Valiant Hearts: The Great War [ENDING] Walkthrough PART 10 (PS4) [1080p] Lets Play TRUE-HD QUALITY

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[Chapter 4: END] Welcome to my HD walkthrough for Valiant Hearts: The Great War, played on the Playstation 4 and under Normal difficulty settings, this is also my first attempt at the single player campaign.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of 5 crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. All of them will try to survive the horror of the trenches following their faithful canine companion. In Valiant Hearts, the lives of all these characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors of war.
Platforms: Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox One, X360 & PC
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Release Date:
US: June 25th, 2014
EU: June 25th, 2014
Playstation 4 PS4
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Besides this ending, there's the fact that Emile's grandson will probably figth in WW2 T.T
Dammit, it make me  cry....dammit why i'm crying?!
Mortal Mutter
Like if you cry whit the ending ... :'(
This is an eye opening game. This changes my views toward the wars so much, and governments. This is also the first time that I don't want a game to have a sequel. I don't want to see Emile's grandson, Karl, Walt, and Freddie fight in the second great war. It hurt so much, right to the heart~
I had to go to GTA V and blow up gas stations to feel manly again.
Luke Kneubuehl
After all Emile has gone through, he sacrificed so much for friends and strangers. And what makes it worse, he thinks Karl is dead. Such a simple game but shows the hardship of losing one another, the love of each other. I can't imagine this game won't get a award cause I now that it touched thousands even me cause my grandpa was also scarred from WW2, he saw all his friends die and somehow he still lived to the end. Just bearing the memories, must be to heavy. This is why veterans must be recognized for their heroic bravery. This was an eye opener that I wouldn't be where I am without all the men dying from all these wars
Something to think about.

"Many men that parished at wartime were not known not for their cowardice, but for their valor. They may be forgotten by many, but we will still remember them in our hearts. We did not know them at that time due to the communication being so horrible, but word from the front made us aware of their sacrifice. I fight for that reason." Gerald Pinkerton, 121st infantry regiment.
Haydan norris
Why won't they give him a gun😔
Miss Tiffany
Think about this guys, its a game about war but it was no "get a gun and shoot somebody"... insted it was very touching in the heart, it made us cry for the truth about war from these guys that made the game. Now... i see war in a whole diffrent way than before. I hope you do too... ),:
Simon Adams
Best (and most tear-jerking) fifteen dollars I've ever spent. What a great game. 
Dearest Marie, As the war ends for me, I have no regrets, I've seen too much horror. I hope fate has been more merciful to you. Our time on earth is brief, and mine has been filled with so much joy. That I can only be thankful for how much I've been blessed. Most specially, for the wonder you brought into my life. This letter is my last I've been found guilty by a military court for the death of an officer. It was not my intention to kill him. War makes men mad. Though I failed Karl, I know my sacrifices not been in vain. I fought for my country and my liberty, My honor is assured. Since it is the will of god to separate us on earth, I hope we'll meet again in heaven. Keep me in your prayers.
Your Loving Papa 
Even though their bodies have long since returned to dust, Their sacrifice still lives on. We must strive to cherish their memory. And never forget...
Valiant Hearts
-The Great War-
Oh god, poor Emile. I couldn't stop crying. But he did the right by killing that BLOODY OFFICER! ;(
jin kim
game of the tears 2014
Simon Scoots
Over 10 million Russian soldiers died... That is so sad....Thats all i have to say....
Adrian Mierzejewski
I also cried when he said I hope we meet in heaven I love this game
Δημήτρης Παρασκευόπουλος
Executed for treason,really?A soldier who helped his country just died for nothing!
It just hit me that Emile died not know that Karl was actually in fact still alive! That just makes it all that much more sadder... :(
Jason Serna
Lets never forget the sacrifices people make also lets not forget their Valiant Hearts
when the game forced me to hit the officer, I was like ' No! Don't force me into this! Emile will be executed for treason if I hit that heartless officier!'
Even so, at the end, I still hoped for miracle to happen to save him. He is a good man.
I don't know..
The ending it was just.. Sad, this game made me shed manly tears.
I don't think that the game needs a sequel. But if it has, i will get it, just as i got this one.
Game Of The Year for me.
Barbatos Lupus Rex
Wow...I can't really describe this emotion I feel...The company that did Valiant Hearts- I applaud you. You made this a very emotional theme and very realistic too...
I also would like to thank those who did die in combat of those awful years of war...May your sacrifice not be in vein...
God damn who is cutting the onions????? :(
Caleb Herring
That was....heart breaking. I had to run to the bathroom so my family didn't see me cry. Thank you for playing this game
Casey Goddard
The ending reminds me of that Stanley Kubrick film "Paths of Glory"
This is probably one of the best game i've seen this year
Maurice Watkins
T-T A Masterpiece. Simply a Masterpiece.
upGradeOW _
We'll believe me I cried at the ending mostly because of the dog
What a powerful ending. It shows that war will never truly end, and many heroes' stories will never be told, but you must always remember them even so.
Ihave zeepower
What a great game, cheers Rajman gaming
Pichu todo meco
The moments when the soldiers are removing the helmet with freddie breaks my hearts.i couldnt stop tearing in that moment.
What a sad game.
huyen vu
oh god...that make me crying...papa sad....the story ;(
This game has too many feels
Judy Hopps
I know it's just a puzzle game, but not since the last episode of Black Adder IV have I seen something pay such a beautiful tribute to the brave men and women who died in that ugly war. Truly amazing.
R.I.P Emile :-(  :'(
Anthony Edward Stark
it gives too little games of this kind :'(
I bursted into tears and sorrow after seeing Emile get put to death by a firing Squad...
blue bluer
Dude was a war hero and they just execute him like that.
Such a great game, thank you Rajman for playing such a emotional and great game. Some times a good war game is not one where you just shoot up everything but about protecting the ones your love and making emotional connections. This game is a masterpiece if you ask me. I enjoyed every minute of it!
Cosmin H
This game,made me cry so hard,but that was world war I.
Lars Andreas
This game made me cry:-(
Julian Strong
I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating
joaco 36188
The best ending but it gave me sadness when he died it almost made me cry that was a great injustice
Brendyn Robertson
What's the whole point of war?

The mindless destruction, the senseless violence, nations fighting over meaningless causes and belief, young men throwing away their lives. What's the point of it all?
Marnix Maximus
I would love a valiant hearts set in the russian revolution, or just the russian front and than it goes to the russian revolution. Alot of events and suffering to capture.
This ending made me cry! :'( seriously.
I've started crying when he said "This letter is my last..."
Jakub Dudkiewicz
I just cried :’(
jose cuascut
the feels at the end had me in tears.
Space Pope Tobbs
One of the worst parts is that he died still thinking Karl was dead ;~;
first time a game actually made me cry
Frank McGee
thats the end shot at dawn a sad death of a solder just trying to survive hell on earth but the sad thing is they said it was the war to end all wars but it was just the start of what was about to come.
Adrian Mierzejewski
I cried to oh my gosh in almost every game I played some amazing hero died jeez I stated crying when he said it will be my last letter
Omgg I cried at the end :')
wow. very moving.
Not TooShabby
In Australia, we never shoot our own soldiers in the war ;(
I've got a feeling that even the guy voicing Emile shed a tear when talking, gg wp feels, you win again
Lemur Dawid
This ending really reminds me of The Green Mile.
my emotions got the best of me... im sobbing ;_; ;_;
that ending almost made me cry and the war was hungry for more that mean
s that its probably a next game coming soon and emile s sun in ww 2
Joanne Bates
The ending just got me in tears.... never forget the soilders
mustafa basim
One of the best endings I've seen (it make me cry)
I liked this sentence (war makes men mad)
@RajmanGaming HD Loved the playthrough dude it was sureal in a great way and never would have heard of this game. Also check your box
I never cryed like a child like this before! This letter from the vater! Oh gosh! We can be so proud to don't have a war yet or don't get born in one!!!
Dalton Sims
I'm crying it gives me a lot of memory's of my grandpa who died in world war 2
Chase Edwards
Dem goose bumps! :.(
lll COGS
I have something in my eye
fluff stuff
This game needs more players ; _ ; that touched my heart to fill it with feels
Mouaffah Fahl
This made me cry. Imagine you got a letter from your father and it was that
Arthur Pouzet
When I watch the video I have the impression the game is more punitive than Dark Soul :p create game though !
Grecco Boi
I'm crying. Dont make me cry game! I'm not supposed to cry while watching/playing a game! **Sobs in the corner**

"What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
      — Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
      Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle" - Wilfred Owen
The ending made me almost cry ;(
WHY ;^;
A BIG HONOR FOR UBISOFT AND UBI ART!Thank you for this great game!Its beautiful!
These are manly tears damnit
Komár Norbert
Walt is my favorite character :)
*snif*the emile letter make me cry! whyyy!(PS.i love wars :3)
José z.s.
yognaught evan
When the man walks to the red pole the noise is loud then silent. Words of my great great grandfather Belgian ww1 corporal
bensjamin 13
The feelz, man! The god-damn feelz ;,(
Best game i've seen and played so far.
Abdulmosin Abduraya
Emile Has the Worst Ending Ever It makes me cry 😭 But only 2 Has Good Life....Emile Bless you
Charlie Atkinson
I think i need a hug :'(
Russian 42
one of the best war game endings I have ever seen.
Emile rest in pace <3
Battle Bricks
This brought some sweaty bois out of my eyes 😧
Thắng Trịnh
This ending make me crycry, i can't stop cry. Pls, so sad, "war make men mad"
A generic Templar Knight
"Never Forget"...
pidex progamer
OM MY Goodness. One of the best games I've ever seen" It made me cry and though it was boring at times and suspenseful on others this game is so well put together!
so sad <:'(
Tyme Twyster
1:30 - 9:00 +

Good lord, how many machine gun emplacements did the Germans HAVE at this battle?!?
What a beautiful and sad game, 5 out of 5 in my book
Saul Seng
:(that ending was bs I'm pretty sure it made everyone cry.
Jeffrey Poss
I whacked him with my shovel not knowing at all it was part of the game and that I was suppose to do that.....Ubisoft did a good job making you really hate that guy.
Napoleon Bonaparte
This sad ending i dont know why I'm cry T_T good game
Pierre Rosier
27:20 Chris Norris xD It´s the hidden brother of Chuck ^^
Sir Potoo
15:20 lol that was one soundtrack from spore galactic adventures
Realy Bored Gamer
they need more games like this
Brandon Guzman
maybe Valiant Hearts:2 ?
old men fighting leads to young men dieing