PS4 6.51 SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE PS4 GAME DOWNGRADED with the newps4 6.51 update brings new stability issue fixes. NEW CHANNEL:
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Source: pushsquare . com Kazuo Hirai is retiring. The 58-year-old has been the director and chairman of Sony for roughly a year, after he stepped down as CEO back in April 2018. Perhaps most commonly known for all the internet memes -- something that Hirai himself acknowledged during a press conference in 2016 -- it's very likely that Sony wouldn't be the company that it is today without Kaz.
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Ps4 is trolling us with psn name change😂
getset go
you have just wasted 5 minutes of my life. You talked so much and said so little.
Like for hope of psn change
I've never had a problem with a system update, go figure. 😁
I haven't been on my ps4 after the new update but for a while my user interface has been laggy slow freezing and Psn store has been much worse hopefully its all better now
atomic wolf
Two things I want to see on PS4 updates name changing and backwards compatibility for with PS2 discs
Tommy Pritchard
Best information on PS4 new update 6.51 thank
Hawk Davison
Any hope of getting remote play for all non Sony android phones soon?
Nothing wrong with my ps4 Pro after the software update 😁
Mr.nobody 01
Mine get laggy as hell at home menu
Hunter Fowler
It's not letting me updated to 6.51 it just keeps saying an error has occurred
Sasisa Play
Awesome update! Everything is going on 24fps now! I like it!
gyula moldvan
Yeah one constant problem since update is cannot connect to server
Michael Hart
I hope this fix all those error codes!
Lus S
My PS4 kept on saying corrupted data 1 time a day hopefully this update fixes it
Okay Buddy
My game would crash once and awhile
Izabella Osborne
You should totally have more subscribers than you do, I just stumbled past your channel, but I’ll definitely stop by again! Keep it up man
Denis Zajaku
Hmmmm ricochet I would prefer Alester black
Edgar Alvarez
My internet drops connection when I only play multiplayer games
LH Fortnite
PSN name change is out btw
nice to see you upping the quality and taking the feedback man :)
Yannick Pé
Pls fix laggy ps store
Alfredo Aguayo
I keep getting wifi connection lost after this update
I can’t play gta online since the 6.51 update
Wait whut what happened to your arm hope ypi recover well dude love the videos😍
green boah
I just got the update, weird
savage ninja
Finally something helpful
Magnus The Beast
You are wearing a wwe shirt
YGN Light
Just give us external assets Sony ......😑🤦🏼‍♂️
Juan Cruz
There we go
Seth Fire21
I keep going to safe mode
Massa Quan
Laggy home screen, now it snappy
Godie Sumwhere
Last PS4 update signed me out all accounts menus were buggy over all my PlayStation acted like it had a virus or something.
It works for Angry Joe doing game reviews and movie reviews so why not lol
Em is
I updated to the 6.51 and after like 3 hours my PS4 went into the safe mode
Buzz wolf
What happend with mor flops arm
Crazymusic 101
This is the first update to mess with my system, the HDMI link feature no longer works
Mike Madden
I picked up the 2 shift codes from it as well..saw the live stream also..
Mine failed to update and wouldn't let me use my controller. I fixed it though
Tate Redden
When is ps4 name changes coming out??
Sean Tumbrello
try to join community and it says your community did not load correctly try again in a few moments
Awesome job on the update information
TheVice Savage
It keeps on saying an error has occurred
iron maiden
My ps4 won’t even update 😔
Burna Beatz
6.50 update crashed my parents couldn't sign in to pan get online with apps and update error would download but couldn't install sent ps4 in to sony I was out of warranty stickers removed and had it for 4 years they replaced it free of charge because of the damages from the update thanks sony for the well appreciated support for the mishap
Sridevi Porla
How to update to 5.o5
I got my sound back
Before I kept getting disconnected from my internet
559 calii
Didnt fixx my problem... my msgs still not working all my conversations disappeared and i connot send msgs
anthony captures
Still having the same problem for years when im playing madden 19 on line when we finish i go to player met i can't send a message it keep saying group massage how do i fix that
It’s Daryil games
Just done the update for ps4 has to update division 2 but its stuck on 87 percent copying
d van dijken
Still having the issue with the party error
I can't update the new patch help please
Ryan Gannage
Are they going to fix the update problem of it not letting you download the games that you have bought?
DJ CleanCuts aka NOVA1NO Barão
Why you wanna change your gamer tag? Even if is old or strange stick to it. It's your legacy in the Sony Playstation main servers. I will never change my name
(ps: another cool video bro, keep it coming)
john_ cena
Hay monkeyfop. U cool man keep up the good work
joel Galvan
Mine shows the reinitilize qnd use a usb to update what do i do?
Mayin Rodriguez
I only had 1 issue at the psstore once it froze on me but havent had any in a while now
steve Pierre
Controller delay
Did they make it to where you cant have ps plus from another account
Rabbid Yoshi
With the old update my PS4 didn’t work at all and said sign into psn even though I was will this update fix it?
bone saw
What about su- error occured they did fix it?
Well I haven't had any problem on my PS4
Mine has been laggy and crashing. I hope this fixes it.
Luis Mejia
Bro my friend turned on his ps4 yesterday and his game data got corrupted and all his data was erased and the day before that everything was perfectly fine
Sudip bose
will ps4 latest jailbreak come plz? Reply
Shaeem Baksh
Now updating will tell u
Sean Oneill
Any one elses playstation not even letting them download the update
Dude what did you do to your arm?
I can't play anymore videos on internet browser. It's annoying i watch international TV shows and it was working just fine until this update.
Azeeza Hassan
i really need your help . when i jave updated my ps4 i cant sign in to my playstation network
My PS3 cant receive this update, can anyone help?
Baconator883 gaming
I updated it this morning I’ve never had any issues with PS4 except for maybe trying to get in my friends parties but that’s about it.
Sub To pewdiepie
Who remembers PlayStation Home!?

They need to bring it back but do a big overhaul
Sergioapj Channel
How is the arm healing, hope you get better soon
ROB Copes
I can be playin the game are it would be paused then it cuts amd read error wtf? I got the up date 6.51 and the next day it did it again read erorr
Bo3 crashes alot lately, it says "Lost connection to host".
This update deleted games of my system
Who got a ps4 ad😂😂
Alessandro Palma
My ps4 got the new update and its been freezing and lagging. Need help feel like my ps4 is broken and i havnt had it for a long time.
Mike Madden
Yo dude I like the hat where did you get it?
Toxick Candy
Name change,name change, name change!!!!!!
It’s Daryil games
My ps4 keeps freezing don't no why :(
Rogelio Regalado
I had laggy assassin's creed odyssey on .50
farmer raz
Whell seeing as user names have nouthing to do with soft wair and most likely youll have to log on to the playstation website form when i went to ps2 to ps3 was the last time i was able to change my gamer tag
I don't even watch movies until I can stream them easily I'm not big on movies
Jose Luis Aguirre Revuelta
SSD disk on PS4 and still got some online content issues but not with AI. Is the HDD which is not enough for the resources their firmware requires
alessio saglimbeni
I cant connect to my ps4 anymore
Jeffrey Brown
Love the ricochet shirt
Dee-Jay M
When will they fix IGN on the ps4?🤦🏾‍♂️ this app sucks
Colin Edgington
Mine froze after I downloaded this update I've never had this happen before I'm hoping it was just a one time thing.
Just downloads where slow
A black Person
Shen Ron
The only issue I have is controller lag with button input
Panthers Gaming
The next big one we might get psn name change
Legend X
This software did fix issues but now the system for wifi connections is no longer stable it stops then starts then fails signs in signs out then back in and worse its caused the system menu to lag.