Prepare a USB Thumb Drive to Update PS4 System Software

A short video describing how to prepare a USB thumb drive to update the PS4 System Software. I made this video because several people ran into trouble when trying to install the system software after updating their hard drives.

The PS4 System Software can be found here:

Further information on how to upgrade your PS4 hard drive can be found here:

My Video on updating the System Software can be found here:


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Joe Chip
Hey folks, if you like talking about games, come and join my Discord server. It’s a pretty friendly place, and I’m usually lurking (but don’t let that put you off 😉):

if your ps4 keep saying cant find update then make sure the update file's name is correct sometimes if you downloaded multiple times it causes the pc to name is (1)(2)(3) and thats what messes it up =detailed explanation. if you download the file multiple times it renames the file to a number format. it should look like this: filename.exe but after multiple downloads you get files like this. filename(1).exe ,filename(2).exe . just delete the (#) part of the file name and then run the ps4 as the video says. glad i could help so many people <3. if you like stupid gaming videos or want to help a lonely tuber out come sub to me =D ill appreciated any help! ty
Jonathan Chiulli
Play station needs to correct this ASAP, I’ve been thru this same bullshit 3 times
Cheesy Games
It said found the update file then it said restarting PS4 ever since it kept on saying update file can not be found pls help I just wanna play some fortnite 😢
Noah Toussaint
Every time I do this it takes me back to safemode please help
I’ve been trying for 4 hours starught
My dude.. I literally did every step the same. I have a 64 gig sandisk thumb drive and the file structure is easy so i know I did that right but it's saying cannot find the update file .... super upset
Thank god this man made this video. I just kept putting the file onto the flash drive without making the sub folders
Danielle Ell
I am stuck its telling me that the update can nor be found does it matter if the internet icon is next to the code
PS_Didiox Gaming
Danke dyga du kannst deutch
Make sure that you format the flash drive to exFAT before plugging it into the PlayStation
Bowser from Sonic
It worked thanks a lot mate your a bloody legend!!💪
gilbert ochoa
So simple. Works perfectly. Thanks Joe Chip.
Danial Surmust
OMG thank you It worked guys thanks for the vid
He forgot one important step . I'm sure this step will help most of you with your (no update found) make sure you change your usb type to fat32 . Sony can only read that usb type . It's not hard if you don't know what I'm talking about look it up ^-^ hope this helps
10,000 subs wit no video
Change it from PS4UPDATE.PUP TO PS4UPDATE to make it work
xWater xSplash
Thanks bro you a legend fr fr
Haider Ahmad
thanks so much dude!!!
Hyp3 CX
Thank you very much ! :)
deader 420
THANK YOU, I THOUGHT I LOST HER😂 THOUGHT I BROKE HER FOR GOOD THIS TIME. FIRST PROBLEM IN 6YRS..thank you for being so clear and accurate much help
you saved my life thank you
Adam H
Your a legend mate thanks 👍
Thomas Ingebrigtsen
Thanks brother I was awesome it worked
Khaled Dehrab
Upload another video Joe Chip So I Could see it
Youtube Warrior
My prob is that my PC automatically is setting the file type as, .TXT so my file is "PS4UPDATE.PUP.txt"..... idk y
thank you bro...
lexus wizard
hay where the ps4 link
Lawrence Smith
Thanks a lot for the Information.
HBL Fury
really cool thanks bro
Thank you so much 👍🏻🥺
Alex K
This video is the best and clear video I've ever since for anything. Much appreciated kind sir.
Quinton Murphy
yo i was looking for tutorials on how to do this for so long then this video finally helped thank you my man
Darknyite961 gaming
thanks for the help man thumbs 👆
Tech_ Hammer
Thanks bro tottaly subing to u
RiptiDe Doge
Gotta love that "soni"
Brandon Ricardez
Conky 2.0
I've done this before just 3 years ago. Totally forgot I needed to do it and my PS4 was like wtf dude. Hahaha
Jp Beats
A top legend u are ur the best
It says its corrupted
Lamar Davis
Yo thanks buddy! Finally it worked!
TDV Playz
I just want to say, thank you so much. I thought my ps4 was gone just a second ago until I came across this video. You made my day. Thank you
jay jay Johnson
If u update the can u play it
Dark Angel Plays
Thank you very much kind sir
HyperNova HN
I have to update my ps4 with version 4.55 do I still have to do the same steps?
Tried everything still does not work.
Grilled Cheese
Thank you Sir. Really helped me out here. Great demo
nios splosion
hm Good too know thank you joe!
keep getting a file corrupted message, i choose "the perform a new install" choice, download the file (991mb), the stick is formated to exFat, and yet nothing. gonna find and try with another usb but im doubtfull. also the usb is 2.0 but i have a 3.0 cable that convert it
leon johnson jr
the problem is you have to download the program all the way to the bottom not the one to the top that's everybody problem
found your video and currently its the same issue but a different version it is 6.51 better known as error su-42118-6 i tried everything even referred to your video but what was nice was having the same usb type sandisk just a current version so was simple to follow along and still nothing i experienced alot of what people said below being told no file exists on usb,or cant find file im at my wits end,it is rediculous what we gotta go through to get it to work only to still fail.the lucky ones are those who it installed on its own or did an alternate way and worked consider yourself fortunate.
JD 6ix
When I try to do it it says that it’s to low of an update when it’s the recent update 5.50
David Jumah
i have a 2 GB Usb is it good?
finnese god leaf
you are good sir
Λεονάρντο ΛΕΣΙ
Thank you so much
Mr Lime
byt i have this same thing
Bartek Zielinski
Thank you bro!!!
Richard Graves
did you use a 2.0 thumb drive ?
Peter Ngugi
Thanks love you 😍
Mustafa Tavusbay
thank youuuuuuuuu ı love you!!!!
Fredi Foi
Men I tried all of the stuff I watched the video and Read at comments And it didn't work Oof
Mr Lime
my ps 4 slim is beeping 2 times when i turn the power button on PLS help
Toxic Gaming
So I'm just trying to figure out something, my PS4 was unplugged accidently, and when I turned it back on again, it automatically brings me to safe mode and then after, it brings me to a screen that says I have to install the 5.55 update file using a USB flash drive. So would I have to follow these steps and then download the update file with the flash drive, will it bring me back to the Ps4 screen again? And will it keep all my saved files for games? That's all I need to know, Thanks. (Edit: so If I choose the one you recommend in the video it says it will delete my data, I don't want that, So I would chose update from computer? I just want to get back to my regular ps4 screen, I'm basically locked out)
Atisang Mosepele
Thanks a million all the way from South Africa 👍
BanDAna BoYY
Shaquanie Watson
Thank you so much ❤️❤️
Aubrey Lee
Thanks Joe you were a very big help this was the file that I needed ty for sharing it
Xavier Lopez
thanks man you the best that all i needid thatnks 🤗🤗🙄😉
Emily Wilson
OMG U LEAGEND 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
off topic - your switch ok and when's your review?
michael b
My reinstallation is at 99 percent for over an hour,is that normal?
Jere Auvinen
Many Thanks. It worked Instantly
Christian Mendez
what if my computer won't allow me to format it to fat 32. i am using a computer at a library.
Thanks! helped a lot!
Atisang Mosepele
Have a cuppa tea on me mate !
Ramon Zamora
BanDAna BoYY
Thanks man I was starting to get very annoyed with this
atilla suiçmez
ı love you
jairo duenas
I did it thank you
Melker Lindwall
Thanks so much!
Tos-un _Del-Armg
Got to format the USB though
Don't know
If nothing works format the hard drive fron the ps4 and then try again, my friend tried it and it worked it's probably the hard drive the problem or a corrupted data that's not allowing the ps4 to work.
"The update file cannot be used"
Niamh Middleton
followed this step by step and it keeps saying an error has occurred what do i do
Jay Fitch
2.0 USB or 3.0 USB
Joe you are an absolute legend, i was getting so frustrated wondering why it wasn't working with my flash drive, definitive going to subscribe after this
Christian Mendez
would it affect the firmware?
Damian Bennett
Hi. I'm uk does it matter where i download the update from en-gb or en-us thnx 😀
kyle Pineda
dude thats pc
Zeke Mohamed
It tells me ''Cannot access system storage'' (E-80180202)
Jesus Mendoza
My said update file is corrupted
King of Darkness
it didnt work
YT 블루보로 YouTube BLUEBORO
Comrade Wes
Thank you!
Does it matter if the update is opened with internet
Captain price?
danboi E
its telling me update file cannot be used why? and (ce-34788-0) pls help
EpicMonkey Gaming
Mine gets stuck on 77% installation and doesn’t change
Joakim Andersen