakuza game with English dub and watch how many f-bombs are dropped like wannabe gangsters from New York.
absence-of- faith
Another Yakuza review by acg= happy fan
Dusty Pate
Took me 130 hours to get platinum on Kiwami 1. Currently working on Yakuza 0.
Dododo Ee
Your channel really grows well!! subbed from 235k.
Nice one karak, keep it up :)
Mark Marquez
thanks for doing this man. appreciate the review. will you do MHG ultimate next week ?
Waiting for my preorder. It actually struck me recently this is the third Yakuza game in 2 years. Surreal when you think about how slow/unsure the releases in the west used to be. And how they've been spaced out well enough to not make me feel burned out on playing so many of them in such a short time.

Good review, really looking forward to seeing how it stacks next to the original. 2's always been the one with the best story, with 0 being the only one to get up there again.
ゴツ・プシエ ミスワフ
English dub in the Yakuza game? Come on Karak, that would kill the whole atmosphere, which is one of the best things in this franchise.
M reapr
Having played all the recent yakuza games this is looking to be a great addition to my growing collection.

Anyone who is unsure of these games throw away your auspicions and buy it you will have no regrets.
Nick Wong
One of the things that made Yakuza series amazing is because there's no English dub, it wouldn't be genuine and original anymore.
Ya-koo-za! It irritated me every time you said it! 😂
Feels like yakuza 6 just came out
Cold Sniper
Is "Beautiful Season in Kamurocho" song in karaoke list?
Mister Dream
Thanks for the review. I pre-ordered this and can't wait to play it. I can't wait for the Fist of the North Star game they created, too.
Mastah Binc
I gave a thumbs up!
Derp Mcderpinton
Aight' bois we got Kiwami 2 on PC
Steven C
488k subscribers? I see you're getting fame. Congrats 💪
Karak, thanks for the review, is there any difference in graphics between regular PS4 and Pro version?
Sega please bring this to PC!
Yakuza 0 is my GOTY on steam
A screenshot of 8:42 is all you need to introduce someone to the Yakuza series
Thanks Karak, another solid review for another solid Yakuza installment!
Yes! I'm getting the steelbook on Tuesday!
i'll get this later this year maybe black friday since we've got spider-man red dead redemption 2 and shadow of tomb raider coming
Nick Geurtsen
Your content is ridiculously well written and delivered. Really.
I am currently playing Yakuza 0 on PC and... I LOVE IT!

Will this one be coming to PC eventually, does anyone know?
Dr Lulz
Your integrity, humour and competence are always so refreshing. Easily the best Game Review journalist around imo. Thanks again.
Pre-ordered the steelbook editon. I can't wait to play it on Tuesday. Awesome review!
Trey Tewelow
Karack, why didn't you pick up the Shenmue HD 1 and 2 Remaster and do a review on that? I was kind of expecting you to
Michael Coffey
Yakuza is such a underrated series here in the West, was so glad Karak to see you review this game in your usual in depth fashion. Hopefully more an more gamer's who want to play a open world style game and do not mind the Eastern setting and in some cases prefer it, go pick this up and play it's original games too. Thank you for all the time these reviews take.
Sophia Arbosa
"can get a bit wordy?"

Pot, meet kettle.

Jk, nice review.
An Infantile Pillock
I love that you review such a wide variety of games, especially this fantastic series. Great review as always.
Ky Vin Bito Vlogs
I have yakuza 3 in ps3 and kiwami 2 yakuza 6 in ps4.. now im planning to buy 0 and kiwami 1...
Jay D Wohlever
Do you recommend a noob to the series start with this, or should I go with Yakuza 0 first?
Great review karak. Thanks bro
This is the kind of fun missing from so many modern games. Nice to see something that looks worth playing. Good review.
Dang, wish I had a ps4 to play this. Thanks for the review either way!
Been playing the Yakuza series for years, its great that the series is finally getting the love in the West it deserves, I prefer the subtitles, I tend to have them on for most games anyway. Great review.
I’m trying to finish Yakuza Kiwami as fast as possible, I need to play this game.
HMS Daedalus
Kiwami 1 was free on PSN, I finally got into it, I couldn't stop playing until the end.
Now I want Kiwami 2, and I'll play 0 and 6 after.
Mike Bloome
Yakuza series (and by extension the new Hokuto no Ken) are the only games that get a pre-order from me, though it's still nice to see that it got a hard 'definite buy'.
Rolling Stone
I still have to wait for Kiwami 1
oh shit, i need to finish Yakuza 0 on PC
When is this coming to PC? I've got 50+hrs in Yakuza 0 and I'm having a blast! Hope they bring all the Yakuza games to PC.
The Renegade Gamer
I preordered on amazon 37.35 steel book edition delivered on launch day its a steal
Crim Rui
I think you nitpick this one more then usual. Also, English dub would not bring the same level od depth, so just forget about it.
Yeah, they rework old game and improve the graphic.
Long time ago, I finished 1st and 2nd ones twice each.
Still remember how to play and story but how SEGA take care of this series, make me don't want to play it.
Finished the 6th one. never can find time to finished 5th one.
May get them on collection or 2nd hand.
4th one was my fav. 2nd one also good.
Yakuza 2 has the best villain in the series.
Kinoshita Yuuko
I'll buy it cheap. I need to Plat the 0,1 and 6
Love your reviews man, I interrupted another one of your reviews to watch this one as it popped up haha
So excited for this remake! Thanks for the review Karak!
Christian E
Yakuza has quickly become my number 2 favorite series of all time, only behind Persona
just paid my pre order up roll on Tuesday big fan of the series great review
I wish they would make Kiwami 3, since straight ps3 port with higher resolution looks like ass on ps4/pc
Happy Raven
this is the only yakuza game I never got a chance to complete so im happy I get a 2nd chance ^.^
I cannot stress how brilliant these games are. I was an Xbox gamer since the first console and only got my first ever Sony console back in 2017 Jan. So for me you’re talking Uncharted 1 , the lot. Everything was new as I had never ever had a PlayStation.

I always avoided Yakuza as it just didn’t appeal to me then Kiwami come out and I thought I’d check it out. Since that moment I have done Kiwami , Kiwami 2, 0 and 6. Gonna do 4-5 on PSNOW after.

Probably one of the best gaming franchises I have ever played and I’m in my 30s. I can’t actually grasp in my head that Goro Majima isn’t a real person. Like he isn’t really alive. This is the first game in my life where I feel a real attachment as they feel like they ain’t just made up. It’s hard to explain.

For those that have played this, you know that one scene when certain somebodies turn up in town? And Majima is just standing there and charges ? That gave me god damn goosebumps. He is like the best anti hero of all games.

Anyway sorry to waffle on. I think in terms of story this is defo on of the best. Every single game has absolutely tragic moments cos the cut scenes have gotta be hours when added up. I have only two gripes with the Yakuza games but it’s just me:

1; I wish the camera where to zoom out. Just a little during fights. Like Shadow Of Mordor does. You can just see all around you

2: Id have an option for the camera to always face ahead , obviously you can turn but it to auto centre

3: Clothes should be available from the get go. Just would make Keryu more exciting from the get go.

4: Even if it took years to make I would rather they had all those talk scenes with text be actual voice actors. I don’t mind it but there’s all the side missions where it’s text and sometimes it takes me out of the moment.

5: more variety of music. Love the music but just wish they had more. Even if they added Japanese HipHop or loads of tradition Japanese chart music for the decade or years the game is set in.

They are all small things really and just what I think would add a little more to it. I’ll never ever play them in English cos it really just don’t feel right at all to me. I’m gutted cos I’d order all the Jap versions but no English subs are available which is gutting.

Surely there is loads of English speaking people over there though so I’m shocked it don’t have other languages? Like we get over here ?
After I played at 0 + 1, I saw that there was a pre-order for the second game I just bought
The fact that there is no dubbing to English many people will see it as something positive, it puts you more into the air of the game.
Great review
I'm gonna buy it just for the physics
Uncaged 86
Never played Yakuza before. Picked up Yakuza 0 a few days ago, I’ve already sunk 40 hours into it! ITs so good! Will defiantly be getting Kiwani 1then this straight after
Whitney Asante
Will you just release Virtua Figher 2 4 and 5 Final Round on Steam already! I'm so salty! I miss my Akira!
Wade D McGinnis
Bought. Can't wait for Fist of the North Star while I wait for Kiwami 3!
Louis DellaLucca
Awesome review Karak! This is definitely being added to my collection. Is it weird I want to see Kazuma fight Batman???
The game is nice, I have played and beat the Japanese version and I'm going to buy this for sure.
Jaxson Shoemaker
I've been waiting for this review as a huge fan of the yakuza games and a fan of yours 👍
How different are Shenmue and Yakuza? Haven't played any of the 2 franchises.
Young Knight
I hope they improve the rts element of the game cause i like the idea
Ray Mota
This is an honest question, what's the problem with English dubs when 99% of the time it's optional? I personally prefer dubs most of the time, but if it doesn't work for me I have no problem switching to subs. I appreciate them both, but the way people say dubs would "ruin" the game seems ridiculous to me.
They ported 0 to pc, and Kiwami 1 is about to be. I'm hoping they'll port Kiwami 2. And then either the ps3 versions of 3,4, and 5. Or maybe do a Kiwami 3, 4, and 5.
"It does have it's share of problems...."
"Yes, it is 30fps"
Dude, it's an open world title on a console, what did you expect and how is this a problem?
Got the game on preorder, can't wait. Actually took some PTO to savor it. Was your footage from the base PS4 or the Pro, where you note the fps hitches and AA issues?
40oz Reaper
This game was amazing I love all the Yakuza games. And I can't wait for them to remaster 5 on PS4 that game was the best one in my opinion
Classmate B
I still prefer the combat system of 0 than this one. It made Kiryu/Majima feel like a legendary brawler that they are. The new combat system, however, feels slowed down, especially in early game.
Damn great review. I'd never be able to enjoy a game and review it at the same time, I'd burn out on games quickly. Even then am not as interested in gaming much these days.
Thanks for the review Karak! It's gonna be a long wait for me until they port this to PC (they gotta release Kiwami 1 first) so hopefully next year?
Thanks for the review, just started playing Yakuza 0 really enjoying it.
Scuffy P
Better than Y6? And as beautiful as Y6? Kiwami looked dreadful, and I've been playing the series since (western) day 1. Other than everyone calling a 44 year aged guy "old man" every two minutes, Y6 is one of the best in the series (and I adored Zero).
John Chapman
Framerate looks a lot lower than 30 in this video.
English dub lmao...Blasphemy. So much stuff doesn't translate from Japanese culture to English...
The Downliner
Whats the next PC game to release from the Yakuza series and when? I reckon these games would be weird with a dub.