DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - FIRST TWO HOURS!!! (PS4 Pro 4K Let's Play)

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - KARA (PS4 Pro 4K Let's Play)

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of DETROIT BECOME HUMAN with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 4K high definition. This DETROIT BECOME HUMAN walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.

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Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure game played from a third-person view, which is subject to a set and controllable perspective. There are multiple playable characters in the game who can die as the story continues without them; as a result, there is no "game over" message following a character's death. The story will branch out depending on which choices are made. The player will be able to rewind to certain points in the story to reshape decisions in the event of regret. Obtaining clues by highlighting and analysing the environment with augmented vision allows one character, Connor, to reconstruct and replay events that occurred before. The more information Connor collects within an allotted time, the greater the chance of success will be in deciding a course of action.

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Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release: May 25, 2018
Genre: Action Adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4
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blalba blalba
Dos Anybody fell bad for markus?
Best Girl
Conner : Police dude
Markus : Humble Rich Dude
Kara : That Motherly Figure
The Amazing Lucas
The characters are so well fleshed out, it's scary
Dr. DeadPool
Is it me or is the audio and gameplay out of sync
Habrid O'Young
somehow i always prefer watching a playthrough with commentary to playing the game myself. I guess it's because I'm bad at playing games and feel safe watching someone else play it haha
Nanites Al
Look up "Gentrification"

Basically it deals with rich people moving into and renovating poor/undeveloped areas, developing them with advanced infrastructure, driving the value of the land and its infrastructure up, and forcing out those unable to adapt to the changes. This is when your "Town Center" strip malls, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and other high-end, corporate-owned establishments move into the neighborhood and take things over. As a result, quality of life improves; at the expense of the majority of the population being unable to improve their own quality of living.

I think that best describes why Detroit was picked. Because it's the most likely candidate for this to happen to.
Zinaida Nitikin
the android did it... when he was the one the placed the call... wtf?
kay 56
"they done took err jerbs"😂😂
Hey... a kid that looks depressed... let me ask her about school and tell her about the weather... really???
Brianne Davis
Just found your channel today. I really enjoy your sense of humor.
I like how this game also uses a lot of imagery and sentiment from WWII and the 1950s. The outfits the androids wear use an armband and a triangle for identity, which is what they used to identify Jewish people in Germany during WWII.
The segregation of androids on buses and not being allowed in specific places definitely is reminiscent of the Jim Crow era in America.
Humans also demean androids by calling them it, instead of by their physical gender. They are abused and used as slaves. They were created to make human life easier, and now seemingly outperform humans in their own jobs and tasks, which is creating an atmosphere of racism, voilence, and resentment towards androids.
Reggie K
Not sure what was more amusing, the fact you missed loads of clues all the way through or the fact you couldn't understand why either lol, i don't think detective work is your thing ;)
You have no idea how hard I was screaming "WALK FORWARD" in the beginning there...
Did anyone else notice that "RED ICE" has the same chemical formula as cocaine?
*builds androids that do everything**doesn't fix infrastructure in Detroit*
Kin Ethic
"OH MY GOD this guy got the CAESAR TREATMENT"
>literally watched android stab Carlos
“The android threw the chair”
"This is how I picture Tokyo, 'cuz I've never been there."
Mindy Williamson
When she called him a “Job stealer” I was like, so you want to be ordered around like a slave and beaten up by butt hurt protesters on the street? Because that’s LITERALLY his job.
Pragmatic Dissent
"They gave him the same green eyes..." Tetraninja said dreamily as he found himself sighing more the deeper he got lost in them.
The Mechanic
"What is this, Raxephon?" I didn't knoe they could make artificial Mulians
Tish Sharay
When your from Detroit and your so proud the creator really took his time and visited stayed and got to know people here just to actual perfect the game 😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💋💋
bigmikeyb 92
Android is better than apple ha
1:43:08 That's me when I watch anime. "One more episode, one more episode!" And then I pull an all-nighter :D
jalen smith
I remember when the actor playing kara was on “the following” i miss that show 😭😭😭
Myne Melromarc !
“Destroy Detroit” hmmm still not the Android fault.
KawaiiFox606 HD
When your an android in a store and your part of a "super sale" XD
Jasmine Smith
Thank you for acknowledging Dr. Jackson Avery!!! #Greysanatomy
Jordan Jackson
Him, "Good thing I left the gun."
Me, "Why didn't you grab the gun!?"
You failing to do things emotionally hurts me
Elijah Morgan
"I think we're in Flint!" Lmfao being from Michigan makes this so much better
This is like watching movie
ღMystic Moonღ
" I like the name Kara it's so.... anime. Kawaii" Hahahahahahahhahaha I'm ded
When the robots become self aware, well I've had a good life
Rena Unnie
I wanted to threathen and spill his drink. Wow, I'm such a bad android, lmaoooo !!!
Potato The Magnificent
I cried at least 6 times

The first time I watched some of this I thought it was gonna be a bit happy bUT NO THEY JUST HAD TO BE ON THE EMOTIONAL TRAIN
Prince Yumi
Idk if it's just me or like if there's an issue with the video but the sound and game don't match right after the drawing scene not even your voice is on sync with the video
Amanda Girard
"One more chapter." two chapters later... "OK one more chapter."
I watched radbrad play this first and i love how tetra was like "oh i know he did something bad to me" when kara is introduced. Good nic.... good nic.... good instincts... this will be a good lets play.
All might
That repeated theme in the background is very similar to the one in duel of the fates
He's too focused on visuals, he forgets to do half the damn story. :( Love you nick <3
Min Roh
Is it just me or does Kara look a lot like a slimmer Jennifer Lawrence?
Phillipe Nedio
You know hes indecisive when he says 1 more 1/3rd way through his video xD
HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS SO GOOD! I might get a ps4 just to play this!
Bruh Moment
This is my one of my favorite games ever.
Rainbow Dash
Meanwhile I wish this was out for PC, oh well guess in like 3 years I'll finally get to play it.
This is amazing gives me chills in a good way lol
Eddie Dark
I love how he keeps saying the last chapter 😂😂😂
I’ll be damned if i had an android that looked like Markus
30 minutes first gameplay: Cleaning House Simulator
That city look so beautiful, I hope the future looks like this to be honest. Im just sad i cant play the game for myself.
Was there a demo released for this game because I specifically remember seeing the Kara story with the dad and his daughter a couple months ago.
That smile at the end of the intro tho
Philippe Mudaheranwa
"replacing him with the asian model". hahhahhaa i died lmao
Chex Geam
Is anyone besides me having issues with the sound on this video because I can hear what the characters in the game our saying before they even move their lips.
Yeah No
"Colonel mustard in the library" lol
The video sound is broken rip it's late.
Mono UWU
"Model HK400-

Manufacture date: 05/29/2030
Property of: CARLOS ORTIZ"

I just noticed this! 1:51:18
Detroit was chosen probably primarily because of it's manufacturing legacy for cars. Androids standing at the back of the bus was to get everyone all "oooh". Except androids aren't a particular race & no matter how many emotions they have, they don't get physiologically tired, so don't really require seats to sit down. It makes spatial sense to have standing room in one area, to not impeded movement of humans, who might be slow, disabled, aged, pregnant, etc. You could also assume androids have no need for "personal space" or want room to protect themselves from communicable diseases, including getting a cold. All of it is meant to be "controversial" to make the game seem very cutting edge in issues when since it's hypothetical, it's just interesting. Nice start to play through!
Dory Fin
This reminds me of the show Continuum. From Syfy if thet had went along with a game with this UI. It would have been Rad
Emily Rayworth
ive just finished this game it was AMAZING! also had the best ending ever!!
Tata Cooky Fortune
Tell me why I almost cried 😂
smol girl in a hoodie
The intro made me so uncomfortable my lord-
The girl in the beginning looks like Scarlett Johansson
Jason Beck
Gotta say Nic, I don't always like your decision making
Ugh the out of sync talking finally broken me after an hour an 20 mins. I'll just wait until tomorrow and play for myself .
Rocco Tedd
“You can’t eat when your tweaking out of your mind”. Sounds like you might be speaking from experience Nick lmao
Reachany PLAYS
21:20 I love the music!!! What is it called?? This is really my first time being patient and not skipping xD
Lol all at once all the gaming youtubers pop up with this game, literally all at once haha.
Jake S
I just realized katniss everdeen is in this game apperently
Thekiller Kellyn89
MYbe have shot him the little girl shot him in my game cuz I missed the gun
Tetra so goddamn funny "rosa parks would be rolling in her grave rn" "i think were in flint" lmfao
when Kara bot goes to the house, sounds like dude is on the phone setting up a drug deal with a customer lol
Tomás Vittino
The part where it completely messes with the reconstruction of the homicide is so silly. Dude it was a very simple tale!
DragonSlayer97 YT
Is it my bad connection
Or whenever someone talks it says subtitles then they talk
I love this game already! OMG, it's so intense?? Can't wait to see how things will progress in the future!
Tate7000 `
this sound track is actually amazing
Just so you know, Nic, Kara is the name of a valkyrie you freed in your God of War playthrough
I am getting so tense my heart is like 10000bpm and I’m not even playing it
I want to see a game like Watch_Dogs take place in a setting just like this with androids and everything.
TurtleLover123XD Boi
Oml just finished your entire Borderlands 2 series, from like 5 years ago..., your a great youtuber Mr.Ninja look forward to watching this series aswell
82nd Division
Man, he be skipping the sport sections of those digital magazine.

I be looking through it to see if the Browns won a Super Bowl yet😅
Play it out
This is a really good setting with a theme that asks us about what do we want our future to be.
Jose Rosalio
Is anyone else having the playback issue where the sound doesn’t sync with the characters talking or the subs
the cool gamer
well in the scene when kara and alice got to the bus that almost made me cry
Hooligan Ztype
TheRadBrad got the detective killed.... I like this version now 😂
Eddie D.
I really like how they used actual landmarks of the city. It feels so surreal to see the city I live in portrayed in a game like this.
ArsenalSven FC
24:44 "they take our jobs" south park XD
Omg when they got on the bus, I literally, literally cried. I'm not even kidding
Angel Zamora
He looks at her and he walks away like a badass hahaha I love this game already
This game explains in perfect detail why I always say "thank you Alexa" every time, all the time. The day we reach the singularity, and this shit is real, I'm not getting killed by my own Android/ai
Anthony C. Dominguez
Drinking game, everytime he says "Last One' drink.
Julia Crawford
Lol only 2 minutes in. The woman is correct. AI is inevitable. This is our future.
The soundtrack omfg
Harixx t.
I love how the guys says "ass" and the subtitles say "butt"
Leo and Carl’s scene is so dramatic and in the meanwhile Markus’ painting on the background facepalming 🤣
35:00 Im calling it right now: all the overdue bills and stuff and she order components that cost money he doesnt have.. all hell will break loose when he finds out.
Stephen Libby
This is gonna be one of those "technology is our own demise" genres, ain't it?
Nicholas Leclerc
My mom, yes

Woooow ! Going for a 17 mile run ? Daaaamn that’s a looot !!!

Really ? “SubTube” ?
Oh god....

Ha, CA-Facebook reference
ok when the old man (voiced and moddled after the actor who played frank back in the mlenim TV show ) asked markus to paint i just thought devid by 0 moment