Trying to FIX a Faulty PS4 (Sony PlayStation 4) with numerous Faults

Hi, this 'trying to fix' video shows me attempting to repair a faulty PS4 that I purchased on eBay for £54.75. Unfortunately it had many more faults than was advertised.
Big thanks to Andrew Paul. Check out his video below that I used to fault find and fix the Blu-ray drive
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this 'Trying to FIX' series.
Many thanks, Vince.
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PS logo appeared on screen and I clapped, lol. My wife looked over and said "What are you clapping about?" I simply said "My mate Vince fixed it!" She said "Fixed what? And who's Vince?" lol
Leave negative feedback, not as described. listing said "good condition"... hes been opened before, no screws, no hard drive, cables not included as advertised, thats certainly not "good condition"
You need to dispute cases like this.. even if you don't ship it back you will get a chunk of your money back to help with the problem' if the description is simply off.
if you don't dispute when you being scammed on eBay, then yourself are making a market for all the wankers and you're in fact some of the main problems. and then the next one will have even bigger problems with even more wankers on the site.
btw very impressive smd-soldering, that's pretty hardcore repair, so give yourself some credit your way more skilled then you give yourself credit for.
and wicked this 2 hours delivery from Amazon.. amazon get your finger out and get to Scandinavia region, hence Denmark...
I sold my original Xbox on eBay a year ago fully working and when he received it he said it wasn't working and wanted a full refund I sad return the item and you will get a refund I got the Xbox back and it was a completely different console could tell by the serial number and he didn't realize I took a pic of the number and it was actually on the pics on my listing I phoned eBay and he never got a refund and his account was banned I've noticed eBay is getting worse
John Goodman
Contact ebay NOT as described and get full refund
Sold it as a "PS4 500GB" without the 500gb hdd. That's gold. Loved the video. Cringed a bit for that poor leg you bent on the HDMI chip. Oof.
Phillip King
Your to trusting Vince. Clearly it was stripped for parts and then listed as faulty, The seller knew what he was doing. You should have raised a dispute with eBay. Its fraud.
Oh and keep the videos long. It's just more real that way.
Nice work. You should contact the seller for a partial refund, since the seller knew the disc drive was faulty and still claimed that it was only a HDMI issue, plus the cables were missing as well. If the seller refuses, file a claim with eBay and they'll sort it out. But you have to do it soon, I don't know how long you've had this but after a certain period of time (2 months?) you can no longer file a claim with eBay. There's an option "item not as described" for cases just like this.
I would definitely give that seller a bad review Vince. Totally unacceptable condition for a PS4 with only a 'HDMI problem'
A r i e s R
Great vid!! Question do you have an email where I can send a pic of a component on my Ps4 slim that looks damage? Idk what it is and where I can I find a replacement part for it. Thanks!
Sean Pezzillo
I own a repair shop and have plenty of spare boards and parts if you need.
You rebuilt it from the ground up. Keep it. Your best work so far
Tim Baumann
I think it's time to leave a VERY negative review on that ass-wipe who sold you the unit NEVER divulging that their were so many other issues with the PS4. If that had been me I would have begun a complaint against the seller. In the US we take LYING on E-Bay very seriously. I has an issue with a Xbox 360 that in the end the seller HAD to refund the money back to me and I was asked to send the item back to the seller. It's one thing to state the item is in a "as-is" condition, it's another to lie about it. But for your part mate, WELL DONE!!! I hope you enjoy your NOW WORKING PS4 for years to come!!! YOU ROCK MATE!!!
Ford Timelord
The cushion was put in there, to lay your head down later with a massive headache
platin maracuja
1h of pure success <3 nice video man and Gratulation from Germany :)
Wow your soldering skills have very much improved from earlier vids and you can even see improvement through the video! Another great fix and i love the videos they arent tutorials its more like youre taking us along for the ride. Thats what makes these videos so interesting. Thanks for another great video!
Wow. Just wow. What a great video. It was like a rocky journey with a happy ending. Definitely worthed the ~1h to watch it. I enjoyed it very much and thank you good sir for making it.
Congrats on fixing it. Enjoyed the video from start to finish :)
Mark H
It should be boring to watch this but my god it was compelling I couldn't stop watching it. He should have named the seller who sold him this POS to help people as eBay is a dodgy place for the uninitiated and you can really leave a bad review. That said a good video which shows that you should not give up cheers Vince
Mike Fellows
Love you patience Vince ! Great job as ever ! You were sold a lemon but totally triumphed !!!
The retro gamer with old consoles
Thanks a million great video I spilled my coffee😂 lol at 31:52 well done mate 👍
Nick Heard
Absolute respect Sir. You went to town on that abused PlayStation.
Manitoban Misanthrope
Seller is a scammer. Get your money back.
Love your enthusiasm bro...and you've taught me a lot too.
I bet those 65 dislikes are from the person and hes family who sold this console....Really great 1 hour video and it was worth to watch, especially emotion when it started to work. Keep up the good work!
Kyeol Williams
Brilliant problem solving skills and lessons learned from this! Thanks for the video. I'm actually working out an HDMI driver problem myself. It's a rare case for a someone to stick to a big problem like this, but you actually problem solve through every issue, ordered parts, and completed every thought that came about! I say the skills & lessons learned along with a working playstation was well worth the £200.
trev tyler70
Mate your a legend well done👍
stephan B
you got scammed
Mohd Nasir Mohamed Shamsi
My Mate VINCE you're not an expert in these repairs but you're know what you're doing man. I did really enjoy watch your video. hope that I can do like what you're doing. Because I like to repairs but really don't know what to do
BTW: My son Bittien Biscuit introduced me to your channel, he had it rough a few years during a divorce when I was not there often and he said "he used to sit up at night for HOURS and Hours and watch your stuff when you did not have many subs at all, I was thrilled as I am as passionate as him and yourself about this stuff and your channel is brilliant mate. Thanks for helping my son without knowing, he loves you and watched to this day as do i, Steve from Philadelphia
Good Job as allways! 😬👍
Karim Errytouny
Excellent repair. I also used to buy faulty PS3s and most often the description understates what the faults actually are. They are time consumers and parts are too expensive to buy. You most often end up with the price of a healthy used console with accessories. I noticed that most cheaters don't include the HDD and controller.
Get a refund.
He described the problem, only one problem and left out the rest.
It didn't come with the cables, even tho he said it did.
It didn't come with all the PlayStation. The HDD, caddy, bluetooth + wireless, thermal pads and screws are apart of the PlayStation and should come with it unless specifically stated.
It has already been taken apart and put back together as to hide it. It was also damaged in the last "repair".
It was clearly stripped for parts to make more money and he has sent you the bare motherboard barely held into place.
That's not on, that's not right. This is how places like E-bay get a bad rep.

Just because it's broken doesn't mean he can lie about the state that it's in or even scam people.
You bought X,Y and Z, you should receive X,Y and Z.
well done mate very good job!! i have been hyped by your work on that ps4 for the entire video!!!
Those "6 pin IC's" are mosfets.And a bjt driving the gate of the mosfet as you can see.Probably to enable power for the dvd drive.
The lesson - never buy from a seller who doesn't use commas in the description.

At least you can take your revenge by sending them the link to your video (the ending is the best) and saying - "So I fixed it. Do you want to buy it back for 200 pounds? Now in fully working condition for sure. And with the same pillow as a gift."
ahmad alkhateeb
your genius man i love your passion with this electronic stuff ... nicely done
End Srate
broken console that have been opened is never a good sign...
Will Morici
You sir, are my hero. I'm impressed at your diagnostic and soldering skills!
taka nakagami
YES he is taken it in. YES. I can hear it spinning. WOW, unbelievable. that was hilarious Lol, and happy at the same time that you can fixed it.
Vince you're getting better and better I also shouted yes! With you when you had fixed the HDMI ic chip problem
Great work. You now have a new subscriber :)
mx 2 is non conductive, so dont worry about using to much. i also reccomend macking an x shape but a blob is fine 2
Amazingly Awkward
Bloody well done! That seller was pretty scummy but I've had issues with my PS4 so as soon as it said connect the controller via USB I knew you'd booted into safe mode! Amazing job!
Zade Keys
Chipwick is a very good product, BUT quality flux will do a great job at FAR less cost. Flux also lowers the melting point, while also prepping the metal for new
Sadek Oussalah
eBay has to set a rule that if the item is sold working it should work if not the return should be allowed as policy and the seller pays for the postage! thanks for your video mate.
Carl Jenkins
Wow I can only imagine the feeling when the logo popped up, respectively the disk drive's working again. Good job!

You developed quite a bond to this console, maybe you could customize it (spray the housing ect.) :D
Tobi Esto
Great viseo i will buy an broken ps4 and try it by my self to, im ecxited :)😊✌️
Phill Wilson
Fair play on getting that working again, I probably would have given up on it with so many problems. Well done!
Great job, you deserve it man.. I was with you all along.. I was like YEESSSSS!!!! you got it working..
Craig Beas
Report to eBay you need to stop these criminals from catching others out
Ihab Hallou
Hi , Can i use only soldering paste ( not flux )
Oliver Johansson
Man you use enough flux to make Louis rossman proud!
Logan Ehat
Well done man, so happy you were able to get it fixed. Screw those scam eBay sellers but I give lots of respect for you not just laying down and taking it.
Алексей Миронов
You did a really great job here, Vince!
GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods
Spectacular repair this one!!! So many small and large issues there! I would leave that seller a -ve for sure, and ask for a partial refund for the parts you had to order that they did not mention (eg. chips for the drive, missing screws, missing HDD and caddy etc). Great job!!!!!
P p
Just found this channel and i'm addicted lol.... great stuff!
Eric Burden
I certainly hope you left negative feedback on the seller, most ebay transactions like this, it's about all you can do. Hopefully, if you do it will warn other's before they buy from this seller. Good to see you got it working, it's very amazing what you are able to do. Thanks again for sharing. :)
Antonio Monfermoso
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos spent a fortune buying stuff, but I've 2 left hands and just don't have your patience. But I love watching you fix it.
This was a fantastic video the best I've seen from you so far. I cheered when that HDMI started working I was right there with ya. Really appreciate the lengths you went to in getting this working and I'd also say the most satisfying aspect of this video is that you were able to repair it AFTER that bozo before attempted repairs. Id definitely say you are getting to an advanced repair level. Great video!
Though lengthy, this is without a doubt one of your best vids! Amazing repair!!
Brog Lang
YEAHH!!!! You did a great job man! This was awsome. Turned an a holes lemon into lemonaid : )
Dominic Davis-Foster
Vince I'm surprised you haven't got a box full of surplus C7 and C13 power cables "just in case"
Here in Brazil there's somewhat of an equivalent site called "Mercado Livre" (literal translaton being Free Market). It operates over all of Latin America and honestly it's one of the best ways to buy products around here, not only online. They have a fantastic return policy and consumer safety system set up on top of the reliability of the reviews. Not to mention that they have they're own payment and delivery system/companies (so in a way it's more akin to amazon). I find it somewhat disheartening to hear that the "big daddy" of these online trading websites haven't really kept up with the competition, I can only hope that eBay improves on some of it's policies and overall consumer safety in the future...

Edit: Really enjoy your videos mate. You keep scratching my tinkerer bug, maybe I'll finally order a soldering iron this christmas :P Happy holidays and a wonderful 2019
Report them to eBay and get your money back, hard drives don't just go missing. They've intentionally lied about the condition and what's wrong with it and not even included what they stated.
Faulty HDMI, over 1 hr vid. I don't think so.
Kjeld Larsen
Great video , thank you 👍tho you had to spend extra money on it , the satisfaction getting it to work is ....well you know🙃
Excellent job Vince :D This video got me really pumped.
Christopher Tuckwell
Great work I wish all the best in more repairs fix it looking also look forward to see
More fix videos
Andy 222
Well done sir. Its hard to describe the feeling until you've done it yourself... soldering & soldering for hours, trying to fix a damn problem until the magic moment happens & you get video on the screen... yeah had that experience couple times with the 360 but its definitely relatable! :)
Jambs Diano
great job vince! in the end it costed way more than planned but the knowledge and experience that you gained is priceless...
Ricky Collins
200 pounds yeah but the knowledge and experience is priceless. Keep up the good work. I'm learning allot also.
Larry Gall
I would have sent it back. It's far beyond his description. Said nothing about missing all the screws, thermal pads, hard drive, WiFi antenna, bad BR drive or the myriad of other things.. including the power cable they said it came with. Even that stuff about another amateur fuddling around inside it.. really? I bought over a thousand things from eBay and only had to deal with liars twice. Both sold used items as new. I never buy used electronics outside the GTX-1080 that I bought 3 months ago that said it was less than 6 months old.. and as it turned out, when I registered it on EVGA's site, it was 4 months old. Looked brand new. You just need to be careful and always scrutinize *before* you buy it.
Chris French
I admire your dedication even if it didn't make financial sense. Well done !
Excellent. I should have gone to bed ages ago but I had to watch the whole vid. Subscribed.
F.K. Burnham
I would have opened a dispute with Ebay for "Not as advertised" , parts missing, and such. By keeping it you are allowing the seller to screw over more buyers.
I admire your tenacity in repairing the game. Good going!
even 0dds
You old Fault Hound! Great job troubleshooting and fault finding!
Lumpy Bisquick
Damn and I thought I was a Badass After Replacing my DualShock Case
You levelled up from amateur to intermediate with this repair. many many small faults and got it back to working flawlessly, great job
Gosh so much brutality was done prior auction.. your endurance is inspiring
Jeremy Hinkle
I absolutely love your videos. Keep up the good work 👍🏼.
Lucas Pagan
On a PS4,
A orange light is the console in rest mode
A white light is the console running normally
A blue light is the console booting up
A flashing blue light is the blue light of death, you don’t want that at all
Great video man i really like how you stay at it. The seller needs an nice talk over from Ebay.
Moebius Event
was it an early firmware? u should have kept it at v5.05 and put HEN on :)
Tarmo Saluste
if you are using a heat gun already, use the solder paste. No accuracy needed, and much simpler soldering back IC.
craig rennie
Just recently found your channel thanks for your excellent uploads and great content I really like how you go about repairing things even though you don't have the know how we all should try to repair if we can as we seem to be a throw away society now sub from me many thanks
you got scammed, they lied about alot of faults then stole screws, wireless module and antenna, and hard drive, file a report to police
Ivan Lopez
for real, what a shitty seller. Love to see you made it work, great job!
nanu vasww
ps4 pro no power on USB no display remote not connected to the PS white light not show

plz help me
junior cook
Awesome job bro,love watching your videos
Rave Review
There are few things as satisfying as turning on something you repaired and it work as intended. Great Job!
Piece of trash! Ask for full refund immediately
Excellent video as always! :). Just picked up some of that chip quick for some thick pcb boards where I’ve been struggling to get the original solder to melt.

Some nice info and techniques, has helped me a lot. Just started buying different things to try repair myself.
Sweet meat daddy
this ps4 is like refurbishing a 100 year old house. A single might seem simple but once you get into the deeper parts of the house more problems show up and you spend a lot of time and resources just to have a properly working house.
Joseph C. Perryman
Congrats on your patience and persistence! You encourage us all that we can do it, if we only will take it a piece at a time. Thanks so much and what an amazing video!!!!
Blagz ster
Well done. Great to see the satisfaction when you nail them faults one by one.
Another great fix. You're really getting good at soldering!
You sure have a lot more patience than I do. I would have applied for a refund. "Item not as described". Thanks.
Chris Storer
shoot i would order a solid state 1tb just because its amazing. i loaded a PS3 with an SSD one time and the load times were immediate. vast improvement over the traditional HDD