God of War Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

We took the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming God of War and placed it side-by-side the PlayStation 4 Pro to visually compare the differences between the two versions.

God of War Review:

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Tennek127 Gaming
Any base ps4 user should feel content where they are watching this
I don't see any bit of difference glad I saved my money!
Stuck in the 90s
Watching this in 144p it all looks the same.
Watching this on my 4K TV (with HDR). So glad I didn't waste money on a Pro. Slim ftw
looks the exact same watching on my 98 iMac
Wow they did a great job on the base ps4
CV Anims
Totally NOT regretting holding on to my base PS4. Lol.
Jeffrey Hensiek
proof that the PS4 Pro is unnecessary.
Plot twist

All from base ps4
Roberto La Greca
Honestly I would have expected much more difference between PS4 and Ps4 pro...............basically the two versions look quite similar.
Calvin Karl Santos
My brain hurts. Cannot see any difference.
Graka Ganggang
I'm absolutely blown away how the regular PS4 keeps up basically identically to the pro, impressed
Ismael Claudio Jr
Do these comparison videos even work? It all depends on what you export this sequence as. If you’re exporting this video at 1080p 60fps, it doesn’t matter if you put a 4K video in that time line because no matter what it is compression it to a 1080p output.

Ethen Jones
Thank god, I have a base ps4 and I was worried but it still looks great
Zack Freeman
People are so dumb man. How can u see a difference while on youtube!! You hafto have a nice 4k t.v in fromt of you with a pro to understand how amazingly clear and smooth the pro is!!
Eph Pro
I don't own a PRO, luckily the regular PS4 graphic still looks great.
Hex Alva
Tries to watch this to notice difference...

Can’t tell a difference because of buffering.
Benedek Boda
For those of us that haven’t played the game on both the ps4s ign could just be recording on the pro for all the gameplay and we wouldn’t know because they all look exactly the same 😂😂
They look pretty much the same and thats cool, but for this kind of games the FPS are really important, and I have a standard PS4, kinda sad about it :(
Thats why I usually get multiplatform game on the Xbox One S, I prefere FPS over Graphics (like with FFXV), but anyway, can't wait to play this!!!
Svetlana the Kitten
I slowed it down to 0.25 "PS4 Pro Performance" was the only one of this 3 that remained smooth
King Werey
more like, 60fps vs 30fps and 1080p vs 4K

(PS4) is 60fps 1080p
(PS4 Pro) is 30fps 4K
Mourad Eissa
why do i feel base graphics more vivid than pro performance?
and for pro resolution Seriously!! its so dull ..
What are you looking at
I'm not watching on a 4k monitor so I can't tell the difference. Someone watching on a 4k monitor plz tell if there is a difference in graphics
Collins Eban
Who else is going to play on performance?😁. Base ps4 looks awesome as well 😍.
GamerBoy Rohit777
Difference can only be spotted by people with eagle vision!
Amogh Srivastava
Is there any difference
Btw except a bit smoothness
dave f
Which is better resolution or performance with a ps4 pro and 4k TV?
awan bagaskoro
Pro is about 3% smoother. Pro also doesn't give whole new experiences. Better save money and wait for ps5.
mr willy wonka
Only difference in graphics is none i can see atall. Performance mode by far the best. Runs super smooth
Retro radio
If you don't have a 4K monitor, don't hurt your brain trying to find a difference, you won't.
OctoMan PC's
Slightly Sharper and better FPS on the PRO but a standard PS4 should be very happy!
Phillip Rockwell
I gotta say, I'm not seeing any difference. I play this on a reg PS4 and it looks stunning.
Was looking to get a ps4 pro, glad I waited and pre-ordered the God War Limited Edition PS4 Pro. It's awesome.
Just beat this game a couple minutes ago. It was amazing 11/10. I almost cried at the end.
Patryk Kowalski
Performance on PS4 PRO ofc! it's better to have 60FPS than on other both where the edge of performance stacks at 30FPS.
You get 40-50 fos on performance and 4K resoultion 30 fps with the resolution mode
NerdGamer 274
I barely even see a difference
If that's the case, I'm sticking with my regular PS4
Leon Scott Kennedy
if you have a ps4 pro use performance it runs so smooths and looks beautiful
Mad King
Looks 99% identical.
PS4 base version is exactly the same as Pro, just different res. For people without a 4K tv, this is a good thing.
Altair DeSanta
Pro performance looks best but definitely not worth buying a new console. Glad I can play this masterpiece at all
Sam L
To see the difference, you need to watch on 4k screen with 4k resolution, otherwise they are downgraded to same quality
nobo_ 69
Xbox: "But, But we have better graphics , we have sea of thieves in 4K!
4k= Better graphics" HAHAHAHA
Lucas Gomes
Eu não entendo, me ajuda pessoal... n consigo ver diferença entre eles...
Outra pergunta, eu ja tenho o ps4 Pro, revolution é uma configuração do pro para pegar melhor isso?
To everyone saying PS4 pro is unnecessary: What isn’t shown is frame rate and loading times, also noise reduction. It is an expensive but well worth upgrade.
Octobersvo 6
I'm amazed by how many people do not know the difference, the resolution on a 4K quantum display tv is AMAZING
Appal Shorts
Is it just me, or is there literally no difference whatsoever?
Ahmed Mohamed
Bro the differences are SOO minute that you cannot tell the difference. Santa Monica studios and Sony did a superb job!🙌🏾👏🏾
Rhombulus The Time Out Guyღ
As much as I love performance modes in games, I’ll stick to Quality mode because of the cinematic value.
Resolution mode it is. my TV does a smart render and smooths 30FPS to look like 60. Same in Horizon : Zero Dawn. I am GOOD!!!
So HAPPY I have a PS4 PRO & 75" LG OLED 4K HDR & integrated compatible LG surround sound...LMFAO 😍😎🤣🤑🤑
Another MASTERPIECE from Sony.
Yup, it’ll look the same watching on a 720 to 1080p display.
Roland Mendoza
no difference HA! can't wait for Resident Evil 2 Remake
Grim Reaper
It looks awesome and I didn’t see the difference between PS4 and PS4 pro Lol

Ps: Great job with the PS4 graphics
The games gorgeous but the pro is only a resolution upgrade. It has the same settings as the standard ps4
Can't tell any difference welp glad I kept my OG ps4 1st addition
Roger White
Very well done comparison. Makes me feel better about still having the base ps4
Exiled Entity
100% makes a Sharper difference with the PS4 Pro Resolution mode. At 1:02 just look at the eyes
mohamed asaad
I can’t see any difference what so ever
SwordFighter Gaming
The pro doesn’t play it at 60 FPS just so you know
Christina Vinson
PS4 Pro Love this game & graphics!! GT: CRY5TYNAL33
Pro is little bit smoother and that's only it.
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
There's a weird red line separating every scene in the middle of the video. Youtube pls fix
cool, no need to get the Pro.
I always feel like, "am I the only person that can't tell any difference?" Looks great to me. Haha
i see zero difference, it may be just a bit more noticeable on a larger screen. either way im very happy that the game will look awesome on the base ps4.
alenn mosses
I dont find any difference...


well done sony...
Jordan Melo
This video was uploaded in 1080p?????🤔 Defeats the whole purpose of the vid
cant wait for the PC release so i can play it on ultra with my 1080 ti :[
Darren Hogan
Difficult to comment either way when the comparison video is in 1080p. Most people commenting are watching on 1080p devices
Bilal Badar
No difference. Definitely getting a base PS4 after watching this, instead of the Pro.
Phantasm HQ
With this move sony kinda lost me. I always got a console at launch. I won't get the PS5 at launch since they will launch another PS5 PRO
Daniel Carrapa
PS4 standard quality is pretty amazing. The main difference will be a better frame-rate on the Pro. A win-win for everyone.
Kal Solo
I had to check to see if this was an April fools joke! Call me uncultured, but I see absolutely no difference lmao
Dylan Lewis
Conclusion: don't even consider the PS4 Pro without a 4K display. On my 1440P monitor I have to lean in very close to notice the difference. On my 4K TV at about 5 feet away, the difference is very noticeable and I would consider the upgrade worthwhile.

The performance mode would be nice if the console had enough power to run at a steady 60FPS, but the uncapped framerate just seems unstable and nauseating. Consistent 30FPS is better than inconsistent 60FPS.

Lastly, don't forget that Youtube is compressing this video and reducing the image quality quite a bit. So the image straight out of the console is going to be a fair bit cleaner.
Torren Zander
if you put it in 4k the only difference is a little bit more hair ;D
Unless you watch the video on 4k you dont really see much difference, only performance having a bit better framerate
let me get my magnifying glass cause i can’t see no difference whatsoever
Brett Silva
I’ve always thought the PS4 Pro was such a small step forward, sort of a ripoff. But atleast they are upfront about what it is. Rather then selling it as a PS5 and the games not being backwards compatible. If they can’t take another giant leap forward then I like/prefer this path they are taking.
Rob S
I’ll have to go with performance. The movement is the only real noticeable difference. It all looks great!
Nick Bell
In person, the resolution bump on the pro does look a lot better than the performance version. Definitely not worth upgrading if you already have a PS4.
Kiełbasa Sklepowa
As a PC gamer i would choose now ps4 pro with performance settings, i hate 30 fps
I'll take Performance :)
Because my TV is 10 years old and i prefer fps on consoles but i prefer graphic AND fps on PC's
Kugend Boy
I can't tell the difference at all. The is just soooooo good!
Joseph DiSalvo
Only thing noticeable is the huge framerate bump on the Pro Performance mode.
mr willy wonka
No difference in graphics but performance mode is great on pro
robert haibi
I'm not sure anything could make this game look bad.
I'eet Aspergers
If you ask me, God of War has always been a beautiful looking game so whether its in standard 1080p or 4K it don't really matter. I don't get the hype about graphics anyway nowadays. The game is beautiful
Mr. Mojojojo
Consoles 30fps has a different charm to it. Makes the game a bit more immersive. The music the settings and that feel makes me want to play it in 30fps.
Alexis Javier
Not much difference that's goid because i only have the original one.
Today's India
It also contains differences between kratos hight
you gotta watch these vids in 4k to really see the differences.
It's best when in performance mode, you won't even bother with the other once you play it
Dan Sathiy
lol can't see any difference at all, guess I can keep on using the ps4 for another few years
Akuza Gaming
Standard ps4 looks really good as much as they claim the pro makes things look better... in this case it's so small you'll never notice the difference.
Arep Senpai
*Meanwhile* Xbox X boys still playing Minecraft in 4k.
Master AssassiN
in the video it looks the same resolution ps4 and ps4pro,but in the eyes with 4k hdr tv's in the ps4pro its like another game.
i have both consoles.
Scott Unverzagt
Resolution is pretty irrelevant at a certain point...it just makes it harder to run advanced graphics options. FPS makes the experience.
Honestly I'm content with my PS4 Slim. Who can tell the difference anyway..lol