What I Think Of Yakuza Kiwami 2 ( PC Review) - The Verdict

Here's just a quick review of Yakuza Kiwami 2. I had a fun time with this title overall and I'd recommend most to play it if they're looking for an action packed Japanese drama to play through. Also, some of the footage may look choppy at times but I promise you it's the video and not the gameplay itself. The game is very smooth.

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Yellow Paint
how are you playing with gamepad..._??
Kevin Espada
This remind me, I should go back and finish Yakuza Kiwani 2 One Day, especially Japanese L.A Noire (Judgement) is coming out soon. Anyway, There's discussion can be made about Yakuza and Open World Games\ Design. As Open World Games get more bigger to a point, they can feel overwhelmingly to Ubisoft's Checklist Open World Design. (Which I don't mind if I'm having fun not feel like a chorus) Compare to Other Open World Games, Yakuza's Open World looks Small, but It's full with Crazy Sub-Stories, Fun Mini-Games and Beautiful Details.