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Kamurocho HQ
Cutting out the songs by Crazy Ken Band really sucks, they are so amazing. Overall I'll enjoy this release as I do with every other game by RGG Studios but I'm saddened by the unnecessary cuts from the original RGG2/Yakuza 2.
I feel like this is a very honest review.
John Doe
One counter point to your difficulty argument is that fully upgraded Kiryu is so OP,even Legend becomes a relative breeze.
To be fair, the new SiM songs technically still fit the tone, lyrically speaking, but it just does NOT fit the noire story like Crazy Ken did.
Sunlight Prince
Personally it is a big throw-off they just copied the same combos and fighting style from Yakuza 6. I rather buy Yakuza zero I think

Edit: Really good review btw
Frank Keskic
This is my first time playing Yakuza 2, so Kiwami 2 is perfect for me since its in glorious remake fashion. Can't wait for tomorrow.
Is it safe to say that it’s better than Yakuza 6?
Oh shit you can recruit Mama to fight in clan creator? Sweet!
Yakuza kiwami 2 or yakuza 6? I'm new in yakuza series, and i'm recently play yakuza kiwami
Cristian Cortés
i found the game easy...i have finished it on hard.
its unbalanced.....example...besides having so easy access to healing items and weapons..... most fights can be won by just running away charging your attack...then turn and deliver....if it had an actual thoughful combat design...it would an outstanding game. combat is my only big complaint
melv fasttrack
Yakuza 2 was the best of the series playing this with the new engine is weird but good
I enjoyed it quite a bit! I would put it after kiwami 1 & zero in my personal ranking, however. There were more than a few little detractors in this one for me. The engine didn't feel as nice to me as the old one, the substory animations were choppy, the music was often so loud it drowned out the dialog, certain story elements didn't work out as well as they could have, etc.
Bob Blanton
I honestly liked the music change, but I was surprised that they didn’t alter the music like they always did in the previous games. Which is strange. 🤔
Raul Rojas
got it, so i wont even bother, Yakuza 0 seems to be the best in the franchise
Are there any police cars parked around Kamurocho or Sotenbori that can be seen in premium adventure mode or are they confined to certain story events only as in Yakuza 6?
Alidar Jarok
Very nice review. I am so excited to play this. Now I hope Sega gives the west dates for parts 2, 4, and 5.
Arrow Unknown City OF The Gamers Generation World-X
Now WE Got Get Yakuza Ishin in North America for PS4 Next Year!!
So basically, if you never played Yakuza 2 back in 2006 on PS2, and put that game up against Kiwami 2 today in 2018 as a first time player, Kiwami 2 blows the piss out of Yakuza 2.
Great review, thanks
Paul Stevens
Were is the new podcast
Cristian Cortés
what i dont like about this game is that you can just relay on healing items. is so cheap. you should not able to heal in combat at less
Aren't the battle themes remixed versions of the yakuza 2 ost? Push me under water and Outlaw's Lullaby? I noticed that a lot of the tracks are still intact, just the ambient, tone setting ones and a couple iconic battle themes are missing, but the new battle themes are still great in their own right I think. The only ones I'm sad to say goodbye to are north menace and evil itself but I still think they did a good job overall with the new tracks.
Great Asian
This is not an honest review this is too opinionated.
Mahogany Black
It’s a good thing I still have my PS2 copy of Y2. It’s a shame they took out the host club missions, it was funny to see Kiryu as a host. But this still looks like an awesome game so can’t wait to jump into it tomorrow.
Vishan Silva
I just got done playing Yakuza 2 OMG this game is epic bruh probably my second favorite story from 0 to 1 this is favorite holly shit it was epic only thing that was missing was the fighting combat I wasn’t a big fan of but I got used to it so it isn’t that bad but this story fucking amazing Ruji goda and nishkiyama are my favorite villains of the yakuza series by far some of the twist and turns in 2 were epic and Ruji was a fucking badass I’d love to see a story based around him as character more can’t wait for yakuza 3,4,5,
The first Ryuji Goda fight looked better on PS2
Gaming with Gabriel Sharma
From now 1 hour and 11 minutes until Kiwami 2
Fernando A Nieves
I have so many questions for this series
Manhwa Fan
They hand out weapons like candy in this game, to the point it's too much. If you had any difficulty in any of the combat, that's on you. It's baby easy even in the hardest difficulty.