Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro

Upgrading the PS4 Pro with some questionable tech.
Crucial MX300 SSD on Amazon:
Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro cooler on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro USB hub on Amazon:
G-STORY PS4 Pro monitor on Amazon:

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Austin Evans
Ken needs to be stopped. It's for his own good.
Cyanide FuZzz
Can you help me build the ultimate bank account
tdog 1996
you just made a ps4 into a laptop
Guillem Chesa i Franch
Now add a 100.000 mAh power bank on the bottom and you get the Ultimate Portable PS4 Pro
Can it run Minecraft?
Khaki Man
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
now add a car adaptor or a portable jumpstarter power bank and you've got the ultimate PSP
Ben Z
R.I.P his wallet
Mrtrollingman 2.O
To me it look like a Ps5
Anmol Raj
Next video......

*Building the Ultimate Austin Evans.*
Lattyar Min Nyi
What about the charging station for the controllers??
Ahahaha. I bought those extra fans, same brand, 1.5 years ago. They just dont do nothing..xp..they just make it super loud tbh...i mesured the temperatur with a thermal scanner running bf1 mp at the time( both mesurements on the same console playing for an hour with a break of a full day ). With the fan was actually 2 ° C Higher. Do not waste money
Jechiel Grünig
The_Idiot_Mang0_99 Adam
(Watches PlayStation ad and then this) NOICE :}
power 88
where is buiding ultimate ps3?????????????????????????????
Ryan Joseph Balajadia
U look like steve nash. Great videos btw. SUBBED
The GameCrew
What about the Crucial Mx 500 instead? Or do you recommend the mx 300
Gamer Point
You made the ps4 pro into a monitor😮😮😮😮 i love lt.
First1 2Die
4:05 hello BT-
Gaming With K & A
2:46 is their one for Nintendo switch
Dan Rodriguez
Must get for ultamite experience.
But can it run Tetris 480p 30fps?
someone count how many times he says PS4 please
Prince Kyo
You're so awesome bro, as always 👍
Anyway, that's look exclusive
MH Kakes
Quick question about an newer product.
Would the new Crucial MX500 500GB or 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD work the same as the one in the video?
Talia al Ghul
This is giving me flashbacks to the Sega Genesis add-ons. LOL
Rahul Nair
Just another idea:
You could build ultimate Intel NUC
A Dam Shoe
I want the ultimate Atari 2600
The Word of Mouf
Now you got the Ultimate stationary Mini transformer?
Build the Ultimate Dreamcast, GBA, and Gamecube.
Ze 'Lectrode
When the three stack design isn't enough...

... We need four!

Next time... We go even further!!!
Ryder Wilson
It's so funny

Austin : szzsssstttt..
Skyhawk GR
Bro you just build ps5 😂😂❤
Mohamed Hosni
only problem as you mentioned is the USB hub in front of the ps4 pro we need a certified vendor who makes theses hubs in order not to disconnect just a thought
Sapna Verma
Hey guys this is austin😢😢
Helpful Apple
The Pro is basically just 2 PS4 slims

Evander Quinn
Frankenstation Pro. It's friggin' awesome, though.
Thiccest laptop in the west boiz
GOC Horsemengamer350
So on that ps4 pro once you put in the second storage room Ying and it had 3 Tb my Xbox came with 3 tb
Kacper Rudy
Me sees titanfall 2 on ps4:
Its already perfect
Aurora IDHF
The way he said "and I'll catch you on the next one" kinda creepes me out
Dwarkesh Patel
Next video..........

*Building the ultimate Nintendo Switch*
5had0w ki113r
Henry Rios Chavez
Buen video amigo. Great job my friend....
Danton Barnes
Do they make one of those clip on screens for the slim? I travel A LOT and to some... Interesting locations and it'd be nice to have.
Hey man, you just got 1 more sub
Dwarkesh Patel
Austin to the audience :-
Hey guys this is Austin.

Austin to Linus :-
Hey Linus this is Austin.

Austin to himself in front of bathroom mirror:-
Hey Austin this is Austin.
struggle 711
How Much Did You Spend !!
where's "hEy tHiS iS ausTIN" intro
Next video:

How to make the ultimate electric bill
Andre Nighthawk
Rattpack! saw that logic album art in the background
Paul Castillo
A PS5 Pro.
That usb hub is what I've been needing. I play ffxiv and that will help with mouse, keyboard, headset, and controller. I do not care for the fan or the monitor. But hey, I'm sure there are those out there that would enjoy them
Jesse Owens
Please do an Ultimate PS2 Build, with the HDD and BB Unit!!!!!
Kabir Bachwani
How to talk like Austin Evans:
Step 1. Say the last word of every sentence 10 times longer.
Nick Wompton

Let's Plays & More
The Quadruple Stacker Deluxe is better without the USB hub :( damn controllers won't synq with that hub on :(
Michelle Martinez
is there a good 1080p portable screen for the regular ps4?
What next, stackable monitors?
RipplyDragon 520 are making this beautiful ps4 pro into a BEAST
Can u do one for the Xbox one x please
Thanks!!! ✌️
Ikeem Cooper
I which all your videos
Aron Rdz
Now tune up your controller bro!
Mr. Fusion
Can we get an Ultimate PS4 Slim?
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
This is so satisfying to watch even tho I probably will not buy any of that
Yuan Yuyao
hey bro,a large monitor is a must for the Pro.
Inferno Cheese
Now is just a PS5 pro then

osiito lindo
I'm good with my 4K UHD @ 240Hz HDR beautiful picture and graphics
Captain Koopa
Ultimate Nintendo switch?
FRH Videos
Bro we need video about ultimate xbox one x
TheDark WiseMan
Overall you plased a hard drive and a monitor
fat boi 69
PS4 pro is the second most powerful console I *THINK*
om singh
It is really a ultimate ps4 pro.
Can u make a video on ultimate Xbox one x
anime 8
And that's how you give your ps4 pro a cancer.
I Give Spotify Accounts
lol, you had to make ps 4 more pro. LoL
Hugo Vrana
Is the USB 3 really faster is you just connected it through USB 2?
Vince R.
Ps4 Turbo (Meme Reference)
ed lover
Not without the ps VR. I feel like my my PSVR my PS4 pro looks just as crazy as this one
Lil Ounce
Does anyone else love these type of videos
Stefan Raab
Ultimate Lame !
Nothing makes the System faster.
Razvan Bot
You shoud add a XIM Apex for Keyboard and Mouse , then you can say it's the ultimate PS4 set-up
InZane Paddii
I love how you have Logic-albums in the back
Random Account
I wonder if the ULTIMATE PS4 PRO ...

Can play Pac-Man
Next up: Building the Ultimate PC. Oh wait...
Randum Gamer
Zach Silby
Congratulations, you just made a laptop
Filip Widz
looks like an Alienware m11x r3 on steroids
Muhammad Ilyas
nothing but something
Him:Ken we have to stop

I like my own comment because no one else does
Sylas Grayson
Ultimate Sega Genesis/Mega Drive please.
keep pressing on 3:17

sounds like some dubstep bass drop 😂
Steven Dalloesingh
I expected nothing less from Logic's big brother.
When ps5 come build the ultimate ps5
Nightfall Alicorn
Yeah, USBs can be dodgy at times with their mysterious disconnections. Looks like PS4 is no exception with that USB hub.
Labratondarun Is back
How do you afford this I've only watched 4 videos of building ultimate consoles🤔
Jahnzaib Arif
I like the ultimate build of ps4 pro and does this screen produce 4k results
Rhys Smith
Allegation see soft desire cause undergo.
Isn’t there like, a 10TB hard drive for the ps4 though?
USB hardrive????

USB gtx 1080ti
USB ram
USB i7 7700k
tahir ahmed
Can it run crysis
That's the question