How To Upgrade Your PS4 Slim With a 1Tb SSD!

Here we show you how to install/replace the slow PS4 500Gb Hard Drive with a much faster 1Tb SSD.

Download PS4 Firmware:

More info on Samsung 850 EVO 1Tb SSD:

More info on the Playstation 4 Slim:

Uk Links:
More info on Samsung 850 EVO 1Tb SSD

More info on the Playstation 4 Slim:

Canadian Links:
More info on Samsung 850 EVO 1Tb SSD

More info on the Playstation 4 Slim:

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How To Upgrade Your PS4 Slim With a 1Tb SSD! replace PS4 slim Harddrive How to upgrade your PS4 and PS4 Slim hard drive [Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)] Upgrade Your PS4 Slim With a 1Tb SSD! upgrade ps4 slim Hard drive
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Arktic Punk
When you realize the SSD cost just as much as the PS4...smh!
ps4 on amazon 290$
1tb ssd on amazon about 315$
David Velasco
PS4 + 1Tb SSD = PC build territory.
Anupam Immortal
Can you do HDD vs SSD speed comparison on this ps4 slim?
onur ilbay
playstation 4 slim + 1 tb samsung ssd expensive than playstation 4 pro 2 tb :D
Coded Xtreme
Number one issue with SSD .....PRICE!
†Leonic 458
Just bought it on Amazon for $90!
Noe I'm ready for next week
The SSD used in this video is only 200 bucks Canadian on Amazon Canada.
City England
for 300 bux I don't think the load times are that bad....
To anyone asking. It's the same process with a 4TB SSD.
Mohammed Khaled
Should have shown the game load times.
Can you do a full replacement like this with a xbox one or can you only use the stock drive with an external one?
peteros sweetie
Men this video its great you give me a complete information about that keep it up men👍
Josh Baxter
It keeps saying "can't use update file"
I would go with a sshd..
Fat Guys Rule
So if I have ps plus all that I have to do is do the ps4 update correct?
Kyle Fisher
0:39 is the best part. the struggle of trying to insert a USB
Plez Bon
Say "pretty much" again......
I couldn't take it. Paused video... typed this. Thumbs down.
so can u use the same flash drive u put the game data on as the flash drive u put the firmware update in?
Dj TeeOh
Much easier way. Just clone the PS4 hard drive to the new drive, swap them, done! All that other stuff is not necessary.
Bashir Wada
So... this is assuming the person has enough money to buy one, since the consoles' main selling point was their price, which pc beats them in, and that they know anything about ssd's and all that.
Sakdipat Vijitvoravong
Thank you very much but I have one more question that is it going to be slower that before if we reinstall the system
Sam OfTheFurry
CD games, save data such as Monster Hunter World was not automatically uploaded!!!! FK how do I retrieve my old save from my old HDD?
Atriel Hudson
Why not just clone the drive?
Eddy Gutierrez
Doing this on the weekend i need more space for my games!
ryu hayabusa
Question:why sony don't support external hard drives?
Mohamed Moawia
guys please help me
when is the ps4 slim 1tb coming out ?
Manuel Espino
can you download the firmware on your phone
Goran Jordanov can skip all this in the video and clone the hard drive to the SSD and be done in 10min.
Lord Asmos
thanks for this..
Gavin White
I just did the to the original PlayStation 4 updated from a 500 gigabyte to 2 terabyte hard drive
Joseph Armstrong
What is the exact size of your Phillips head screw driver?
flying monkey
you make it look so easy good job
I'm early lets make the joke

Ps4 pro
Nate's Youtube
Could I pay gamestop to do this?
Askar Gurung
Will this mean that I will have to download all my disc games??? including the dlc?
Elias Lazaro
Muito obrigado. Link
I took a shot every time you said "Pretty much"
Does the Ps4 slim support that ssd speed? I remember fat ps4 did not benefit much from SSD
best part was at 0:43 when you had to flip the usb stick. lol. How does that *always* happen!?
Govardhan Vasudev
What about if you having the game cd? Can we transfer the saved app data to the PS4 and then use the game discs as usual?
Would be really helpful if responded with an answer.
why would you put a SSD in a sytem that basically has SATA 2??
Is this PS4 slim noisy?
Is it possible to use a Hybrid Hard Drive?
Antonio Garcia
can this be done on your mobile ??
Fazecrespa FCD
is too expensive
Taylor P
Could you use carbon copy cloner and just clone your old HD to the SSD? And it's then just plug and play.
Kirk Michael
I have a brand-new Ps4 never opened.. can I just install the new Sshd hard drive without the USB flash drive?
fpfp hero
Can i do this with a MacBook
Rafael Azevedo
1 tb ssd still to expensive
Qasim Karamat
The speed doesn't justify the cost
JuicyGamer Lol
Is there a difference between a regular 1tb hard drive and an ssd one?
Semi Con
Don't buy the Samsung 850 Evo, the OCZ Trion 150 960GB edition has a much lower price tag (almost $100 less than 850 Evo) for even better performance. Also, Toshiba makes better SSD chips than Samsung.

For only 2x the cost of a hard drive, you can still turbocharge your PS4.
Christian Eidsmoe
pretty much !
Nazer Yousuf
The sad costs the price of a ps4
hi mw technology i need your help copying update file is so slow and there's no other app copying at once please help
11 "pretty much" in 5 mins
pretty much
Damian Bennett
Mine sounds like a fan when it starts up is that normal for hard drives. Plz respond thnx 😀
No longer needed external hard drive is now available
Could I copy all my games to an external HDD? Then upgrade the HDD on the ps4 and just copy the games back? Anyone know?
Leon Mane
Does the ps4 slim use the same type of hd as the regular ps4? I think it was different for the ps3 slim/regular console.
Is there something similar for the regular ps4 to upgrade its storage size. I still have the normal hard drive size it came with.
Karen A
i did everything but it says the update file cant be used because it needs to be 4.50 or later please help
Albert Alegria
does it have to be the only file in the flash drive?
Isaac Rodriguez
can i do this with ps3 slim trick it to play ps4 gameS
Parth Swami
what is the size of the ps4 firmware
itz Simple
Can u have a internal hardrive and ssd
well is it or is it not!? ffs never heard so much pretty much in my entire life.
Kurapika Nostrad
Why my save game from other ps4 now stolen doesnt work with my new slim ps4?
u talk too fast...
Garrett Booker
when can I take out the USB stick that had the system update?
George Sulyvahn
I don't have a pc to download the firmware just a smartphone, am I screwed?
Faze Koleg
i dont get it if im sign in in my ps plus acc i dont need to backup anything?? just to log in on my ps plus acc again and no game data will be deleted?
Himanshu Sodagar
will this work with 2tb ssd
Jeremy Freeman
It will only increase download times, does nothing with Framerates, or graphics. Good for space though obviously..but EXPENSIVE. I think PS4 is fine on it's own. Now XB1, that's another story, as far as graphics. ;o(
Covek Rzve
sorry no need for this
Can you use an external hard drive that is usb connected with the external hard drive
What is what tb ssd anyways?
Sensei My Cry
How about u buy brandnew ps4 slim and change the. Internal hdd to 4tb they can be have problem?
Jiren TheGrey
just buy a ps4 slim 1 tb for 320$ and it will be a lot cheaper. 😉
James Read
can I just use disk clone software, via windows or mac saving re installing all games again, or will that not work ??
what if your playstation empty with nothing on it
Mubashir Ali Khan
Pretty much.....
Carpet Hed
If I played a game with the stock one, thene change it with this one. Does the games save files reset? Or the whole PS4 will reset?
Vlad Catu
Since I just racked my brain doing the update and it wouldn't take it.....the is CREATE A FOLDER CALLED "PS4" FIRST AND THEN A SECOND FOLDER "UPDATE" and then it should work.
Wikke Gaming
i first got a ps4 : 500gb then updated to 1 tb but now these disk is also full. can i something else now ???
Jaycob Hicks
Okay. Quick question. So I'm think about getting an SSD right? I have PS Plus too. So I wouldn't have to get a USB drive to save all of my games because PS Plus already does that? So all I would have to do is install the SSD, then install the update, then download all of my games back and all of my data should be saved?
edwin k
Clear and good.
why you can't use clonezilla to clone directly your hard drive on the ssd ?
Albert Alegria
also what happens if u don't do the initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)?
WsW 47
nah im gonna wait for the ps4 pro
Roshan Guganesan
what's the cheapest 1tb hard drive to get for ps4 which wont decrease the performance since getting an ssd won't increase it either?
Shay Gagula
can i just hook a external 1tb hard drive instead of an ssd?.like i did on my xbox one
david tellez
If i get a 2tb will i be able to use all of the 2tb?
will you do this with the new ps4 pro ?? im going to waite for that one
Saiyan boi
what can i replace ssd with? where can i find that replacement other then amazon or online market? tell me pls
you do know that upgrading to a SSD over a MUCH cheaper hybrid drive only yields like 2-second increase in load times over a MUCH cheaper hybrid drive right?
Rana Keküllüoğlu
Is it really better to get a ssd or should we get a mechanical drive? I mean, does it give any trouble to ps4 or the system plugging in a ssd as it was not a ss before?