How to Upgrade a PS4 Hard Drive

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Bro help I got the ps4 then I change the hard drive then when I tried installing the software it says error has occured plz help !
Is it the same process since 1.52 update came out
Will be putting my 240gb ssd in it for sure.
Rafael Torres
You please help I buy a hard drive 1tb 7200rpm 4 my ps4 its telling me .the update file cannot be used connect a usb storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 1.60 or later ( error code ) I already download it my flash drive the update send me a error code
Is a seagate- 1tb internal serial ATA lll serial ATA ll solid state hybrid hard drive good ?
I got seagate 2.5 sata with 5400 rpm 1tb will this make my ps4 faster