New PS4 6.72 System Software Update Warning Firmware Problems

Ps4 6.72 System Software Update Warning Firmware Problems. What is included, how to download ps4 6.72 and known issues with the new ps4 6.72 firmware update NEW CHANNEL:
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If you haven't downloaded it yet please wait as I am still testing my PS4 Pro and currently havin issues with the PS4 Slim & Fat PS4. I will have an update in my next video so stay tune! If you have downloaded it are you experiencing issues?
i cant even update it 🤦🏽‍♂️ it keeps saying error ( regular ps4 )
ashhlo_ kermit
The update ruined my ps4. It has me stuck on safe mode, and it won’t let me actually use my ps4. Can anyone help?
Edit: regular ps4
Dayon McCray
Elijah L.
My PS4 has been laggy ever since this update.
Dayon McCray
My PS4 is now laggy as hell. OMG🤦‍♂️
Fucking Juan
For me my ps4 slim is on safe mode loop
Sony is really giving people migraines lately😫
Asa Payara
It keeps saying an error occured when finished (ps4 slim jet black 500GB)
red monkey gaming
This update broke my console cant play most of my games
marquise booker
I never once had problems with the updates.
Lightning games
Sonys always having issues with updates
Xavier Morales
I updated original ps4 no issues so far
gabriel cintron
I restart my console and it keep doing it over and over it wasn't doing this until I give the update
gabriel cintron
I got a problem Everytime I play a game it froze I can't do nothing even closed the application it get freez and it rent out of sound
Arthur Morgan
My PS4 is laggy asf and it also keeps turning off every time I turn it on
JC Denton
Most of these ps4 problems never happen to me
Devon Xander
This update is trash it’s uninstalling my games that were paid for digitally it’s honestly it’s saddening
DorsalDuck3 _
Have you fixed it? (Edit) how do I turn off automatic updates?
Javon James
Please fix shame on u sony!😠
Anime Fan
My games have been laggy loading slow random freezes in game this just happened yesterday after I updated my Waframe so I'm so loss I did everything nothing .
Jacob Murphy
my PS4 slim is also having problem its crashing and rlly slow
Lightning games
What they main when they say improves system stability they mean patches an exploit for jailbreak
1,000th like idk, I just wanted to say that I am.
I can't enter rest mode anymore
Edit : Also vents like a airplane
firdza shariff
so far, after i update. it smooth then before 🤗
Killuminati Warriors of truth
I cant f-ing sign in!!! I have tried everything...I even tried log In on website and then logs me right out. Wtf...! I'm ready to call the customer service
King SB3
I can even install the new COD update
cooper 4275
Hey bro love your videos keep up the great work
So far as I can tell I'm having issues with the game dark siders 2 digital version (which was free at one point from ps+)
It restarted my ps4 so everything deleted and when I try to update it it just says an error has occurred 😭 someone please help me it’s been happening for hours now
"I''ll never forgive the Japanese!"
My ps4 pro worked perfectly after updating
Rodney Bronson
I'm glad I waited 2 weeks to do this
The Legion - Joey
I hope it somehow fixes the weirdest sh*t I ever experienced, which is the following....
I bought a new controller and whenever I used it and pushed the stick forward it just wouldn't run at full speed or just not move at full speed.
I brought the controller back and exchanged it for a new one and boom same fkin thing... I need to use my old broken controller which is not broken when it comes to input or anything.
Hey guys i have ps4 pro
4 tb ext drive... try to disable
Auto downloads if you have alot of games installed. For me it will lag
If they run in the background
lamonte squire
im having issues also i hope they fix it before the new b
dlc comes out
My ps4 doesn’t sound like a jet anymore??? Is this update the best ever ??? I think yes lol
dsguy 73
Mine keeps having errors and won't even start the update(ps4 slim)
Lord Of Lords
I still haven’t updated it
devonte Ayala
I can't even use certain apps like share play and Spotify
Kaelen Brix
😂😂😂 i went from noob to pro after the update (apex legends)
Your channel is so underrated man. Keep it up.
Sascha Hopfensberger
Pls help guys my ps4 said i can not controle system now help

What do i do
Thankfully I saw this i almost downloaded the update before work but will now wait
Bunker Spy
I put a new hdd in mine and it still makes me rebuild database all the time
Jimmy Jean joseph
After update I can’t connect to my wifi
Stacks A Million
Can't share PSP across accounts
Any longer😤
Bobi Stoj
Got a blue screen possibly from this update
TTv Dmitry
Y does ps4 update there software if it does not help🤔
TTv Dmitry
I can always switch to xbox
I've had that rebuilding database with all updates I've installed in 2019.
Jomian Rivera
How to fix the SU-30631-3 error?
Hey guys i have ps4 pro
4 tb ext drive... try to disable
Auto downloads if you have alot of games installed. For me it will lag
If they run in the background
Silent Gamer
I tried to initialize hoping for a fix. Now its having problems trying to initialize. I'm mad
roberts gameing
I have the pro and now I'm thinking If I should update it or not
Zero Cool
My ps4 freezes up when I try to restart it and it glitches when trying to connect to server
Yeah my controller is lagging like crazy after the update. I tried the reset button then tried plugging it in and it still lags.
Jason Carmichael
No problems with my pro in Australia
I am facing some problems
My amazon prime video is not starting up
Fortnite is only loading
Sir i need your help can make video on this problems please please please
MacGyver 7th
Thanks for the update. Glad I follow your channel 😁. When I miss the update in the notifications, I always catch because of you. So thanks creator to creator I appreciate your timing with it helps me bring it to my community on time. Anyways keep up the great work. Gave your channel some recognition in my update of 6.72 since I would of missed the 6.72 till later tonight.
it went to the this rebuilding database screen and i’ve been stuck on it for 16 hours. the loading bar has not moved at all and i’ve been waiting forever for a response over the phone.
Terrell Quick
I find 1.25x speed is normal.
Isacc Dye
My ps4 pro is getting half way done with it then a error happens pls help
Is it just me or is the menu quality better after the update??
Donovan Proulx
My ps4 flat out barely does anything anymore, for the last few days its taken forever to start up and turn off, then it crashes when i try to go to settings and sometimes just when i hit "send error report"
Now it cant start and i have to update via usb stick
My god blue screens all the time now
sunnyboi 101
My 6.72 update is taking very long
Νεκτάριος Κοκόνης
Why is my type NAT doesn't work
Obed Blas
I'm having sound issues now after this update.
Deedric Kee
Having no problems on my pro so far
DjCrossfader_97 Official
I never had Problems with Update On PS4
My controller isn't charging after I updated
This is why I turn off automatic updates on EVERYTHING.
Conceded TV
I keep getting a error message!
orlando perez
update it in safe mode, havent tried it
Dx Marvelous
Download server is horrible beside Xbox server moving bit quick
Same here now it gotten so bad I can’t play
help me get to 5 thousand subbed with one video
I spent 6 how’s trying to fix it I need help
when i try to update it says error has occurred su-30625-6
It really gets to me when psn forces you to update and won't allow you to enter your digital game so you could save your game
Blanckopzz11 Comerford
Its not even let me do the update its stuck on downloading update file
My pro is A1👌
TONY_nuevo gta555
I just download the update is the away to go back like 6.70 ?
Steven Ramirez
I cant update my PS4 for some reason it won't let me it says an error
My ps4 pro freezes at times now ever since
Luis 2k
My PS4 pro had no problems
Dan Ash
But wtf when I m doing the apdate it's not even restarting
Mr. Brightside
I did the update on my Slim and all was good until my external hard drive stopped working. To fix it I just unplugged it and it's working fine now
Nu am Nume
Well, why play station don't do 6.73 version?
Unknown Nameless
What if you have the error code that doesn't let you update? I'll have to find the code again to tell you it
Christy Mc Laughlin
My PS4 won't start.
Tried all the safe mode options apart from initialise PS4.
Getting update on USB and try that if not I'm Gona have to reset
Jeremy Farris
These problems are supposed to happen I mean it's a big update
Dan Ash
Then the install is done and suddenly it says eror ...
wolf master
I'm having the same problem but it keeps making my games lag and crash please help !!!!!!
Camarada stalin53
It says that i dont have ps plus active and i have to pay for it
Sphinx Ice
I’m on ps4 but Xbox is faster
Prince Shawn
I can’t download anything wtf sony messed up with this update
Derick Lacoy
Have lagging issues on 6.72 ps4 not pro hope they will fix this
Zach Disien
Your Audio cuts out in this Video