PS4 Update 6.50 OUT NOW - Everything You Need To Know (PS4 Update 6.50)

PS4 update 6.50 out - all info (ps4 update 6.50 - playstation update 6.50 - PS4 6.50 update - no psn name change - ps4 name change)
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Main features in PS4 Firmware 6.50

You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 system from devices such as smartphones and tablets. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the App Store.

Other features in PlayStation 6.50 update

You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live.This service is available only in certain countries and regions.

You can now change the button assignment to perform "Enter" operations from thebutton to thebutton. Select(Settings) (System), and then select the checkbox for (UseButton for Enter).This option is available only for specific countries and regions.

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979 комментариев
an Bháis
The only reason I pay attention to these updates is for the name change
Miguel M
Sony put the IDname change now!!!! Pls
So nothing new, basically.
Izat Emir
i think sony should repair ps4 browser, so lag
I want name changeeeeee
Quantum Solipsism
Sony pls, just give us IDname change. It's pretty weird to see in 2019 id like "XxXPaInMaStErLuLzXxX"
The ShogunHimself
Day 1,986 of waiting for Sony to put in Name change 🤔😤
Hybrid Theory
Another garbage update that doesn't do anything.
dale burnsred
Why would they put remote play on iOS and not android? Wtf
Dark Sphere
I literally just updated my game a few minutes ago then I found this video
Fluid Anxietyz
Everyone contact Sony for name change
Remote play on phones? I guess the vita is now officially useless
Syco Osama
who else was just scrolling through videos for name chnage😂😂😭
Elliott Blair
Feysal Feysal
I really wanna change my name please do next update plz
I updated it and 1 hour later my ps broke😭
Really weird Sony workers putting all of their effort to this useless updates. I see nothing on every single update tbh lol
Sony.. so what happened to being able to change your name Gamertag?
If there is no DualShock support, I’m not sure what the point of a remote play app is. Until there is DualShock support, I’ll stick to the Vita as it’s still the better option.
Chris Brown
Updated my game now Their is no sound coming out my ps4
Asirpa The Immortal
They said name change update would come early in 2019 it's March how early do they think that is??? Augest?? 😂😂
Still waiting for the Online-ID change...
So I updated mine yesterday and the audio transferred to my tv from the ps4 stopped working. Literally everything was working before that update came along. I don't know how to fix this.
Vlone Sensei
Sony:"Why aM i StiLl GetTing haTe?"

Me:u scammin
Gαʍer Girl YT
My keep saying Error it won’t let me log on
Jett XR
I have a quick video on how to use ps4 controller on iphone using the ps4 remote play app.
Ryan Petersen
The update screwed up my console! There’s no audio and it’s stuck in a DVI 1920x1080 mode.
420 Quips
Damn it I wanted Samsung compatibility for remote play.
I want custom theme music. Anyone else?
Why not Android?
i cant find remoteplay anywhere and ur link doesn’t work
I can't updated it it says an error occured ANY HELP
nicholas georgoudakis
I don't care about name. Change I like mine bubble29 been that way since ps3 days
Fabio K
If you want to switch X and O buttons you have to go to Settings->Accessibility->button assignment and there you should be able to switch it.
they added a SAVE v7 . Sony still trying to STOP - Save Wizard - LOL
Jose Treves
Everytime i try to download it, it shows me (CE-30002-5) error
All the update did was freeze my ps4. I can only play offline now.
kieran l
I made my name when I was 8:kieran_is_cool06, just give me a name change
Anthony Fuller
Thank you for the info keep on making these great videos
Boiis_ Food_1273
Everytime i go to update it it says “An error has occurred (CE-30002-5)”
And now i cant play red dead redemption online ;(
Nova Yusuf
Finally... I waited 5 years to sony fix the O enter system glitch I was using the O button to enter and X button to back and finally they fixed it.
My name starts and ends with "xX" i want to change it
Dude I was so hype for it to be name change
The best update ever. Now I don't have to struck with Japanese controller where circle is the X button anymore
M2 Gaming Canada
Well, this is great news, but would have been a great idea to include controller support...
Is anybody else having an issue where the TV shows you purchased from the PS store are not showing up in the playlist in "My Videos"?
The Real Dragon
It proves Xbox AKA Microsoft was right about playing games on other devices and systems with Xbox Game pass and service.
Alan de Holanda Oliveira
My ps4 pro 7200b presents many bugs in many games with this update... please someone help me
Aris Golseen
If sony didn't hype up the name change option it wouldn't be like this but no they said early 2019. It's almost 2020!!!!
Akhil Haripersad
But I already have version 20.0
Remote play want work for mines wassup with that bro?
Dawn Hikari
This update is so crap I thought it was for psn name change sadly it's not
Zoe Waters
I keep getting an update error when i try to download this update. It wont let me sign in or play online. What do i do?
StellatedTexas 8
Forced my AC Odyssey to close during a cutscene to make me update. Couldn't even reopen until I got update.
Alan Cooper
Um, Galaxy phones are compatible too as well you know....
S3 ‘
So I see a lot of name changes wanted, but how about the fact that network problems? Mine disconnects so commonly since I got my new WiFi, it works but it’ll kick off every now and then and I test connection, only for it to come back. I’ve tried everything guys, just let me know if the same things happening or if PlayStation will fix it.
faucet Faucet
Its already early 2019
حامل المسك
its stop work with me after update by usb flash !!!i try to format same proplem
the tIgEr
we need more horizon zero dawn videos !!!!
laxmi raut
my heart was going alwas telling you need to upadate finnaly
killerblue flame
They should have added were you could pick a color on your remote
Ummm who got the error Su-42118-6 while installing ☹️
Zani Gaming
Link for remote play for android?
Use Steelseries Nimbus controller works perfectly.
The gaming extra
When name changing comes out my new psn will be FryCookingYaAss
Rpg maniac
So are they going to add remoteplay for all devices or just iOS if so that's not fair man
Honestly that mobile app is super sick. I play a ton of Ark Survival evolved, so now I won’t miss an imprint while I’m at work
Hernandez Mccuminner
I need the name change update....i cant be dicklord42069 anymore
Yumi: Shur cheinji ya neimu but ya ganaa loose all ya Fukkin Shit
William Sleight
I have no sound when this update installed. How do i fix this?
Somebody 657
You can use your controller u just have to be signed into 2 accounts (the account you want to use has to be 2nd tho)
We'll get a PS5 before the name change feature D:
Liam Rivera
I just installed this and it deleted half the games I purchase on the store and can’t get em back
YvngKingWavvy ·
I tried the phone/ipad as controller and still didnt work
Negim Chami
For me the update 6.50 is not working it says connect to your network and i did it and still not working can somebkdy please help me
hisyam amiruddin
This system update os for fixing crash from playing anthem!!
Remote Play has been on Android for ages!
Ercan Yalcinkaya
remote play is very laggy and pretty much unusuable at least as of today
Eduardo Torres
The one thing that's missing as a fix for automatic downloads. It doesn't work even though I've been subscribed to ps plus since 2016.
Alan de Holanda Oliveira
Meu ps4 pro deu bug depois de atualizar para esse update, o jogo fica com uma imagem toda bugada parece aqueles bugs de plugin de vídeo de computador
Rhien Crouch
Update not quite perfect. Bought a digital game shortly after the update. Exited ps store and my console almost crashed
Basic Eli
Plz bring I'd change out my PSN is "Gr8tRealEstate" yeah don't ask
Josh Shrewsbury
You sound depressing from this. It takes time dude like for real.
I’m hella underrated 😤🧤
FaTaL Viru5
tried looking for ps4 remote play in ios store ,,,cant find it doesnt show up...the ps4 second screen app shows up
itz fruity
What about jailbreak for 6.50 would have one
All I know is that this update ruined my R6 ranked match I was playing the new operators and I got an error then I tried to start up R6 again and my PS4 froze so I had to and unplug it wait for it to restart because it turned of improperly and then the damn System software update happened installed that then got back on Rainbow and another fucking error happened so I lost that match I'm just surprised that I'm that unlucky.
Mine won't read/eject discs after the update.
um like the streaming is pretty darn awesome right?
My playstation won't restart when I apply the update after it downloaded? Does anyone have this problem or know a fix?
Psycho MindsGaming
Yessss remote play finally for iOS
I bought a 2TB hardrive and did this update but still haven't got the storage I need. Plz help
your Dutch accent kills me
prod gbc
remote play isn’t new tho u can always use it on ios just download R-Play which has been out for quite some time
Are you Dutch? I feel like you are.
Peter Younes
Bro why are you shouting
Jacob Silloway
You should do a compilation of just photos from Spider-Man because I doubt there are going to be many more updates
Jose Arce
Bigger memory what it needs
TNS Triumph
Omg I talked one of the agent yesterday about the remote play it actually happen