Get the most out of PS4 System Software update 2.5

Check out some of the fantastic new features in PS4 System Software Update 2.5.
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Spotify is on PlayStation starting today yuss

Those people would never play The Order: 1886
got a xbox one but wish i had the ps4 bcause of bloodborne and the order BUT no hate for xbox one cause i enjoyed sunset overdrive, dead rising 3 and Ryse!

PLEASE NO Console War - THX !
(4 the grammar guys -> i am from austria and english is not my mother language!!)
have a wonderful day, guys and girls ;-)
Trip Tamine
to sum up the new update, basically you connect your ps4 up to the CIA database for a more intimate relationship between you and your government
Justa Channel
Now we need music and video playback from the hard drive.
Butters Stotch
This video proved hot girls are on PlayStation :)
you need to update off/online friends notification and direct youtube livestream
Az089Ify (erik08032000)
Need to add a music player so we can put music on the ps4 instead of using a usb port to listen to music and having to remove the usb if we need to charge a controller while using a wired headset.

Also adding the feature that shows when friends come online and how long they have been offline like the ps3 would be awesome.
Christian Viana
Lasse Bekker Weinreich
April fools
David Moyer
Still waiting for the "Your friend is online" notification.
jacob mejia
Hey I cannot loud my libary games
Let us customize the main menu with the games we want appearing please. It's too cluttered imo.
How do I do the suspend and resume thing
Sean Cullen
Hilarious, nice April fools Playstation! 
what about folders ?
habib Awwad
I wish if I had one
TheParty Lemon
Cool but I got some good ideas for stuff my PSN name is maximus8925
kennyxdbaum 18
The Best console
Microsoft, your turn.
I am buying PS4. And because I research everything I buy, I saw a that update 2.50 breaks the console, making it unable to start. Can you tune me on that. has it been fixed?
I like the invert color option escipically when I'm playing EA UFC.
There is one issue still: if you play a game and quit, then wanna get into the PS store, it just gives a blank screen. Also, the Rest Mode option is already on the first screen when holding the PS button, why put it on the top when choosing Power Option? Sometimes, I wanna shut down, but chose Rest Mode accidentally. Please fix.
Brandon V
I hope one of these days we get an option to change our PSN names 
Am I the only one who has disc drive noise?!
Pete Macinroph
This update is meh, only cool thing is suspend/resume, but I don't even use it. Now after playing a game PS Store doesn't load, and you have to restart the system. Fix that, and the trophy deleting needs some adjustments.
carlus Jones
I got that ish but any one got gta v ps4 ish just add me n wee play some ish yaasss Bisshhhh iNsAnExPsYcHo95 or Nah
Sociowhores do not need.
yoav kashi
Since this update every time I click "join game" in party chat to get into a friend in destiny I am being sent to the ps store even though I bought the game on disc.
Fix the dam party chats where you can't hear certain people with a different NAT type.. I never had this problem with party chat on the xbox 360
It would be great if they fixed the connection
Benjamin Zubača
Am I the only one who doesnt care about which consoles are better? I think both are great but I just like the PS4 little better.

PLS no console war.

Maybe one day Microsoft and Sony could work together.
meninist[cancer]Linus just the tips
Still no cup holders
I want free online forever
Trasher 21
Doo free multyplear free on ps4
First one is missleading. You cant pause a Multiplayer game! You will resume in the menu
Tommy Sean
Hate how they changed the power on and off setting I never use rest mode unless I'm downloading something now you have to click on more options to turn the thing off.
Dion Jones
My Xbox one could do most of all that already