Monster Hunter: World - Before You Buy

Monster Hunter: World (PS4, Xbox One, PC TBA) is the latest monster-slaying RPG - this time fully on consoles. What's the deal? Let's talk.
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Written, recorded, edited by Jake Baldino
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It's very good, and worth figuring out if you're a series newcomer.
I gave my friend a dung I picked up in the waste lands and he shot it back at me with a sling shot. Game of the year.
Video: Before You Buy

Steam Summer Sale: lol
Why do i watch these after i buy the game i legit just bought MH
There is no before you buy, just buy this game.
It's amazing.
Allen Perez
I kinda feel bad for everyone who sees this as a hack and slash. And I also feel bad for everyone who rushes through the game to get a high HR but wonder why they constantly keep dying in the process. People need to learn how to play this game.
38 hours already sunk in
Pft, Monster Hunter world. Really?. Monsters!....... wait... there's a cat buddy TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
At 1st it was slow for me and it was hard buffing the Insect Glaive in combat for me, but as I got connected to actually lobbies with people and hunting together and switched weapons, it's been really fun.
Combat is not clunky, it's realistic. You feel the weight of a weapon with every swing. So strategizing your attacks really makes a difference. Also being prepared makes a world of difference between a 40 minute hunt to a 10 minute hunt. Playing with friends makes the monster harder but it's more fun.
5:16 - WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!? -stares at- I just... -mouth drops- how do...

I now need this game... more than I realized...
Why do I watch these after I bought the game lol
Grey Bayles
my friend convinced me to buy this at full price and i regretted it for the first several hours, but once all the amour and weapon options opened up and i had to make my own decisions on what to hunt and how to hunt, it clicked perfectly and ive never seen a game capture the feeling of being a monster hunter this well since The Witcher 3.
Milk Thencereal
This is like the ultimate opposite of casual games

Edit: just remebered about dark souls
This was the dark souls before dark souls
started playing since mh3u and im gonna get this soon too
When people buy this game, they need to understand. This is not "Monster Fighter". It's Monster HUNTER. You're going to be tracking them down and killing them. You'll need the right tools for things. You aren't going to be some crazy ninja assassin. You're gonna be hunter trying to take down giant creatures
Tristan LaBelle
bought it twice would buy a third time for full price
“Dash Rendar” I love it
troy kummer
You want a review, i got you: i bought this game so me and my friends could all play the same thing. In a week I put 81 hours into it. Review over.
a year later and I'm still trying to enjoy this game and I just can't. i love the previous games and have thousands of hours in them but I only have like 100 hours in this game and feel like there's not really anything left to do worthwhile, especially since the endgame was so bad, although that might very changed now
Muzzy J
Who’s watching after they bought this lol
Not Ornstein
Great now while I wait for dank souls rememed I can play thi...
Oh wait already did too much
Hmph, back to killing causal scrubs
I'm new to this game, and it has been great. I love how challenging it is and how you really have to work for better weapons, armor, etc. It's just really great. Worth your money.
Daniel B
This game is phenomenal a true masterpiece I'm so in love with it 60 hours in
Mai Big Butt
When you spent almost an hour just for the character creation.
Xbox players: *laughs in gamepass*
you forgot to mention for the noobs that weapons can get dull and need to be sharpened. I think this is a huge aspect of the gameplay.
my childhood memories haha..been playing this game since i was a child in my psp... i recomend this game for players with a lot of patience to try this...if you want a game that is challenging and unique style of farming and hunting...
once upon a dime
I'm new to monster hunter and I gotta say I read most of the in game tutorials and it really helped clear up a lot and make the game more enjoyable. Normally I'd skip that kind of thing and learn on my own but there's really just too many vastly different mechanics in this game to not accept the tutorials. And even with them im still learning new things all the time.
tofu teh
To anyone who "stopped after playing a few hours", trust me, its like stopping a book at the first paragraph of the author's notes
c t
I downloaded the crack version, spent 100 hours and beat the game. I felt guilty so I bought the game, played it again, and now back to grinding. Sorry capcom
Jessica P
In a way, this kind of reminds me of the newest final fantasy, with the campsites and the meal to gain buffs. Even the bell sounds the same.
"If you're playing on a PS Pro like we did you have the otption between framerate, resolution, and graphics, I love having a choice like that"
PC master race reporting in.
Z .z
"Hopping over and mounting it" Phrasing!
Fabric Sterling
I find the combat system fine, this is my first MH game and I really enjoy it! I picked the dual blades!
Audric Ma
This is amazing! After starting with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 9 years ago, it's truly amazing to see how much the game has grown.
The strategies me and my friend came up with are pretty cool. Like he’d launch me in the air with the switch axe and I’d do an arial attack with the dual blade to counterattack fliers
prince vel
I’ve played the beta and i didn’t enjoy it , I was lost can someone help me understand the game better?
Savage Hippie
this is probably the most unique game I have played in a long time
The engine is showing its age, I can see multiple times in the video where shadows werent rendered for monsters.
I am so inlove with this game starting from psp man cant wait to get my hands on this game again sad I dont have a console
Fogg Diggigty
This game is fun but its a task when it comes to playing with friends. I wish it was as simple as playing with friends on Dauntless
Llamadude 77577
I came here from dauntless, because I’m loving dauntless and monster Hunter looks fun to try out
I am a newcomer to the series and this game has made me fall in love with it. I've been looking for a game for so long with these quirks. you have to actively stratergise your hunt on the spot which is what I really love about games such as this one. I hate the fast combat of shadow of war where the fight is over in 2 seconds. In Monster hunter world you have to study the monster you are hunting before going in for the kill which is what the middle earth series tried to do but failed
Anthony Igania
Omg, I had this game for psp. It was amazing! I remember wishing for this game to come to a larger game console and now here it is!
Daniel Robson
It's Amazing well done Capcom I owe you hours upon hours of my life !
Michael Harrington
how did you get your graphics to that state every single one of my friends that tryed it when they started looks completly horrible and way outdated.
Gamers: *wants neko maid assistant*
Developers: *actual cat assistant*
To all the people that are saying its repetitive, did you ever play Diablo? World of Warcraft? Both of those games were revolutionary and all-time hits. Even Final Fantasy has a bit of a grindy element.

The game's a gear grind. If you don't like that idea, then yeah don't buy it. But don't call it a shit game because you don't like the concept; MH games execute the gear grind concept pretty well. Want more of a challenge? Play through the game with only one set of gear, or one weapon, or completely unupgraded. Or do min-max shit like people in Dark Souls were doing with the no-armor RTSR boss oneshot kills and shit. If people can still play Dark Souls since Demon's Souls and not get bored then either you're looking at the game from the wrong angle or its simply not the type of game for you.
Waiting for this on PC. I got MH3 on 3DS, but it strains my eyes and I never got my glasses. So hopefully, MH5 will be my welcomed entry.
GoodStar Gaming
Before you buy .. just wait until it got 50% discount or more. Mhw usually gets discount..

Matt Klaus
Who's here watching this simply because they are needing a Geralt fix?
Vince Vincent
"Generic looking dinosaurs". As a monster hunter fan, im offended.
I love heavy weapons. Great sword is my fav so far. I used the bow at first because it was easier to use but then I fell in love with the great sword.
I'm sort of stuck in what game to buy at the moment, while I am waiting for the release of battlefield 2018, i have been playing bf1 for ages and it has started to get a bit old. I also enjoy games such as Assassins creed and Darks souls, both of which i have played the latest game and i am wondering if this game 'monster hunter world' would be worth buying?
Reverse Card
I love Monster Hunter! I've played MH4 ultimate and MH Generations. I'm so glad I finally get to play on a modern console. The way it was meant to be played.
Mario Garcia
Why is it running on like a 2010 engine
Scaro Morph
Man my PS4 pro sounds like a helicopter when i'm playing this game... I was waiting for it to take off :(
Danny Gurney
Really looking forward to playing this and I’m new to the Game Series. Brought it yesterday so my evening will be spent starting the game. Great video.
Joel Williams
Looks like a cross between Kindoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, & Dragon's Dogma! Love both of those games, BIG time!!!

is this Monster Hunter game any good??
Nicholas Spesia
A Year later and i finally bought the game. got it on sale for $20.00 and my biggest regret is not buying it sooner!! Only a few hours in and i am already hooked. :)
J Cubitt
I've played all of the Monster Hunter Games and this is Brilliant. Trying to play with a friend is a nightmare especially when two of your friends get the game a day later than you haha!
a great game but it’s still daunting despite it being the most newcomer friendly installment, the beginning can be rough and you may be overwhelmed but it’s extremely rewarding if you stick with it
Lol "Before you Buy"

I bought it on the PS Store and while it's downloading I'm watching this
President Frog
Remember kids always remember to have the right armor and healings when fighting new'll did a lot. I know from experience.

I should stop playing clearlessly but that's what keeps me 50% alive or 75% dead...yep....
Stefan P
This was my first monster hunter.

I was wondering what the whole whooopla was all about... and i think i get it... i'm very hooked, this is my kind of game for sure!
Ezequiel Fontan
This is my first ever Monster Hunter game & I took a risk pre-ordering the game. Being completely honest I love the game, as of right now I have 12 hours of play time & as a newcomer I am at awe of just how much I have came to love this game in a short time.
I never realized how adorable barroths are while rolling in mud. especially after having to deal with the elder dragons who always look angry.
Miden Arithmos
I remembered the first time playing Monster Hunter, tried it out of sheer curiosity even though I'm more of a Fighting Game genre Person (first game I tried was MHFU) and it didn't click to me at all first since it looked slow and boring so Immediately I stopped playing it.

After couples of months or so I saw one of My Friend who is a Die-hard MH Fan playing it, the way He plays it looks engaging and fun. So, I tried it again this time with Him and He explained some important stuff here and there and get Me hooked more into it.

Now I've spend countless of Hours into it and I'm glad that I gave this game another chance. It's one the most fun game I've ever played in My life. And as the video said, it's more fun when more People hunt together but that doesn't mean Solo hunting isn't.
4:13 *sees lavisoth like creature below, ptsd from freedom unite intensifies*
Le Corny
I mean im a player that loves executing moves at the right time and fighting monster that could potentially one shot you. But its the sense of accomplishment PLUS the loot that makes it worth it or motivates me, as there's a 20% discount right now, ill be getting it soom.
This is the first Monster Hunter I've bought and I absolutely love it, it is everything I love about games. It makes you actually feel and attach to the world. Normally I would actually wait for a "before you buy" but I was just too excited for this one
Unmei Tobaku
When it first came out it was for the psp then later it turned into a manga then anime
Justin Didderen
Shall I buy it? It's on sale for £24. I enjoyed Dark Souls 3, heard that these two are similar. Would I enjoy this?
Uli Peterson
i have tried some of the past MH games, and they never were able to hook me.
so iam still a bit hesistant.
BerserK _2200
>hr49: dodging around the whole map trying not to get hit by one monster for 20-30 minutes
Logan Nutter
I bought this game today and I’m not into this type of game but I can’t put this game down it’s boring at first but it’s amazing I love it. Probably my new favorite game
funky donkey
this game reminds me of the anime sword art online
MA Nik
I now have nearly 600 hours on this game. I remember the first time my brother told me to play this game with him. He kinda like a fan, he played in PSP. I was a newcomer, never heard about Monster Hunter. At first impression, I didn't like em. But my brother kept insisting playing together with him. I kept whining about how slow some of the weapons, so many tutorial to read, how tedious to loot and how hard to beat the monsters. But as I progress, I started to fell in love with this game. Once you completed the main story, you started to understand its flow. I hooked since. Watched a lot of pro hunter videos and I was getting better and been wanting more challenges and more difficult monsters. Which the developer delivers over time. 500+ hours later, I'm now Hunter Rank 261 and still actively playing the game. And I only been playing with 5 different weapons all this time. Yesterday I started playing my 6th weapon. So yeah, from newcomer and now a fan of this game. This game at first it is hard to make you love it immediately. But once you give it some time, you'll see its charm and hooked. Oh, and they have no micro transactions sucking up your wallet. They sold 12 million copies already. That says something about the game.
death by cat
I just got the game and I have a blast swinging my hammer around randomly at every dinosaur looking thing I see
I got mine today, i really like it. one of my favorite games this year.
Cesar Arciniega
To late, I'm already 20+ hours deep into the game....
Steven Bard
Insect Glaive, real class of you.
To be honest I only started playing this because monster hunter 4 was my favorite game in the 3ds
Rhakesh G
I used to play the first version of monster hunter on psp and years later playing mh world on my ps4 is amazing. I absolutely fell in love with it and the shear size of these monsters legit terrifies me. Fighting alongside people online or friends is a must just to up the level of fun
codeine vision
As a newcomer, the hardest part of the game was the first week. Especially choosing a weapon. It's so slow and confusing at first, but when you find your weapon, it goes down hill from there. When you figure out how to capture monsters and learn the crafting system and armor upgrades, it gets better, new monsters become larger and harder. I legit stopped laing cod, gears and other shooter games to grind out hours in this masterpiece. 9.5 out of 10
#1 proponent of Konoshucka
Or you could just run in blindly and flail around cluelessly until finally figuring out the fight, all while rocking rarity 1 gear.
Mistakes were made.
NoG4meNoL1fe #1898
Adorable when you said you "like having choices like that," referring to performance or resolution preference. The PC version is going to eat this alive.
The Dark Lord Of The Western World Lord Erebus
MEH no thanks i'll pass never really into monster hunter games never caught my attention
Yoshi -TheOreo
First time Monster Hunter player. Played on my friend's PSP back when I was in high school. Told myself I couldn't get into it. Haven't regretted it.
hobo jack
Love this game, took me two hours to find out what weapon to use
Alexander Ewing
Thanks, although I still look at other sources for game info, I rely on your videos for a first look and understanding of the game.
I haunt bought the game yet but I already love it.
Kodi White
I love monster hunter games so much, i had almost 1000hours on MH4 (diehard fan)
Christian Feliciano
Newcomer to the series here. I'm in love with this game. I enjoy the balance they achieved between making it much more accesible, while still leaving room for learning from the community. 44 hours in and looking forward to 60 more!
Zephyrus Auron
PETA approved
Bacon Cheeseburger
Watching while I wait for the download, lol.
BlazingAlex 21
A friend got me into this and I do not regret! I fell in love with all the different cool monsters and all of their abilities