Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Easy Allies Review

Yakuza Kiwami 2 upgrades and expands on one of the bloodiest episodes in the series.

Written by Michael Huber
Video Edited by Don Casanova
Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro
Available on PlayStation 4

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PlayStation PS4
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The Maestro
Thanks Brandon, solid review as always
Great review. I think this is one of the stronger Yakuza stories along with Yakuza 0 and 4. The narrative can branch off on these weird paths sometimes but the main focus of Kazuma, Kaoru Sayama, and Ryuji Goda stays consistent from beginning to end. Pro tip: as long as you complete or get deep into the Cabaret storyline, you have infinite money and can buy whatever you want, as it produces an infinite loop of millions of yen at a time. I thought this version of cabaret was MUCH less grindy than in Yakuza 0, and 1000x less grindy than Money Island also in Yakuza 0. The Majima Saga story line feels a little rushed but produces TWO very important scenes that every fan should strive to see. This is also one of the best examples in the series of the substories REALLY adding context and layers to not only this entry but callbacks from previous entries. Play all the substories. All of em. And tell the Amon Brothers I said hi!
How does Jones find the time to do so many reviews?
Kiwami means extreme.
Brandon, you don't get enough credit for all of these awesome reviews! Keep it up man!
Megan Linart
Dropping a like and getting out of here, just started Yakuza Kiwami and going on blackout. Will be picking this up!
I will have to disagree with Huber on his opinion of the side activities. I was unreasonably happy when I realized the cabaret mini game was back; I sunk more time on that side quest than the main story. To each their own, great review nonetheless.
The Puppet Master
With all the updates and tons of contents to dig, i think Kiwami 2 deserve a 9 / 10. But still, it's a good review.
They keep releasing the Yakuza series at the worst times, I'm not made of money Sega.
Revolutionary Squared
So excited for the Cabaret Club to make a return!
I spent more time than I ever expected running that and dressing up my girls hahaha

Please tell me the music is the same as 0!!!
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Azmi Hamdan
sony just keep pumping these quality exclusives!
Ulquiorra Schiffer1
One of the very few Japanese games I will play in an instant!
"Slamming a knee into a Punk's face"
A Very Angry Guy
Waiting for hokuto ga gatoku review
It’s so weird to call him Kazuma. It’s “Kiryu” dude. You and him ain’t there yet.
Killerdark 916
Great review as always Brandon, my one complaint is you should let Huber take the reigns next time. I hear he is a massive fan of the franchise.
Joey Donaldson
Amazing series. Highly recommended
Venom Snake
Holy shit this game looks awesome.
Greg Letourneau
Question: if I only played the Yakuza games released on PC, am I missing anything story-wise?
Los Dino
I am loving these remakes.
Elektro Demon
An awesome game. I only wish that the part with Majima, the truth of Goro Majima was a little bit longer.
Gaming Retrospectives
I'm looking forward to a remake of Yakuza 3 without the cut content. While not my favorite story, it really humanized Kazuma, and had awesome Heat moves. Can't wait to play the new Fist of the North Star too! Keep it up Sega! Great review as always guys!
Jack Tyler
Awesome game! Thanks for the review. For me it is a clear 9/10. :-)
I need to beat Yakuza 0 so i can get to this game next.
I could’ve sworn you guys did a review for this game already.
Adam McQueen
Solid review Huber! Very nicely done man. Clear points and explanations. Your reviews just keep getting better! L&R
Another day 1 purchase that sits on the shelf next to all the other Yakuza games... I don’y have time for all these great games!
Unfortunately after waiting almost a month my copy still hasn't arrived. I live in Korea so can't buy an English copy here. Can't wait to play though. I bought a PS3 just to play Yakuza 3,4 and 5. Such a great series :D. Great review as always!
River City Ransom The College Years
Way to go on the Japanese pronunciations Jones! Very well done.
The Real JSK
Should I buy this one or Zero? I've only played Yakuza 1 and 3 before
Taimat CR
What's the name of the dramatic background music that is playing over the review? Is it from the game as well? I have heard it before
Ash The Duke
Is he wearing a red shirt
Hemang Chauhan
3:04 Kiyru doesn't kill anyone
Yami yama
So many 8.5 lately by different writers reminds me of the 4 star reviews batch of last year. We sure live in a time with an embarrassment of riches.
The review is in better with English generated subtitles
Tony Jacob
Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that plays in the background when you enter the restaurant Kani Douraku....
Banjo Potato
I’m probably the only one who thought they wasted resources on Majimas chapter when they probably could’ve added some gameplay for Kazama in the flashbacks
Tasunka Wolf Amaru
Why blood doesn't show up in my game
The tiger of dobuita is more of a badass
Crim Rui
I honestly think that cabaret club is better then ever and sunk many hours into it. It never felt like a grind to me. Yakuza 2 originally was one of my favorite games in franchise, and this one just proves it yet again. Amazing game with great characters and refined combat gameplay. Also, heat action with Kaoru is worth solid 9 at least.
Tearju Engi
Was struggling with cash until a big side quest got me 70M yen. Easy money though it took awhile. Some bits felt weird and because it wasn't as focused as Kiwami 1, I like it least of the ones I have played but I still enjoyed it a lot. Also Yakuza 6 is awesomeand GOTY contender.
Cristian Cortés
this game is easy even in hard. all these games are easy. i finish every single 1 for the stories but....they need a thoughtful combat. had enough.
Martin McHugh
Dishes out the pain, very punny
Ruggero Lo Scalzo
Really? Russian subs and no English subtitles?
Great game that came out a bit of a bad time considering Spiderman comes out around same time.
benjamin pevzner
Is there any info on the pc dates for kiwami and kiwami2?
8.5 seems fair only because i hate the man in black boss fights
Boo R
Why do inbreds sleep on the Yakuza series. It up there with MGS. 😭
The only thing i regret is not getting into this series earlier i started with 0 last month and it is amazing i have now bought kiwami 1 and 2 and looking to buy 6 although i heard the story is weak compared to 2 and 0 dam my wallet is gonna be empty
Tord L
Half way trough the game and if ends up being a tad bit better then 0 and kiwami i might very well look at one my all time favourite games. Something about the setting, story/plot, characters , the city, the minigames that just make me love these game, i found 0 and kiwami 1 both well i dont like the word but a little underrated , but each to they own i guess these games are pretty niche tough
I didn't like 6s combat. It looks like it's the same. That's a shame
Can you beat the game without doing all the weird side quests? The story always looks interesting, but the gameplay and look of the game just looks so dated to me even with the updated engine.
Fernando Torres
I can't believe Huber still calls Kiryu "Kazuma", is not wrong, but EVERYONE on the game calls him Kiryu, do we call Majima "Goro"? No we don't.
Salat Ala Nabi صلى على النبي
Lol I finished this game already, thanks Easyallies.