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Best $30 game I've spent haha.
Frank Keskic
Great time to be a Yakuza fan
Kolbe Santana
Majima is the kind of character that works better for me in small doses.
Kyo Yami
I personally made it a goal to completely upgrade the Dragon of Dojima style because I wanted to fight Nishiki at my best. It was hard especially with having to spawn certain Majimas, but it was worth it.
Doug C
majhong is awesome u fool
World Events Judgement
To me Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and 0. Kiwami is the best game!
I think the Endo track was taking out because Westerners like to stream the fights. He has it set to DMCA on Youtube.
Best ps plus game ive downloaded
For me the Majima Everywhere system did overstay it's welcome. Side content is great but I have to be honest the amount of grinding you do to get Kiryu at his full potential seriously, and I really mean seriously breaks the flow of the main story. When I first played the game I had the intention to get the Dragon of Dojima style first before going though the main campaign. You can't do this as the Majima Everywhere ranks can only be completed when you've completed so much of the main story. It also ruins the Majima boss battles in the main story, like I just didn't give a shit fighting him. Yakuza 1 straight forward story is ruined for first time playthroughs that it makes me wish that there was a story mode option in the menu screen that you could play and a main game mode with all the bells and whistles for those that want all the grinding and side content.
Touching Evil
Great review! Thank you for doing this.

Keep them coming :)
Agent Phoenix
I'm downloading it right now, my first yakuza game :)
Don Vecta
The Good: Remake of the story, the contemporary look using the Yakuza 0 style, the old school zero styles still relevant, balanced and useful, the retcon moments from 0 and other older Yakuza games (although I'd have loved seeing a homeless Akiyama getting money from the Millenium Tower to see him relevant to the most modern games fans).

The Bad: The highway shootout chase. Seriously, that made me dump the game. Frustrating, grating and a deal breaker if you ask me. Way too hard and unforgiving (if you lose and decide to take a break, you must go all the way to Yokohama to beat the triads and Lau). Worst part of any Yakuza game ever.

The Ugly: Majima Everywhere. I love Majima, I got to love him even more when I played him in Y0 and saw the drama beneath the Mad Dog of Shimano persona... but all that development of a character went down the drain by having him as a joke character chasing you with rather difficult battles that keep dragging way too long. Either you play with him if you want him all or keep him as an important melodramatic role with bits of random fun but also containing how powerful is his image within the Yakuza mythos. Hell, the Majima in the storyline doesn't seem to fit the same clown chasing you everywhere (like when he gets stabbed in his story battle soyou can find him perfectly fine bugging you in the next chapter rather thanseeing him recovered and getting back at you for something epic in the Shangri-La bathouse).

If I happen to finish Kiwami I guess that will be it, don't feel the same need to replay like other Yakuza games like Y4, Zero or even the overtly dramatic Y5, despite his messy story still had great replay value. Kiwami had few moments that made the grinding and the extremely difficult parts like the chase a deal breaker.
Ebin Delgado
i hope this becomes free on ps plus on november
In the original PS2 game, Majima was more of a mysterious character, you never really knew on witch side he stood. Majima Everywhere destroys all this. It doesn't really fit into the story. Still, there were some funny moments with it, so I don't totally hate it.
Adlley Hattori
manly tears , beautiful 😍
Frost Claw
what ryu ga gotoku means?
Mustachioed Bear
this dislike was brought to you by the mahjong gang.
Editman 龍が如く
So you finally did it :)
just to clarify "Not considered a remake because it uses 0's engine and lifts certain assets from the ps2 game"?
Great review!What's the background music throughout the review?
Sasuke sama
Music name?
World Events Judgement
This review deserves more than 12 million views!
Kraftfahrzeug fünfundfünfzigstes
Do you know release date of kiwami 2 in occident?
FierceViper 82
I never played these games until I bought Yakuza Kiwami only a few hours in loving it might even pre-order 6 great review liked and subscribed
Joe Mason
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