UNCHARTED THE LOST LEGACY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 - Shiva (PS4 Pro)

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 includes a Review and Mission 4 of the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Story for PS4. This Uncharted The Lost Legacy Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Story Missions, all Cutscenes, Chloe, Nadine, Chapters, Encounters, Treasures, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player. Thanks Sony for Uncharted The Lost Legacy!


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is available for the PlayStation 4, as a standalone expansion to the Uncharted series. Players control Chloe Frazer, who seeks the Tusk of Ganesh in the mountains of India in the midst of a civil war, with the help of mercenary Nadine Ross. The game is played from a third-person perspective; players use firearms, and can use melee combat and stealth to defend against hostile enemies. Players solve puzzles, incorporating several platformer elements to advance the narrative, and navigate the game world on-foot or by vehicle.
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Let's do this! Hope all of you are having a good day. Expect more today as well.
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The thumbnail can prove whether you're dirty minded or not
Beast MODE
Kou Es
Honestly Brad I wasn't expecting the 5th part this quickly. Your'e doing an amazing job keep up the good work man.
Sohail Jafar
Am I the only one whose noticing that they're starting to becoming really good friends?
damn this game is beautiful!!
WoW I just refreshed nice timing I just finished the fourth episode
TheBest BETS
who else thought 8:08 "isnt that right chubsters" was actually in the game? nobody? ok...
"Did I just go in a full circle? ...no I didn't "
YES YOU DID LMAO 😂 2:01 ~ 3:24
I came for the thumbnail
Trogdor Tibbles
Listening to Brad talk to Chubsters made me feel so happy. Brad really is the most upbeat and drama-free YouTuber there is.
Koriand'r Of The Stars
Brad. You forgot to investigate the question mark on the map before getting into Halebidu! Now you can't go back. 😣
"this is not stable dont do this at home" 21:19 where am i gonna find big statue at my house
·Queen Kirchstein·
I love how Brad just causally yells to Chubbs.
Shreyas verma
hi brad...
The so called big statues are of Lord GANESHA the son of Lord Shiva. They are worshiped by Indians all across the globe.just for your info. :)
Just Josh
I like how they made Nadine more likable than in four, i mean i liked her from the beginning but here, she seems, i dunno i just like her more now
K Mills
"Isn't that right Chubsters?!" I laughed so hard, thought it was part of the game for a second.
21:19 "Don't ever do this at home!"
How exactly are we supposed to do that at home?
Brad Keep spamming we will keep loving
I started watching your channel when you played The Walking Dead season 1
Love You Man!!!!
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When im early to a vid i always refresh the page every minuet just to see how much the views climb. Dam.
Edgar Rivas
"Did I just go in a full circle?... No I didn't." 😂 lol
Eduardo Carrillo
It is very impressive how they had added subtleties to the character's facial expressions; small grins, coy looks, and even biting of the lip. They're very small details but when put together as a whole, it makes for a very compelling portrayal and just make the interaction between the characters so much more believable.
Mr. 2cents.
You're right Brad. I'm watching this on my 55" HDTV and it looks gorgeous. I also play all my games on here. And your wrong. These graphics will always look good.
iron droid
i feel uncharted 4 had a better story
I love how it's set in India so when ever they're fighting or shooting at Chloe, I pretend that they're saying "Chloe, open bobs and send vagene piccher"!
Dude, normally I enjoy your videos, but this one, your voice is too loud, I couldn't hear the girls saying anything
patrick nzete
binge watched the entire Uncharted series (1-4), now following this really closely, keep up the good work Brad,
ps. say hi to Chubs for me :)
Samarth Singh
10:00 she slid into an ad instead of my dm. :^(
When i finished the last episode, I was like "Please be a next episode, please" and there was :d
3:20 did i just walk into a full circle?
no i didn't
"definetly did"
Simba Sithole
8th comment 62 Views. Never been this early. I love ur vids brad😺
When Brad talks about Silent Hill

Brings so much memory

Memory how I never finished the game because I was so young back then and I couldn't really play horror games
"Did I just go in a full circle"....Really Brad ...
Retr0 UK
I laughed when he shouted in the background
Your casual gamer
The escape was amazing felt like a movie's scene
Hussein Bash
keep those coming brad, just watching you everyday motivate the hell outta me <3
Nilanjan Debnath
I actually live near Belur. xD One of my best friends from college stays in Belur. However I never noticed any Hoysala ruins there. Damn.. :'(
Nilanjan Debnath
I actually live near Belur. xD One of my best friends from college stays in Belur. However I never noticed any Hoysala ruins there. Damn.. :'(
jupiter jay
You’re doing amazing sweetie
16:16 that's from uncharted 3 when you have to line up the shadows on the wall
Smooth Operator
Absolutely amazing. I'm just watching the progress, everything they go through, and can't help but notice the scratches that show up on them in the game. The graphics are stunning, no doubt. But hats off to them for their attention to detail on something like that.
Patently waiting on Part 6 so I can have something to watch while I eat, lol.
Scottiplier PopCultFan
That thumbnail though, you got a dirty mind my friend
Stephen Guelpa
Stealthy Mongoose
i nearly pissed my pants watching everything collapse at the end
when you will upload part 6. I'm so excited !
We're all lovin this game so far Brad. We want more, keep em comin :D
wade wilson
I wish to see how you really look brad you're my hero 😍
Max Shaw
Awww, man, sorry to hear about Chubs. Know you love the little shit and I feel you there. Hope he gets better and spry quick!
Dud I'm watching this on an 85" samsung and it is amazing
Dude your channel is my new favorite TV show. I haven't watched tv since I found it
super sayin goku super sayin goku
Bruh im so late since its Saturday I have 2 days to make up five parts wish me luck
16:50 this is kust like that puzzle inthe 3rd one with all those holes in the ground and a single lamp
Kumar Sanjeev
I wish I could win a copy of this game
Kadyn Gibbons
Count how many times brad says "you know?"
"Did I just go in a full circle? No I didn't" Lol Brad you actually did.
Brad you're the man!! Thank you once again for the uploads my man! I hope your doing well today!
MsShutupndance MSU & D
This is one of the most impressive beautiful games i have ever had the pleasure of watching. And its a pleasure to watch how you play them Brad. Thank you for bringing this to us and for making it so enjoyable as you always do. 😹
Hunter Ramirez
Ive been watching this guy sense i was a kid now im in college and im still a huge fan keep it up brad👌
21:19 thanks for that friendly advice Brad 👌🏾
H9 Sycroax
I subbed at wolfenstien the new order I can't remember what year it was xD
Rahul Jadhav
It's really amazing how Western know so less about Hinduism..
to tosh
21:31 Finally, These ladies have had a bath... I sure believe they was stinking...
Nadine's move at the end XD
BRAD, i love your videos and my dream is to have a channel as big as you and yeah i am gonna be playing the new uncharted lost legacy game as soon as i get it. If you wanna watch it come over :)
Vadym Strelchenko
I think, it's actually the first time watching as you upload
Nancy Chang
"did i just go in a full circle? no i didnt"

uh yes u did buddy lmao
Prashant Tayade
21:20 Don't do this at home😃😃.that's amazing
skaryn chase
The detail of her hands are amazing
Erik X
Each location in Uncharted always ends with "oh so this whole place must have been a decoy" "oh, so where is the real location" ... couldnt they get a little bit more creative? hilariously predictable story
Omg I've been waiting for this! I love your chanel ❤
Janice Shedrick
I love the Uncharted series and this is great as well. I enjoy watching your videos because your walkthroughs are by far the best and you don’t do a bunch of talking like soy of the other walkthroughs
to tosh
WoW I just refreshed!!! nice timing I just finished the fourth episode!!! Continuing bruh... Let's do this!!!
Emanuel K.
Brad walking in circles because he's talking to us again lmao ;)
My favorite Uncharted setting so far is the one of the 4, the hunt for the tresure of King of Pirates was like magic to me.
Durrel Lee
This is the earliest I've ever been on your channel since 2012
Elijah Mills
I face palmed so hard wen u went in a circle then said u didnt😂😂💯 you're a cool dude man n I've been watching ya videos since modern warfare 2 keep up the hustle man💯💯💯
Mr. M
The best thumbnail ive ever seen :D
Shadow Townsend
Part 5 when they was climbing the huge statue the "weird angle" look like a d*** tip
Calvin Phann
Hope your dog is okay (:
Satish Raju
I feel puzzles ruin my experience with uncharted series
Satish Raju
I feel puzzles ruin my experience with uncharted series
Stephen Todd
You're a beast for this. Thank you!
Brad, "the thing I struggle with" is the reason I come back to your channel all the time.
Ayden Evangelista
when you said "isn't that right chubsters" i died HAHAHAH LMAO
Tai Tran
I love how Brad just scream across thee room and not answer from his dog :))
Gina Gr
brad you're the best player !I've been watching you since forever man ! please keep playing and uploading .I hope some day you'll see my comments and answer me.lots of love from Greece and...lets do this !!!!!
Hannah Butterfield
Watching this makes me so excited for TLOU part 2. Love Naughty Dog! Thanks for uploading Brad
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I wake up and there it is, part 5! Thank you man, greetings from Colombia.
Oh this episode was amazing!
Nicolas Vasile
3:23 "Did I just do a full circle? No I didn't"... I was speechless xD you're awesome Brad xD
Bling Bling Boy
It took me forever to try and beat that puzzle. I ended up skipping it
Hey man thanks for the videos, just a random question.
Why don't you ever watch Nadine do any of the obstacles?
Rychad Johnson
The climbing mechanics reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn
Gaming Mizan_89
keep it going brad <3
Pam Harvill
Brad wishing the best for Chubs and love this series
YES BRAD!!! hope my channel grows like yours!! keep up the awesome vids. unfortunately i cant watch because im trying to avoid spoilers for my playthrough
B Begich
I cant wait for someone to make porn animation of Chloe and Nadine on Pornhub, they already have Tomb Raider and Far Cry porns.
Man I love this game so far. I can't wait for the next video. Keep it up