PS4 STORAGE UPGRADE to SSD INCREASE STORAGE AND DOUBLE THE SPEED, PLAYSTATION 4 CE-34788-0 error message is caused by wrong firmware update file, works for PS4 slim and PS4 Pro hard drive HDD to SSD upgrade, first save game saves to a USB drive then transfers PS4 firmware to another USB drive, next hold power button on ps4 to enter PS4 safe mode service menu and select option 7. initialize PS4, next plug in PS4 controller and USB update and follow setup wizard.
"PS4 update download" #newinstallation
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🤔 remember there's 2 different PlayStation update links on Sony's website. you want "fresh update".
*get PS4 SSD- (link supports my channel)

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You wasted your cash on an SSD. Standard PS4 can't really make use of the enhanced performance
You should change the title to Let's spend a bunch of money to make our ps4 load games 20 seconds faster.
yo dude thanks for the tutorial, i just bought a ps4 slim and i was wondering if upgrading to an ssd was a good idea
the best part about the video is seeing your excitement over the small things lol, makes it all worth watching
G Lozada
THANKS bro i almost did the same thing u did and when it was time to do the update a error message comeout say wrong update and i got mad but when i keep readin the hole wedsite of playstation goin down i saw what u say about the 2 diffrents updates
thanks bro
Hi Paul, Great video. I have a PS4 and will reference this if I need to replace the HDD.
Brother Mike
hahahah😂😂😂feel your joy Bro...funny the silly joy we get when installing ssd drives...You should do som cart wheels😂😂
Azam Husayn
Good video brother
Robert Ricardo
Great stuff Paul
Asim Shaiban
Really Thanks , I really appreciate your efforts and I am now planning on upgrading to 2tb hdd because I really don’t think that a few seconds in the heavy cost ssd would cover my needs for more storage ,,, it’s my opinion and my options
Respect to all
Raymond Marie Rakotomalala
Thank you Paul. Good video.
Buddy Martin
You have an upgrade to turn a PS/3 into a PS/4 maybe? Ha! Tampatec Rocks! Big thumbs up! 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼
I love The USA
Hey can you help me fix my sony wega that starting turning on and off by itself yesterday ? No red bottom flashes and no green bottom flashes. Thsnks
Daniel Lozano
Cool. Why are SSD still super expensive!!
Duprem3 Supreme
Good stuff
It's only 3-7 seconds faster than original
Mr Venom2.0
Hey Paul what if I don’t have PC to upload all the stuff
greg collins
What's your ps4 gamer name? I play gta5 also
Gulabi Gang420
bro my ps4 is downloding the new version but not installing the update
bryan mcdougall
how do I contact you about a tv
TheBest13 2.0
I always see you in a inside edition
Evil Soundcloud rapper
My friend gave me his hard drive Do I still have to go through the installation process even though he already converted the hard drive to his ps4?
Krank is de Eerste
What's the reliability of that SSD cause I need one for replacing the HHD on my laptop?? Hello from Hillsborough county Florida😄
I want my ps4 upgraded?
Jose Morales
To complicated for me I rather pay to get done
I love the benefits of SSD's, all 8 of my computers in the house have them. I even have a 120gb in my PS3. I just got the PS4 pro and knew I wanted a SSD in it as well. After doing the install I just happened to realize that the PS4 constantly records on an endless loop to the internal drive. I don't want that much thrashing for no darn reason to my SSD drive so I put the HDD back in as the internal and put the 480gb SSD ($64.99) in a enclosure as the external drive. I now have my favorite games on the SSD with just as fast load times and my extra games I still want around but don't access as much on my 1TB internal. The cache video files are always writing to only the internal drive. Not only is it the fastest , easiest upgrade for faster game loads but it will be hassle free if I need to return the unit under the warranty period. Only downside is the PS4 boot up times will be the normal speed which is about 6 seconds slower than SSD.

Use both drives for even larger storage, quick and easy upgrade just by plugging in as external. Simply change what drive to install to before you download a game if you want to choose where it goes. If not you can leave it set to install only to SSD.
Azam Husayn
I have sony 4 i do update after have error ce(30774-1) pleae give saleoution
Dima b
Ur Latino?
Uchendu Emele
Pls tampatech I need assistance on a lcd Sony tv kvl32T400A model, which is not powering and no red or green light on the front panel. I tested power board, and I got a 5.8 DC volts written on the output section of the power unit. But when I connect d main logic control board, the 5.8v reduce to 1.2v or start flunctuating badly. Would I conclude the problem is from the main board?
lloyd ramberan
Russell Shows
Good video.
HKTR_TheGreat Gaming
Can I plz have a free SSD