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PS4 firmware update 5.00 will enter beta today, so keep an eye on your inbox to see if you've been invited to trial the new system software. In this video, we've got a first look at some of the PlayStation 4 update's new features.


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Hey everyone!

Here's a first look at some of the new features in PS4 firmware update 5.00. You can also find out more about the update through here:


- Sammy
When will we be able to change our PSN ID!? God just one time Sony! Please!
I'm quite disappointed with this update...
Features we need:

-Change PSN name
-Ability to import pictures, music etc to system storage from USB
-Ability to set pictures as the wallpaper instead of only screenshots
-PS1 Classics
-Ability to write reviews on PSN
-Wish lists
-Some sort of task manager
How about they just optimize the OS for once.. it’s slow and clunky quite often.
Paul Sweeney
They really need to have a feature where you can turn up or down people chat volume in a party chat.. badly needed
Joshua Del Rosario
I don't think this is a worthy 5.00 update, more like a 4.XX update..
Chaz Strain
Does it do backward compatibility? No? Thanks Sony
MixTechno Media
Wich theme is that?

I hope someday the PS4 Will bring the Backward compability to PS3 games....
I had heard that gamertag changes was coming to PS4, if not this update I hope it's in the next😢😢
Chapperz 994
Ps downloads are painfully slow, that's what they should be sorting out
Dabon Yu
Oh my gosh I'm so excited that I can leave the party from the quick menu. I don't know how this wasn't already in it.
Waiting for the day when I can change my PSN name lol
Black Notification are back BABY!!!!
I hope the notification goes back to the way it was because this all in 1 is ugly!
ZenZory Overload
16 player party chat is all I want....
stewie 242
They need a backwards compatibility for PS3 disc on PS4 when they do that then I'll be excited for any update
I want to make certain people louder and quieter. That would be a helpful feature
phoenix feather
How about the ability to mass delete friends like check the ones u don't want and delete them
I'm waiting for psn name changes. This feature is long overdue and it need to be done already. N I know they wouldn't include it in a beta but we all need and want this feature already
I just want the old flow theme that came with the original os back the new one is lame
This update = Sony won the war so why bother doing much.
Elease BB
Thank you for this information!!! Definitely not a lot of changes but I’m glad I’m aware of what’s coming
Keith Flanagan
I would love the ability to use my PS3 themes on PS4.
Gonzo Indigenous One
Let me guess...System Stability
I think they should improve the bluetooth devices that you can use because i have beats and it says the device is incompatible.
Nice video but you need to take a breather before you make videos or relax dude, I can hear you taking breathes in between every few words
Vodka Slam
The surprise features is that they will be adding PS Now to the PS Plus subscription. Also adding Game Trials and Renting. Your welcome
Finally! Back to Black notifications haha
Junior Amador
"major update" lol. looks like nothing but useless features
Ecthyma :/
Bruh it already the 5.00. Update and they still can't give u the option to send people video clip smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Where's the bloody psn name change....?!
Jesus Ramirez
It would be cool if they make the quick menu transparent or the whole menu when playing a game like PS3 days. Like a theme or
Salem Al-Baker
Human Being
B.M .A
?is it Just me or this guy sounds just like Samwell Tarly From Game of Thrones
Add me on PS4 @ iwavvyxq

Ion know why lol I just need more friends.
Retro Rich
Was really hoping for trophy organisation much like the vita does as well as trophy tracking
isaiah chestnut
Sony holding back the gaming community approve cross-play
Still no option to choose where the notifications are displayed, smh.
it also BLOCKS Save Wizard / Game Genie :( .
Admiral Accorn
I really like the notification changes, and the new quick menu options a lot.
David Espana
We need voice changer, ps3 has it and not ps4 wtf
GAM1NGgeek 369
Would love to be able to change user name and to be able to activate more than 1 ps4 as primary. Have a "activate ps4 as secondary" feature would be cool.
Christian Khoo
meanwhile, it breaks my ps4's internet

thanks sony
when is the update coming
They should add a feature that allows me to change the position of the notifications from the left to the right or maybe to the top or the bottom of the screen so it won't block the HUD in FPS games and maybe let us control the size of the notification bar and maybe the opacity of it so we can make it transparent.
Like if you agree!
Change Gamer ID? No
Backwards Compatibility? No
But is the OS better? No? Thanks Sony this update was totally worth waiting a year for
Disable pop ups is the best thing in this update
xJAzii SP
who else is choosing the black pop up notification
I get some Xbox vibe from the quick menu
My First ever psn gamartag was smackya2times
Jeffro's Game Room
The ability to turn off notifications was available before this update
I have the beta version of 5.00 and let me just say it's underwhelming and disappointing.
ThatsBroFromChicago Derrick
Socom remastered? Oh okay F you sony Lol
Kevyn Grams
I hope this firmware is not a sign of things to come. Sony had been doing an awesome job updating to this point, but this is sad. It makes me wonder if the people working on the OS even use the system. There are so many things that need improvement. The Web Browser is starting to have issues creep up, and it could use a ease of use features like Folders for Bookmarks, and mouse support. PlayStation Video is in need of sorting. They need to add another level so that movies with bonus features only show the title at the main library screen, and the bonus features are displayed when clicking on individual titles. PlayStation Music in the Quick menu needs to get full access to the library, and the Full App needs Full Support for Playlists, sort by artist, year, genere ect., and Podcast support. Those are just a few things they need to do, but there is a lot more.
Funny ps3 is older than ps4 and ps4 is already 5.00 will ps4 go past 9.99 if we keep getting updates faster than ps3, ps3 limit is 9.99 with mods
Still waiting on the ability to change my username
Hey Sony, Please make it so that you can pin apps and games from the library to the home screen. Also be able to hide them as well. Thank You!
michael urbano
Still no quick messaging? Thanks sony
Felipe Campelo
Quick menu stills gigantic
Wappy King
But still Sony couldn't Fix Credit/Debit card Issues
Hernan Arroyo
Still can't customize your background 🙄
RaZe Fluuse
There's the time in the too right when UR in the quick menu 3:33
Alfred Sanchez
People are just quite never satisfied, always finding something to complain about
Daniel Stanford
I just want to be able to clear all upload / download notifications at once. Having to clear hundreds one at a time is mind boggling
Lol and still NO CLOCK IN QUICK MENU?! That's a shame actually
I'm sick, so I'm not allowed the best on ps4, but did everyone get the update?
Jonathan Sweg
i just want to be able to hide games from myself in profile
Diamond Dog
I thought they made the menu smoother like it was on ps3 but it was just 60fps video. FeelsPeasantMan
Mark Demarsico
I wonder if I’ll be able to pair my Bluetooth Sony headphones lol
Zwef - Atlantis
can i change my Gamertag???
Jose Muriel
this update literally made my ps slow af i cant even open games or messages or anything
Therell Austin
I love how these useless updates are creeping up on my hard drive space.
Very good video! Thanks for the info :)
Derek Jovel
The should add the TIME on the quick menu
clothos atropsis
Thank you for reminding me about this just checked my email and it was there
Rambix Gaming
Still waiting on backwards compatibility and ID gamertag change.Guys is it worth buying ps vita now
Elite GamingWolf
only time someone wants to send a friend request to me is when i beat everyone in a death match in gta online. they don't wanna talk or chill out
Where's trophy tracking Sony!?
My shit lag on that menu anyone else?
anthony hahnenberg
What's you gt I would love to see you in destiny or atleast know if I'm playing you
Laser PensFTW
I got an Xbox ad on a PS4 video but whatever
Jonathan Simpson
This information was leaked before you made this video.
Tyler 98735
I just wanna be able to organize my library
You forgot to include Lag
Miggle XP
All I wanted was free online play just like the PS3 but oh well I don't see it happening any time soon
you could disable pop-ups ages ago
Dajaun Porteous
In the update they should have added a voice changer like the one from PS3
Creating lists is a great feature but other than that meh
Twerky Turkey
Do u know when u said it's a hardly exciting feature I thought about this video
iron skull
My pop ups are still black even with the updates.
Adam Salinas
The quick menu will eventually take over the real menu lol!
Joseph Lind
Guess you didnt bother to read the terms of service
Justin r
i just want my system to work. ever since I downloaded it, I can't play any games multiplayer. Upload speed is 25 kbps and I tested a different ps4 without the update and the upload is 2.1 mbps. also had issues control and headset as well as random disconnects from psn. Everything was fine before the update.
Jerome FT
all these updates and i still cannot delete all my messages at once😂
Jack the lad
The notification one is pretty pointless as you can just go to settings>notifications>disable notifications