How To Upgrade Your PS4 Slim Hard Drive

Here is how to upgrade your PS4 Hard Drive. SSD? HDD? Hybrid? The choice is yours!


Download PS4 Firmware -

PlayStation 4 Slim -
Seagate 2TB Laptop HDD -
Kingston HyperX Savage 480GB SSD -
Kingston Digital USB 3.0 DataTraveler Mini -

Steps In Order

Power down PS4 complete and unplug all cables and power source.
On the back right corner, there is a small piece of plastic that you can easily slide off to reveal the hard drive
Take out the screw with the Playstation button logo in it. Once that is removed. Pull the strap and the drive will slide out
Remove the current drive from the housing.
Place the new driver in the housing exactly like the old drive.(Skinny drives you may need to hold to get the screws back in.)
One you have it back in the house, slide the drive back into the PS4, screw everything back in attach the cover plate
On your PC you will want to plug in your USB Drive (Should be in FAT32) and then download the full PS4 Firmware from the link here
When going to the page be sure to go down to where it say “Perform a new installation of the software, expand that and click the “Download Now” link there. The file should be around 850MB
On the USB drive create two folders. In the root of the drive create a PS4 folder, then within that folder create a UPDATE folder (all caps).
Make sure firmware file says PS4UPDATE.PUP and copy the file into the UPDATE folder
Reconnect your PS4 to the TV, plug in the controller and USB drive and hold the power button down for 7 – 10 seconds to boot the PS4 to safe mode
Click the PS Button to get to the Safe Mode menu. Choose and follow the prompts to complete the software install.
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Fionn Milhench
I love how the hard drive costs more than the console
Dark Whizz
I want to upgrade my 500 gb ps4 slim hard drive to 1 tb but im scared because idk how any of this works
Mads Plays
My hard drive won’t come out
Mr. Plow
i want to be able to keep all my game saves and downloaded content plus my user data how would i go bout transfering that on a new hard drive.....cause i don't remember my log in but im already logged in
Luke Johnston
Your video saved me a lot of frustration. Browsed around google, reddit, ps4 forums and no one knows wtf they're talking about when upgrading. Thank you. Will share your video to help boost your sunscribers on those pages.
Drazen Graves
I know this is just a how to video but you went from 512Gb HDD to a smaller SSD
This Is Spitfire
ill probably just replace mine with a hybrid harddrive
If i install another already initialised and used (includes save data games etc) HDD that already has all the latest software installed onto it, will it work straight away or will it need formatting? btw at this point in time i'm talking software 4.07. Thanks
Yousef Omar
is there a way i could transfer all my memory from the old to the new?
Ssd is so expensive though oh well I'll just get a regular 2tb hard drive
does this install requires any sort of SATA-cable?
Thanks very helpful video
The light change at 2:09 startled me :(
Brandon Foxman
Can you use the hdd from the original PS4?
Thanks 4 the video bro it help me
Wow, I can't believe this is so easy.
HI_ Reppen
if I use the hard drive from the original ps4, do I have to reinstall everything ?
Manuel Espino
can u download the firm ware on a phone
Matthew Swan
I'm doing everything like you're saying but when I'm initialising it, I get to 99% which stays there for a while and then says "cannot initialise (CE-33566-3)" what am I doing wrong?!
Alfredo Saldivar
thanks. I was having problems since everyone kept on saying just to download the update file. and no one specified that it needed to be the 800meg file. this fixed my problem
does ps4 slim supports 4tb now?
Anas Afridi Arnab
Hgst is a western digital brand
Good thing I watched this. I downloaded the wrong firmware...
matt bern
how can i transfer everything
Could i just skip the USB step and install those files onto a clean new ssd form my computer? I dont have the money for the USB so i was thinking to wipe my extra SSD and only install those files you put on the USB is that a possibility (trying to skip the usb step)
Daniel Ragogna
Can you do it with a 2tb hard drive??
Bryan Echeverría
So If I want to change the hard drive before setting it up for the first time it's better?
JuanG 1235
if i replace it with my regular ps4's hard drive, will it keep my game saves
When I tried to put the hard drive back in, the outside hole didnt line up correctly so I cant put the white screw back in. Should I force the case in more?
R6 Rogue
What happens if you don't update the system?
Fluttershy Fan
If I want to switch my laptop's hard drive with my ps4 what procedure should I do for both electronics since it requires all these downloads
LoGic MoTion
No point in putting that SSD in the ps4. It won't be used to its full potential its a waste.
Eddie Montes
I just got the slim nd installed my drive nd everything but it keeps saying error when I tried to install the software I re downloaded the software 3 times and it keeps saying that please help
David Wiggins, Jr
I went to the page and they only show the old PS4 not the slim or pro can anybody help?
James Mist
For anyone from after september 13 2018 who bought their ps4 with an initial software of <5.0, you have to reinitialize twice. (should say you need version 4.0/5.0 or better the first time then version 6.0 or better the second time). If you're here from the far future, and your first reinitializing doesn't work, just keep doing it until it does, checking to make sure that the version required keeps getting higher.
Can I just copy all my data over to the new drive and use it that way?
Danny Black
If I do this will I have to add all my friends back again?
Opel Mann
can i use a usb flash drive with the system software,save files and some other files? by the way all in one flash drive
Abhinav Gurung
Should my USB stick only have the PS$ software on it? Or can I have other things on there as well and still be able to do this?
Damian Bennett
Mine sounds like a fan when it starts up is that normal for hard drives. Plz respond thnx 😀
Cristian Limon
Question, all the games and gave saves on my stock hard drive, do I back those all up to the PS cloud, or how do I transfer those to my new hard drive? Thanks!
Do i lose all the games from ps plus that i stored on my library?
I have an old drive that I bought for my old PS4 and still have that hard drive but sold my old PS4 can I use that in the slim and still have all of my old data please help
Able Peptacion
Why did u down grade your storage
Fabio Amador
What if you just put the hard drive and skip everything else like update it from the ps4 website itself?
do we really need to update
why do we need 4.00
handsome intelegent
Are you going to connect the PS4 to Computer in order to extract the update of PS4?
Edniel Lee
Question if I upgraded my ps4 the original to a 2tb hard drive if I get the slim can I just put in that hard drive and it works the same ?
I did the same and now my ps4 is a waste
Logan Andrews
What is the largest hard drive it can hold
Act Of Vengeance
This is not upgrade. This is downgrade
nikon d3200
Buy a 4tb plug in the usb port

Thats it
BattleDude YT
If I already have games and stuff downloaded on a drive, if I remove it to replace with another one, will all my stuff remain on the first one?
Jessica Chavez
if i do this can i keep all my games?
Eastwood Rufus
What is a good 1 TB hard drive to use for the slim ?
Achu Harsh
Will 3.5 inch fit
4tb ?
Can I Put A 3TB in It?
I just tried this with a Seagate slim plus 1TB. when I try turning it on safe mode nothing happens, I'll get the PS4 logo and it'll tell me that it can't access the hard drive. please help asap.
BWOne I got to the ps sign after I put a 2tb hardrive. when I put in on safe mode nothing happens. did I mess up?
Diarra Cruickshank
Will an external hard drive work instead?
Peter LaRosa
How do I get back on my account. Do I go press back up and restore to get back all my stuff?
peter Rodzyan
Brandon Portzline
okay what hard drive it are you upgrading to??? because the one you have in the link can go as high as 960 gigabytes....
James Robertson
Which is better, SSD or HDD?
Muhammad bima
what is different PS4 slim and pro?
Eon Exodus
Can i do this at the setup point . cause i just bought a ps4 slim and wanted to change the hardrive and i have a 2 tb ssd so can i do this stuff ???
Any ideas to make money at home so I can buy a ssd? Cause I'm broke
Will it void your warranty?
great video!
Dmitry Shlomov
Im a little confused. If i install a new hard drive how do i transfer my game data to the new hard drive? I understand that i might need to re-download the games but what about all of my progress? Can anybody please explain this to me.
So basically you downgraded because now you only have 170GB. TF!? Are you okay sir?
christopher snells
what is the largest hard drive size that can fit into a slim?
lol This is a downgrade. It would've been an upgrade if you put a 1tb ssd in there or even a 500gb ssd. Even the cheapest ssds perform better than a hard drive. Sandisk for instance.
Alief Adam Azilan
why can't i found the website
um did i hear you say that you have never heard of HGST? It is only the most reliable hard drive brand on the market, previously made by Hitachi and now owned by Western Digital.
Jason G.
does that mean you have to install all your games all over again?
Ilane Aliane
Big Tim's Trucking LLC
Ssd is out dated the next ps should come with an m.2 drive to make it even smaller
ps4 slim sucks just got it today its bad it broke before i even took it out get xbox one it says USB FRIKIN HARDRIVE cannot fix its stupid dont get ever