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Mack liking a Japanese game? And it's even a Yakuza game? I thought I'd never see the day o.O
Skipping cutscenes in Yakuza game? Hell no!
Quantic A.I.
Don't forget to play Zero and Kiwami 1 if you enjoyed this
King Hell
Oh no!!! Mack's been bought by Sega.😉
He'll be working for IGN next.
The Obsoletist
Yakuza games are amazing. The best one is Yakuza 0, Mac. Give it a go. The newest one is amazing graphically, also. Think Kiwami 2 uses the same engine.
Matthew N.
Glad you liked this game. I think they have been doing a great job with the remakes
Mr Joy
yakuza 0 is in my opinion better to be honest
*5:48** - YOU'RE A BADASS YAKUZA ...*
those punks just got so scared when they saw you, they ran away faster than the speed of light. That's all that happened Mack - don't worry :)
Mystery Man
You forgot to mention that you can play the arcade port of Virtua Fighter 2 inside this game.
Oh no, it has happened, the Mackerson has thumbs upped a Japanese console port... Quick, to the time machine, I must warn young Mack before its too late and we are all doomed!
chin ho bae
Loupis Canis
Thank you Mak'

Not my type of game , but looks a good un, now am off to see if i can find some footage of the naughty-bits ,
Yakuza 0 is better, you need to review that.
Mazen Soliman
I highly recommend you play Yakuza 0 the combat and mini games are quite good.
Majima is hands down the best character throughout the series, aside from Kiryu
Please mack, PLEASE, play Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1, you're missing an awesome series.
Moralities A Spook
Karaoke is the true end game of yakuza
Edward Mitchell
You should review warcube!
Jule Rulez
Whatever you do..."Dont fill up your stomach coz you wont get the bonuses" LOL
your FOV physically hurts to watch lmao
always great to see a newcomer loving their experience with my favorite series though
That fact that you gave 7 in music just kill me.

Kiwami 2 has one of the best music in the series, if not in gaming. yeah and that movement is so weird lmao also the bugs. I was literally upside down while fighting a boss XD
T. N.
My first yakuza game was 4 and I fell in love with the series. I also played yakuza 0 and loved it too. It aint so much about the fighting for me, but it's the storyline, it's fkn amazing.
That ending, sold the game for me, as well as using a hotpot as a weapon! 😂😂
'The words, the words..'
*lipsyncs in time*
'of the developer...'
They used Odin Sphere's leveling system.
Good stuff.
Jesus that last fight scene.
Def worth a buy
Aye! Glad to see you enjoy a game, Mack!
This looks really fun to play, I'm buying it. Thanks Mack!
It's kind of refreshing to see what someone thinks of this game without having played the previous two games. Glad you enjoyed it.
what he says at the end is "go sleep a little"
and OUCH
Ograk the Monkey Hunter
I dont regret my purchases of kiwami and kiwami 2
Richard PS
I cant WAIT till you do the FF7 remake
tidy kun
You're putting in hard work Mack, thanks for the constant great content,
Yakuza has become one of my favorit game series. It was a real shame that 5 didn't get a physical release, I hope there will be a Kiwami version that gets a physical now that the series is more popular in the west.

And the 'naughty stuff' absolutely belongs in there, it's part what makes Yakuza so great and so Japanese.
Tarrant Shatterstar
Great review mate! Quick question, will you be reviewing Blade and Sorcery? It's a VR, Fantasy, Hack and Slash game on Steam and I think you'd enjoy it.
Love this game. Surprised and pleased Mack enjoyed it. Terrific fun with an engaging story. Sega have outlined their focus on PC gaming going forward which is awesome (from the perspective of a childhood Sega fanboy). Let's hope they revive some of their great franchises.
A real yakuza plays with a controller.
Albastine S.
This is clearly a game you play with a controller.
yakuza 0 is the best one btw
Chad Myron Gaines-Normington
yakoozer kawhammy 2
Yakuza zero is one of the funniest games I've played.
you know you are dealing with a developer confident with their game when they give you a press copy.
Edwar Son
Yakuza Series is a Masterpiece man, for the fans and it's developer to bother re-made every old installation
Asa Stewart
I agree with other comments that Yakuza 0 is definitely worth playing. You need a bit of patience though as it takes about 10 hours before the game really gets going tbh.
marcus kahn
Me thinks I likes this guilt free melee city smashup!
Mi Ke
Yakuza games are excellent. Played them on PS2. The side activities are gold.
Couldn't help but notice your bike crumbling into dust at 3:45. Let's fire up GoFundMe and get you a new one, man.

But seriously, what was THAT about? I love how they just charged you once they realized they were cleared hot.
Mac you NEED to review Yakuza 0 on PC
Hontoni kawaii.
You need to play Yakuza 0 !!!!
Chad The Gaming Dad
A while ago I bought Yakuza Zero on a whim.. just to try it.
I absolutely loved it and now have every Yakuza game I could get my hands on. The Kiwami remakes are great especially since they were originally PS2 games. The entire series has become one of my all time favorites. So much fun.
mason tom
mack if you liked this you'd love sleeping dogs.a chinese theme yakuza game
Jaakov Tobman
Hey Mack, I think you'd like kenshi. Also the review would be hilarious.
Sidney Boo
No 4k monitor with that gfx card
Spy Teo
finish this game two times one time in the ps2 and one time in the ps4..has one of the best characters I've ever seen on vinteogames kazama kiryu
I Watson
It's about time you played a proper game mack.
Richard ps
i cant DO 15 min cut senses im a Div (ADHD)
Mitch Meade
Do yakuza 0 its so good, and set in 1980s japan
Kas Kas988
Cheaper and better than days gone.
Unthinkable Fate
Mack glad you liked it. Will you be doing a WAB on total war three kingdoms at some point?
Never played this Series and now i know why :D
Jay Sasak
Mack you should really try Yakuza 0, it's one of the best in the series imo
Tzeff NL
The fact that it's a console port...and still WAB! 0.o'
Michael MacArthur
Bought the game of the back of this review, cheers Mack!
chin ho bae
i just finished this game i have to say i would give this game 10/10 there is not many game that would make me this much excited this game is like a god for me
Azizo Ghamari
Sir davos? is that you?
Woohoo my years of donner kebab abuse are finally going to pay off XD
But Mack that "real actor" part is what make this game awesome!
Joke aside I just glad it dont get censored in western release.
Ni ck
Damn, that was one hell of a stiff cone.
Exactly as you said, "FOR ME it has no place in the game" and im going to emphasize the "FOR ME" part because, well, maybe not everyone that plays this game is a prude, the "naughty bits" are 100% optional in pretty much every Yakuza game, its kind of a tradition of the Yakuza games to have "naughty bits" in them, its been done in almost all of them, its optional and its pretty tame and softcore, which imo is quite refreshing, AFTER all this is a very Japanese game made by a very Japanese company and studio, and Japan is pretty known for being very easy going when it comes to sex.

Its pretty much part of the Japanese culture, i dont mind it.
Is it better on Pc or Ps4?
goduffgo TV
you know the game is going to be good right about the time when Mack says "there is some right bastards in this game"
michael douglas
kiwami 2 story is the best to me, the interaction and buildup between the female cop is really good. But to my amazement she never appear again in all subsequent series.
Ari Huuskonen
Hey Mack, if you reading this:
If you really dug Yakuza Kiwami 2, you should try Yakuza 0. Its the "prequel" to the whole Yakuza storyline, and this game will make hell of a lot more sense since it pretty much sets the stage for all these events.Specially the relationship between the main protagonist Kiryu and the that whacky dude Goro Majima (the dude with the construction helmet on his head)
Yakuza 0 is like 20 euros or something (on Steam), so its also quite cheap for 30-something hour game.And its just clean fun (no DLC stores or anything in the way, just the game). Also the combat system is so over the top and hilarious with the heat actions that you will love it.
Hope you like it, all the best!
edit: and if you want to have a taste of what the over the top means on those heat action finishing moves, just search for "Yakuza 0 all heat actions" here on youtube. Who ever directed the cutscenes is a goddamn madman genius.
Luka Nyan
Play yakuza 0 next!
I have Yakuza Zero on Steam, I thought the story was good, but the gameplay wasn't that great...
Jason Caputo
The progression system with food sounds like a fresh, fun take on it.
EDF: Iron Rain.
Yakuza is a great serie.. still surprised they actually dared gave you a copy of it :D
Felipe Pérez
Didn't play karaoke sadface
Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man.
12:34 more fun fact than GTA series , trolls can assure you that
"hurry up and sleep" for anyone who needed the translation to the last part
review 'fade to silence'
First time sega have gifted a code and a reviewer hasn't been a sellout :)
Ultimate Amil
After that you absolutely need to play Yakuza 0 , keep in mind it was released before Kiwami 2 so the graphics are not as good but the fps is better . It's also 2 times longer than Kiwami 2
A Tan
Yakuza 0 Masterpiece(Majjme stole the show on this one)
Yakuza K1 not bad(I don't get the same feeling on this one so I just rush on the story)
Yakuza K2 It's great, I love the new engine but I truly hate the "thugs" on this one(even with lucky soda).
Yakuza 3-6 SEGA! PC PORT PLEASE!!!
Tortuosit of Tapiola
You were obviously starving for a game developer to be friendly to you!
Glenn Parrington
Likes video, watches video.
Prime PC Gaming
Petition to get Mack to voice an anime or anime game character ASAP!
Jonathan Graber
I've played through all the ps4 yakuza games, except 6, which I am still playing. 6 is my favorite but this one is really fun as well.
Content and story wise yakuza 0 and 6 are definitely the best out of all of them for me
If ya thought this one was good...you'll love 0
*THEY WOT M8?!* they actually sent him a press key.. They must really believe in their product :`D
but it looks fun and alive so I might give this one a go then
Mack stop being an old fart and use a controller
Gabriel Tudor
So, wheres the Sekiro review ?
He actually liked it?! WOWWWWWWW.
Jessup Day
I stopped playing yakuza 0 so should I just keep playing that? Or move to this.
One of the lead devs who make Yakuza series also dumped hard on SJW's, thats another reason why you should support these guys.
Sleeping dogs is better than the yakuza games imo.
And to all think this is a PS2 game