Valiant Hearts The Great War Review - Worth a Buy?

Valiant Hearts : The Great War is the story of 4 crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. Dive into a 2D animated comic book adventure, mixing exploration, action and puzzles. Lost in the middle of the trenches, play as each of the 4 strangers, relive the War and help a young German soldier find his love. - But is it Worth a Buy?


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People think the world WW2 was the worst war ever but I honestly think it was WWI. Absolutly awful war.
I always knew there was a little bit of console gamer in you mack
Thanks for the great review! You have definitely helped me to make a lot of decisions on game purchases. I will definitely have to pick this up, because I am a huge fan of World War One, and to be honest, it kind of annoys me that there aren't many World War One games out there. It is ridiculous how many futuristic shooters are flooding the market, but yet there are next to none for WW1. Without WW1, WW2 wouldn't of happened, and warfare would be very different today. Developers need to recognize the untapped potential of WW1, and begin to create more games on it. I already suggested this idea to various developers (i.e. Rebellion, Treyarch) and I hope they listen to the community on this one
I just finished the game , and just wow I was blown away . I was intrigued the moment I first saw this game , and it exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond them . It was a beautiful and incredible emotional roller coaster . I just need a couple days to recuperate from the sadness I felt from the game. Seriously worth every penny
What amazes me is that mankind has not figured out this obvious face as yet.
Clearly we DON'T learn from history.
Looks awesome...but...Uplay :(
Reggie Miller
Just played a little and I love it, oh, and it's free on PS Plus this month
SharkTip SeaF#cker
Johnny Gat doesn't die at the end
Please. please do a  Kerbal Space Program video!!

Love ya Mack!
If you haven't already, you should watch "Apocalypse: World War I" mini-series. It is excellent.
what strategy WWI games did you play?
Phillip Vector
This game when it came on steam looked fantastic and this review shows that I was correct.

But the UPlay aspect kills it. Sad. I really wanted to play this.
I love the soundtrack, and the story and all, even though I havent played it (yet) I know it's a really good (story-telling) game!
Ruben Bañuelos
I really enjoyed your review, it was honest and hearfelt. I just finished the game and I get the chills just by watching some scenes again. I think I'm gonna play it again.
Just finished this game and I loved it. Gets really crazy at the end.
Jeremiah Tothenations
DRM is like strict gun controls, it only hurts the law abiding.
bilbo tanker
Mack you have enlightened me to a whole new way of looking at games.... any possibility of doing rimworld?
review league of legends. i wanna hear you rage
i love the way this guy does reviews!
Not looking at the comments. This game looks marvelous and the way you pitched it makes it even more enticing. Great video as always Mack.
Brian Kommer
when will you take a look at rust again? i was wondering if it got better and it id worth a buy :)
Hamish Patterson
What's your take on the Russian government
Great vid Mac
Leon 3000
You should read All Quiet on the Western Front.
REVIEW VERDUN! Its a fps set in the trenches of wwI
Sgt Camo
I have ask this question on every video so please make me stop begging you each time just please do a review on the game castle story you can buy it on steam check out the trailer
A game that made me cry was Ride to Hell retribution. It was such a sad story
SPOILER: Stuff happens, people die
Just hearing the music is making my eyes wet again.
I'm a German by the way :D
I absolutely loved to play this game with my girlfriend.
When H1Z1 comes out you must do a review!
Such a fascinating concept. That's a path no game has treaded on yet, at least as far as I know. I will definetely check this one out. :) I'm German too and i love you too, dear island monkey and Darjeeling slurping fog crow. xD *sigh* I see, I have to go to London again. I really miss it. :)
Joe 'Daniel Give Us Your Thoughts' Rogan
This sad piano music will make me too emotional like it did Mack and then I'll just wanna cut myself over and over and over and over and over again
Ninja Cat
Finally a ww1 game, barely any out there, just tons of ww2 games....
Michael Smith
That's what got me when I played this game. It's right at the beginning at the first battle. You're charging across the fields, bombs going off, machine gun firing all around and that fella was killed by a bomb (sorry, I don't know what rank he was but If you played it I'm sure you know who I mean. The guy with the whistle, leading the troops) but he died and I wanted to just stop and not do much, just acknowledge that he had died but there was nothing, just kept running. Past the bodies, over the bodies without a second thought. That's when it hit me, like you said, you realize this was what it was like. Yeah. I thought I'd just share that, it was a weird moment, it was such a simple and small little thing but it sort of got to me. Don't know if anyone else got that feeling. It seems like Mack did
Artur Milano
the soundtrack looks great
looks good
You should do a video on Verdun since you like ww1
Snape kills the dog in the last Batman movie.
Since this game is really only worth playing once, get it on the App Store it's free.
David P
I want this game I just got finished playing inside and I enjoyed the game.
Lol couldn't agree more about your Uplay/Origin comments. So terrible and yet they insist on making it mandatory.
The end almost made me cry no spoilers lol
lol i love you mack 
I can't even get the uplay shop to work.  It's total crap
Is the music from the game
hgfgfgg ffgfgfggf
thats why we need europe :).
The Battle of the Somme is really fascinating, mostly because I think its impossible to wrap your head around those numbers. Over 1 million casualties with both sides added together. You would have to multiply the population of my home town 16 and a half times before you got to that number, which is just mind boggling. I imagine afterwards it looked like an ancient Roman battle with rivers of blood flowing off the battlefield between mountains of bodies.

I think that battle really emphasizes the fact that the generals didn't know how to wage a modern war, IIRC its also one of the reasons why the Germans were so afraid of getting bogged down in WW2 and relied on the Blitzkrieg. 

Anyway, nice to know that you're a history nerd as well Mack.
Waiting for your Space Run review, unless I already missed it? :)
quite liked it but yeah not much in the replay nature but it definitely is a amazing game even though the puzzles get a tad annoying
Please guys, play this game! It's incredible
Egemen İpek
Ottoman empire in it?
Retro Rambles
I don't use u play
I don't use steam
I use psn lol
Communism has prevailed
will u do final fantasy???
thanks mack going to give it a try hopefully more games like this get realised telling a story on both sides   
I want Macs babies
Stefan Matei
roger yes
Boristosh Gaming
Do you know where WW1 started?
the game is made from EA right?
Should I get this or Micromon?
Fadi Racy
I love the rant about Uplay. Especially the part about Pirates not having DRM. Sooooo true. A 5 year old could install cracks to get passed their DRMs. All that DRMs are doing is pissing off the people who are actually paying for the software. Who does that? Who goes around punishing people for supporting them, buying their software and not pirating? I don't mind Steam DRM. It's respectful (except for the forced game updates) but uplay and origin just sucks...
Mack you are an amazing youtuber and you will get vary successful in it!!! :D
Blocky Orbits
+Tiki Thorsen   It was the Germans who started WW1.
trevor hill
For me uplay can be a deciding factor as to whether I really want the game, it has to be a much better game for me to buy it. I do wonder with all the years of bad press about uplay, why they are still trying to get us to use it....Duh!!! Its such a no brainer, they are losing money...
Darren D
Are u 2 years old?