Monster Hunter: World - 100% Walkthrough Part 219 [PS4] – Event: The Heart of the Nora

In this Monster Hunter: World 100% Walkthrough video we complete the Event, The Heart of the Nora.

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PS4 Monster Hunter: World PS4
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Sajib Rahman
you really need to use a earplug armor those roar really interrupt your fighting combo. you could have done a lot more and fast dmg
Rarzar 333
Sick vid fam
Lee Mcknight
Those two Pickle Ricks don't like each other 🐲🐲🐲
James Rondero
Please dont stop playing monster hunter world
I'm new to your channel and I have searched everywhere for somebody who played it right from the start until now
and i found you man
Keep it up man
I'm your supporter
crazy dwarf
First boys
Daniel Farnish
Are you going to play the new spider man dlc that just came out
deviljo : "i want to live stop follow me" XD