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01:05 - PS4 System Update 6.50 Out Now

03:58 - Days Gone Initial Impressions are Very Positive

06:46 - New RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer

08:06 - PS4 Game Deals

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Time Stamps-
01:05 - PS4 System Update 6.50 Out Now

03:58 - Days Gone Initial Impressions are Very Positive

06:46 - New RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer

08:06 - PS4 Game Deals
Still no name and region change ):
No Remote play on Android but iOS .. Probably only 2% uses Xperia (who cares about Xperia?!) .. Y not just add it all devices especially tablets
josiah james
Unless I'm wrong, all iPhone users can now use Remote Play whereas only Android users using an Xperia phone can use Remote Play. Thats some bs
Micheal James
If Vita is dead just let us buy Vita games on PS4 Sony
“A bunch of new features have been added”

Yeah, those are lies. There’s literally the one remote play feature & the other stuff is not significant at all. I’m usually someone who would defend you on a lot of stuff but not for this.
IGN: Days gone is too white
Forgetive Stuff
"I have a lot to go over on todays video."
Wayne Buffin
I’ll continue using my vita for remote play I’ll wait for the last of us 2 instead
"HUGE UPDATE" = click bait. There are not any new features most people will even use.
"Moving on from that"
Best In The World
Thanks GameCross very cool
This update is fire! You’ll never know if I’m on my phone, at work, taking a shit, stealing your girl, or just playing PS4.
I’ve been using remote play for years on iOS, just wasn’t made by Sony, glad to see Sony has caught up...could we eventually see a Scuff style controller made by Sony? Probably not, but I can dream...the new Astro controller looks awesome but a bit pricey.
B_side1986 T
Just wait when days gone is out everyone is gonna be complaining about how the graphics & frame rate etc etc took a dip ohhh it’s not 60 fps blah blah & with rage 2 everyone is gonna compare it too another bulletproof shooter on how easy it is to get kills or that your too op I think gamers sometimes are fickle about what they want in games nowadays & put too much stock into fps & graphics & specs etc just play the damn game you know ?
Spider Man
Still cant change my name to "iloveanal". Smh.
Just Another time
The ios thing's picture is missing a analog stick or two.
Goblin Slayer
There is a glitch that was still never patched even from the vita days that allows you to use a PS4 controller while you remote play with your phone. Here’s how it works. You need 2 PSN accounts. First things first create a second account unless you have one on your PS4. With the secondary account which you are not going to play with sign in to the remote play phone app then launch the app. Then turn on your controller and like magic you have control of your primary account with a controller as long as you’re in the bluetooth range of your PS4.
So I can play Assassin's Creed Odyssey on my phone with a controller paired to it? My PS4 could be in the Himilayas and I could be in New York and still play the game?


I better be able to turn my PS4 off tho cause it ain't just gonna be running. But that's common sense for me to be able to remotely shut it off. Hopefully Sony has common sense.
Michael Coffey
Very cool new features :) Thanks for the Info :). Also loved hearing you mention good things on Days Gone
I just want one thing.. *CHANGE REGION*
Shawon Roy
And my game still crashes 😭😭
sinner 13 Halloween fiend
I per order the colleters ed it come wit a talkin head u hang up on the wall lol
Afro Shinobi
I'm still waiting for name changes.
Midori Dad
I love using my vita for remote play. Works perfectly a majority of the time.
Can't find the app you're talkin about for remote play
Is there ever gonna be an update to send video clips through the PS Messages?
Michael Serrano
4K and 60 fps with this update!
What major update ? Because you can remote play on iPhone? This is a major update to you ? Are you guys looking for views on your channel or new subscribers?
Jack Saat
Nintendo can learn from this!
123 123
I just update this last night😁
Samuel Slaninka
When we can change online ID name ?
fat soul
I am on my knees
Feed me knowledge ,Daddy
john askins
Wow what a crap update and I feel that is putting it extremely nicely.
retroneon bacon
Now only if Sony would release remote play for the rest of Android not just exclusively on their Xperia devices.
Hype World
1:02 momo
Jonathan Harper
OMG!!! I remote play a lot at work so if i can sync a PlayStation 4 controller to my phone it would be amazing!!!
Sir Galahad
*I'm just waiting for the day I can finally change my PSN name from 'C|-|ILD M0L3$T£R' to anything else!*

*In hindisight it was probabily a bad idea...*
jenson emmott
Notifications squad 💎
sinner 13 Halloween fiend
I used my vita for remote play it was kool work good
The update keeps erroring so I can't get the update :(
Update is amazing my ps4 doesnt wanna start up now *slow clap*
I’d still rather use my Vita for remote play than my phone. It has buttons
El Indigeno
Yesterday I became a member of PS Now and so far I am not disappointed. Thank you Game Cross! Now I have to go and purchase the year subscription because 20 a month is too much.
GrimNoire 999
Time for dark souls on the phone challenge run
Kelly Pagano
Days gone still doesn’t thrill me. Mostly the apparent story and script/writing/voice direction. Great voice actors not used to their full potential. I think that is a big weakness.
Night Lock9
We NEED remote play on android! With more android users than IOS this doesn't make sense...
Real Name
Wow, remote play is kind of awesome
SB 77
Huge. Huge! HUGE!
Mathew Culver
Should have thought of a better psn before finalising your psn I thought mine over and its the first one with its spelling
Federico Pinci
oh Sony give us a PSVita 2 and cut da crap! ;)
What I want in an update is a way to filter in the library.
I'm so glad I made one easy psn username simple and a bullet there
Carlos Loff
Zombies are such a lack of imagination, so wasted, nowadays we just dont have a choice, either zombies either slashing swords, what a sad gaming world
Miguel Tinoco
Anyone having problems logging into psn
demon masterX
The dely...
shawn Christopher
So basically there is no patches to fix anything with the psn so it's a meaningless update
Just put this ps4 app on the switch.
Tim Apple doing good work.
Cristian Cguilar
Do you have a channel for Nintendo news I love your format and other channels that do news for Nintendo aren't even close to what I enjoy about your videos
I use my psv remote play on older games like diablo
Maverick 16bit
Plz dont!! More bugs on My PS4 PRO :(
Wolfgang Peters
Be aware that with this update, depending on your TV, you will lose all audio. There are reports of lose of audio much more than the average update.I updated my PS4 and that happened to me.
Huge??? 😂😂😂 only for iPhone users! 🤬
jack winter
So what exactly is this
Berkat Xizhi
Theres no PS4 remote play in Appstore
Christian Peralta
Sony officially murdered the Vita
Black MANta
Is this for android too?
jeffrey peters
Ive been using tge nvidia shield portable for 3 yrs remote playing
Chem Dawg
Isn't the new one, ps5, coming out in 2020??
Am I the only one on this earth who realize that psn network added a tax example 79.99 I now 84 dollars with the tax
neverbroke again
Does this make ur ps4 faster too like system performance
uncle darren
So nothing useful in the update. Ok
Using ps vita remote play right now.
Rick Estorra
I hope Remove Ps Plus Just like ps3 Without Using Ps Plus that way Can Go Online On Ps4 Pro near future
$15.00 dollars US is $21 Aussie dollar's.
Itsyourfav Mymy
I want the ps4
not really a HUGE UPDATE!... but okay
Busali A
douglas jovel
Tom Crute
Ok i love your videos, but please stop with the clickbait titles there getting annoying!
Any plans to inform us about deals via Redbox again? Also wondering if you plan to make another video that features deals on Nintendo games?
KTM690EnduroR 35
I just got a brand new aqua blue ps vita from Japan a few months ago. Got everything I needed. Hori remote play assist trigger grip and the nyko power grip. 32 gb memory card. 15 games. screen protectors,the hori elite pack and etc. I wanna link it to my new limited edition Spider-Man ps4 pro console but haven't hooked it up yet.
No android remote play? Who uses a iphone still?
Writer Wrong
Why can’t I find remote play PS4 on the IOS App Store?
That update is Lame just waste of space 😑
Kevin Polus
Wtf... no remote play on my note 9??? I loathe apple products. That's bs
meh update, I dont really care about IOS and remote play has always been a bad experience. Days Gone looks cool I'm just burned out on Zombies, I'm sure it'll be great for other people though, and deserves to sell well. Rage 2 kinda reminds me of Bulletstorm.
Federico Pinci
Also with DevilMayCry and Sekiro around whatever AAA title comes out this month is gonna have a hard time... gamers only have one life u know?
Topnotch cupoftea
Does anyone know when Neptunia rebirth 1 plus is coming out in the west
Boobie McGee
Hey GameCross, do you guys buy your games mainly digital?
Ya Nope
Spider-man and GoW were short, too short, like 10 hours too short per game.
Cons Mercado
Haha no wonder it was not working on my iPad coz idownloaded the wrong app shit! Good thing u showed the icon of the app so i downloaded the correct one. Still wish they focused on a vita coz its a great handheld
Mk Dinosss
So no longer you need a monitor to use ps4 but Just your Phone?!
The Ulimate Collecter
No backwards compatibility. This update is useless unless you have iOS
Still no name change. This update is nothing to get excited over...
Marshall Wenrich
Thanx for the clickbait
Jill Valentine Don't Cry for me Argentina
Should I be playing rage 1 before playing rage 2?