Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review - The Final Verdict

Of the four Yakuza releases in the last year and a half, Yakuza Kiwami 2 truly stands as the best of them all, and is the definitive Yakuza experience.


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Adam Velazquez
Not going to lie I'm a new fan to this fantastic series. Played Yakuza 0 and Kiwami so I cant wait to jump into the next adventure!
Preet Dhanoa
3:18 kiryu just fcuking kick scooter like soccer ball
couldn't think of a username
I wish they were remaking yakuza 3-5 instead of a remaster.
Big Red
I’ve played 0 and kiwami (haven’t played 6 cause I wanna go threw the whole story before jumping into 6). And sense there more just porting 3-5 instead of doing a remaster it would be really cool if they did Yakuza Majima game.
Sho Brown
With this and Shenmue, Sega’s on a roll!
Yakuza series deserves everyone’s attention! Such a great franchise, I really hope the Kiwami remakes and the upcoming remasters help boos this game’s popularity.
Captain Future
I've played the original Yakuza 2 and it's probably the best story in the Yakuza franchise as far as I know ( I haven't played Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 6). Yakuza Forever!
Erick Garcia
Dude, nice review. Good game mechanic and story info without really any spoilers. 👍🏼
Sakura Stardust
So, how much Majima is in this game? I need more of his random shenanigans from the first Kiwami 👍✨
Shadow The Ghost
Sony can't be stopped
Fuad Habjouqa
Thank you for the effort you put in the review, keep the good work........
Valkyr JJ
No dragon of dojima style??
Cristian Cortés
i played 0 and kiwami 2.
0 better story. kiwami looks way better and is more fluid overall.
sub stories way better in 0. because of their writing.
combat....well...easy on bouth....0 has more moves but you just need 1 como to beat bouth games...so i don't care about more moves
Don't you guys realize 0:45
Cristian Cortés
i love yakuzas stories. but im tired of the easy combat. its just easy. i need a thouful design. so i can love combat as well
Dude Gaming
1st like
Supreme Commander
Playing Kiwami now!
Jack Tyler
Great video for a great game! Thank you very much!
Tyler Pendleton
Is the map bigger than 6
YO KIRYU CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Belmont Hunter
I'd love to play this but, system requirements... System requirements....
Sunny de Laney
When is it coming to pc
Togo clan? You mean Tojo? Whoever is playing in this footage is really bad at the game...
Dude Gaming
I view
CobraGamerKing Gaming
You guys are 1000 times better than the trash known as IGN, it's so sad that people gravitate to them more than you.
Marcos Gonzalez
Yakuza 0 is way better, not that Kiwami 2 is bad it's a great game. But it's no Yakuza 0.
Declan Decke
I don't have time to get into this franchise :( maybe 1 day
New Age Web Tutors
Why you did not touch upon the resolution!!! Did you feel it wasn't appropriate to mention? You said it looks great and it looks fantastic!!!!! Things like that...The base PS4 console is widely used across the world and most people would end-up playing on that. You didn't want to disappoint Sony????
Raja's VLOGS
Are there any xbox fanboys or pc fanboys want to complain this game? I'm waiting...
J.R. metal composer74
Are you kidding me,did you just say"this game looks great?"😅😅substandard graphics at best,dumb fighting moves,bad character animation,long cutscenes,Maybe if it was $5-$10 it might be worth a buy.