PS4 Safe Mode

Learn how to access and use the Safe Mode menu on your PlayStation 4 system. Safe Mode options may help to restore functions to a PS4 that cannot start up properly. It is recommended that you back up files before using some Safe Mode options.

Sections of this video:
Getting to Safe Mode:
1. Restart System:
2. Change Resolution:
3. System Update:
4. Default Settings:
5. Rebuild Database:
6. Initialize PS4:
7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software):

To learn about backing up saved games, please visit:

To learn about backing up installed games, please visit:

To learn about reinstalling PS4 system software, please visit: #newinstallation

To learn about getting service for a PS4 system, please visit:

For additional information, please visit the PlayStation Knowledge Center at
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Who else is scared of losing there game data after all the hard work you did and suddenly this bs shows up out of no where?
ToastedThomasboi Xxx
Mine says connect a usb storage device wtf is this
Xxx_GeeTar_xxX -fan boy
I hate the safe mode
Th3 Gaming Legend
Why so complicated
Tim Lindström
I reset my ps4 and now my ps4 is broken. no joke.
Benjamin Palma
My ps4 suddenly turned off and went to the black screen asking for an update software and i tried that , also went to the safe mode and did all iptions including initializing it and nothing works , please help me .
ToastedThomasboi Xxx
Because of this I want to switch to xbox
Not Very Biased K Pop
i cant even get to safe mode help me. I turn it off completely, then when i try turning it back on, it just stays blinking, no display shows up, it stays blinking then sometimes it turns back off if i leave my finger on there for awhile.
Finally my PS4 is UP Thank you for this helpful video !!
Random tuber
Thank you soooooo Much I was gonna get it repaired this saved me like 150 bucks
Skinny boi _ not going to do that..
11/08/2018 just use #6 it works. Back up your data or not. Just do it you wont die. 🤙
Won’t Change Color When I Hear Two Beeps. Also When I Hear Two Beeps The PS4 Just Shuts Down
Kid Axe
Switching to Xbox
Thx for this vid the only reason i wanna go to safe mode is i wanna update my ps4 to 6.20 and it says an error has occured now i updated my ps4 tysm thank you THAAAAANNNNNKKKKK YOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!
Grape Surgeon
I guess this is my only option, ps4 is shit for this... I literally unplugged my ps4 with my foot on accident while I was playing cod and now I have to reinstall everything
I just want to exit it and u teached how to go to that page of 7 options thanks so much
Thank you i was stuck in safe mode for like 3 weeks fml
Dress _dk
I cant enter safe mode
When i do the turn of do the two beeps its just glowing white
1 brotatonugget
thank you so much you deserve 1 mill greatest channel ever
Brandon R
The option 4 doesn't work on mine
gamer evan
I connected my cable to my controller when I was at the screen saying to plug in a USB cord and press the PS button, but when I pressed the button nothing happened
Lea Sadio
12/26/18 Nothing works for me sadly... because im using a mini controller and I suppose that it requires a regular dualshock ps4 one... any solutions??
Jesus Esparza Show
I have a safe mode on my ps4, but my controllers doesn't connect
Dontesuckatgames Lol
My safe mode started when I unplugged my PS4 and I have all my date thanks PS4
Valerie Wright
Thanks this really helped I was worried
The first time I had the safe mode pop up it scared me I thought I was going to have to reinstall but I restarted it and it fixed its self somehow
Dale Denton
Could it be the game tho cause my fallout 76 gets that error code and crashes but all my other games work fine
It said connect dualshock 4 but i have a nacon controller how do i do it with this controller?
Im sending it back to hopefully get fixed, Snd this is happening on my PS4 pro
Not before december... God damnit!
Jay Games
When it says plug your USB into ps4 my pad wont go through the next stage
what shall i do????
Omg all I had to was reset my PS4 and it was fixed thank u I thought I had to get a new PS4 thank u so much XD
zain hafeez
When I click PS button it says “connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.2 or later.
You can download the update file for reinstallation from”
I obviously choose cancel but then my PS4 turns off and I’m in a loop
Joseph Rodriguez
My controller is green and am not player 3 and j dont know how to fix
I tried every option but all it does is take me back to the safe mode, at this point i'll do anything
Glass triforce
Ya but you would if I did do that my controller on turn on
Roni Haapaniemi
I did 6th option it works, but i have To reinstall games and everything
GB Gamez
Omg I'm scared of Lodi my stuff. Im gonna just get service.
Kopano Mosese
Was safe mode really necessary to add to the ps4?🤨
I can't get into my safe mode. Does anyone have any idea's
Wayney D
My son's ps4 pro as the silly blue light of death tried everything and nothing ... any ideas
Bro I moved my wires and now this happened
Jamarie Banks
I don't have that kind of ps4
Standard Style
I pressed the resolution so hopefully I can just change it back and not have to delete everything
typicaly Gaming
So I have to buy a new ps4 cuz safe mode won't go
fludictag 174
It works thank you so much
Bart k
keeps saying the error and im about the smash the shit up so help quick
Braiden Tisho
What I did was hold the wire to the controller and hold the PS button down for a few seconds then select a option
Austin Staton
I can’t go down into the other options other than 1
I bought a new controller and at the start up my controller blinks up and connects just fine like normal but then my light bar does’t light up when playing and at the home screen. only when its charging its fading

Can some body help me please😭😕
Diarra Cruickshank
excellent guide, only lost my videos and screenshots. Everything else was restored. Only a small price to pay.
hjalmar reynir
I lost 4 years of work doing this :(
Muhhamad Zuhaib
thank you ps4 very cool
Mike Hawk
It took about 5 minutes to rebuild the database and now everything is back to normal. Thanks for the video!
Im updating ir i hope ir works wish me luck
When I try option 6 it just stays on 99 and then it turns off 😞😞 please help
Lil Aussie Morty
On my ps4 none of the following options come up what do I do
amani eldahabi
is it possible to get my 2k stuff back even though i never backed it up
Yt Shugg
Safe mode worst thing invented
Dj Piddy Goldo HD
My ps4 doesn’t even go into safe mode
Safe mode is on my ps4 and I tried every thing and the dam thing doesn't work #RIP PS4
Z Ztun
Thank You Very Much Seriously 😘😘😘
Blake Chandler
My screen is static and popping and cutting in and out, no resolution stops it except 480p. It’s worst in 720, HDCP doesn’t fix it, I’ve tried different cords and tv’s. Fix your product
Karlo Giljušić
Thank you man so much.
I’ve got error ce 30005-8
None of these work. It just says 'Checking System Storage' and won't go above 23% and then says 'Cannot Start PS4' and it turns itself off.
my controller wont turn on while in safe mode when its plugged up help
100 subs No videos????
Shit im trying to get out of safe mode.
Abu zaid 3tabi
I bet there was a bit of commets bec every body was to excited to play on there ps4
Sunz Verk
Thanks for the vid it worked others were wrong
Obed Legarda
Mine won't even go into safe mode!!!!
Kxng Xavier Prime X
This is what I use, when my ps4 has the blod
Jake Plays games
All my data is gone thanks sony
Shelby Bayer
My PS4 is not working at all

I tried all these steps but i only get the message

"ps4 could not start please press the power button to turn it off"

I want my money back or a replacement
jer er retarderet !
Ps4 is getting too boring:(
Titan- Slayer
I called ps4
sTaRdiabolik YT
Error fix 34788-0 fix the usb cant use the file of rhe ps4 uldate why
Anselmo Ortega
My ps4 is stuck on option 7 what do i do to fix this
I haaate safe mode so muuch
Thanos DaGamer
When i click restart ps4 it doesnt
Relentless Gaming
I star for trying did not week :((
Jodi Johnson
updating software did it for me.
Cursed Stormzz
So many likes but no comments bruh
Shubhankar Juyal
Pls some one help me today my this happend to me "the safe mode" but but but I selected 6 option the reintalize one and I lost all my data can the data be recovered or atleast some of that
Toxic Waffles
What do I do if it freezes in game
I put a wire in but for some reason these options don't show up. Can someone please explain.
YosephN 65
I tried everything nothing worked
almighty.sisters x3
Doesnt work
TeAm BaPe IsH Team bape ish
It just happens to me omg
Thanks for this help
MeMe Williams
Thank you very much I needed that
XSM Crownツ
This is the most stupid thing they couldve put on.
Zay Taliband
Good bye hard work 😭😭😭
Token Smitherton
I'm in a loop, anyone know how to get out ?
Jacob Ernst
Thank you this helped alot
Ivan Kyseth
I love you guys thanks soo much
I did this but all my data got deleted
Randy Hammack
Btw I am not the real game master
Richard Sweeting
This instruction ain't working